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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet a Crow..............

Laura and me went to visit Alexandra today. Well, actually we went a couple of times. We bought a nice Morning Glory to put on the grave as well as some Day lillies and Pinks. Got that all set up, it was so hot that we went back next day to water. We decided the Morning Glory was not happy I took it home because I knew it would not survive, it needed more water than it would get. SO today we took over some mulch and made it so that it will hold the water longer. I think it will work. So as we left we spotted a crow. He was sitting gasping on a stone. Well I wanted a picture of a crow so took his picture. We watched for awhile and I just wanted to give him some water. 100_0712 What a beautiful bird. I realized we keep some bowls in the car in case we need to give the poodles a drink. So I got one out and filled it with my water that I was drinking. He flew into the tree and watched us. I then threw down some crackers. I am hoping he went down when we left and found the water. 100_0709 Anyway, looks like we will be needing to get over to the cemetary more often and water the plants. We have several people to visit now. I am going to start taking care of my in laws grave now they are both there. There were some plastic flowers there and no one has moved them time we will take some new flowers, some real ones and pretty them up. 100_0702 It is so dry out there at the moment. When the Day lilies take off and get bigger it will look better. Anyway, I hope we will see friend Crow again and hope he is feeling a little better. Crows are so smart, so intelligent. They will recognize people so I hope he will know we are friends.


Anonymous said...

The flowers look very pretty. You are kind taking care of the birds too. People often forget they need water as well as food. Great pics.

Kay G. said...

This is to say thank you for becoming one of my followers and to say that I love birds too.
We put out a small plastic dish with water just for the birds, nothing fancy but the birds love it.
Your post yesterday of the Empire Beach, where is that? It is lovely!

Cindy F. Adkins said...

It's wonderful how you keep her grave so lovely and change it with the seasons and holidays. I've been seeing lots of crows at my feeders this year. One day there were 5 of them at the same time!