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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Semper Fi..........................

November 11.......The Marine Corps Birthday and Armistice day 11.11.11 Semper Fi.
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 photo 75d3f08c-025d-41a1-8456-28a65fe8f4b4_zps929e4fe8.jpg
My son in law was/is a Marine (once a Marine always a Marine), he married my daughter Laura and became a recruiter. Both my boys were encouraged to join. They did so prior to leaving school and after boot camp were trained and became electrical engineers. The first picture shows Justin, Laura and Dan with Jason in front. They had all been to the Marine Corp ball when the photo was taken. They look a little worse for wear but they did have a great night out by all accounts. I heard some of the stories. My two boys served 6 years each. Dan retired from the corps. He is actually living with us at the moment.
The 2nd picture is Justin who is still in school at that point and Jason is just home from Boot camp. The next picture is my nephew Greg Schaub who was also in the Marine Corps and serving at the same time, thanks to Dan. We had some good times when they were all in the Carolina's
 photo 0f05ef5e-3ec6-44de-9b66-bed2efd5c551_zps4c202241.jpg
 photo fe984d0e-b958-465d-86c4-a9c5056144e4_zpsffbafb17.jpg
My father served as did most British men because of the war. My grandfathers served in the Great War.
 photo c02050f0-0f63-41ee-b6a6-f3cb6d6cf46d_zpsb084bd47.jpg
My mothers Dad was in the Royal Navy(WW1), his ship was torpedoed and was sunk. He spent a lot of time in the water before he was rescued. My Grandfather on Dad's side was serving in North Africa (WW1).
 photo 449fa6ca-bb8f-406c-81ea-ab0f59ecbe45_zps28b18bb8.jpg
My father was a prisoner of war in Japan, captured at the fall of Singapore he was in POW camps for the remainder of the war.(WW2), captured at the same time were his brother in law (soon to be), and his cousin. All spent the war in Japan as POW. My Uncle, my dad's brother in law died at Dunkirk. He is buried in France. So..................Lest We Forget...........Thank you all for your service. All are gone now.
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Would the young man who wrote this poignant poem have ever known how it would effect so many, so deeply when he wrote it?
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War to me is never an answer, but sometimes there is no other choice.........for those who served we all thank you.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Janice.

Maureen Wyatt said...

Your family has certainly done their part to preserve freedom for all of us. I thank them!

LOLfromPasa said...

I really did enjoy reading your post for today and looking at all those great photographs. Wonderful Veteran's Day post!

Magic Love Crow said...

Yes, thank you! Great post Janice ;o)

Anonymous said...

such an inspiration this post is,