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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Fine Romance.............

I bought a book recently, I can't remember why now. I sent for it from Amazon and it took ages for me to get it. Well once it came I fell in love. "A Fine Romance" by Susan Branch. It is hand written and is a journal of her and her husbands trip to England. The sub title is "Falling In Love With the English Countryside". I think originally I wanted it for its drawings as well as subject matter. In any case I am more than half way and never want it to end.
 photo b18c0afe-cdea-4d0e-8050-15836d1d76b8_zps757b1262.jpg
What I love about it is her joy in all the things I love about England. The simple every day life. The Hedgerows, the wild flowers, the lambs and the cottages. She has a thing about Beatrix Potter. Her delight is contagious. Having read Beatrix Potters books as a child (didnt we all?) I understand her love. Beatrix was an extraordinary human being. The money she earned from her books went into buying up land and farms and giving it to the National Trust so it will always be there for everyone
 photo 4daf5775-0b25-43f9-bc43-9e2cfff1fa5e_zps328df6fa.jpg
 photo e1d8d985-05e0-41b9-b5a9-91934cfe1108_zpsef0f2128.jpg
Anyway Susan Branch is an artist and author and had gone to England on her Honeymoon, so they decided to go back for two months of wandering the English countryside.
They began in the south, in Kent and traveled to the Lake District and went to all the places they always wanted to see. She kept this journal and illustrated it with her drawings and photos she took. It's amazing. I would buy one for everyone I know who loves England but it took ages for me to get this one. I see there are some again now on Amazon. I don't want this book to end. I have sent for about 3 of her other books, not the same thing, they are cook books (and this one has some recipes in it).............if you have never seen England you will fall in love. If you have been you will want to go back. Me? Well I am saving for my next trip.


Ruth Weston said...

I have beeen going to order it, and just haven't gotten around to it! Guess I'd better! Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

its a beautiful book I love her work and have every book she has written! I'm so glad you found so much joy in it,

Anonymous said...

I have seen recommendations for this book on a few blogs, so I am going to order it right now!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Thanks for the post and will check the title Janice!

Magic Love Crow said...

This book sounds wonderful! I love how the money went to buying up land and farms, so it will be there for everyone in the future! Something, I always said to my mom. If I had a lot of money, I would buy land, to preserve it!!