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Monday, November 18, 2013

My England................

I finished reading "A Fine Romance" ......I didn't want it to end. Every page was wonderful. It made me so homesick. It made me determined to go back soon. Susan Branch has an eye for what makes England so special. The details, the things she notices. The things I love. Only someone who truly loves the place would see it as she does. So..........what is it?
 photo 85319079-6c58-4a5d-9b04-4f3e3fd9b819_zps33d7ee97.jpg
One of her comments was that everything in England seems to have been made by hand. Places as old as Stonehenge and the cottages that have thrived for 500 to 800 years. The gardens that surrounds the castles and the cottages. The fact that the National Trust keeps things for posterity. People have no reserves in handing off their property to give to the country. Its so wonderful. In the days when the aristocracy dominated the lands and were the owners of vast properties, there came a time when the money runs out and rather than sell to be built on they gave it to us all. Forever. So our children and grandchildren can enjoy it forever into the distant future. Their legacy lives on and we can share it. So many of them open the homes they still live in so that their art treasures can be seen and appreciated. The amount that they get from the public may help them somewhat but it must cost a fortune (that many no longer have) to keep those places running and so when they reach the end of their pockets then the National Trust can carry on.
 photo dac845c8-7afd-421a-a8d6-700f5800e6a9_zpsc5ea475a.jpg
We have had "The Green Belt" a vast stretch of land surrounding the city that is supposed to always stay "green" meaning no more building. Or only with a special permit. Some people have got through the restrictions somehow but its rare. So we can be assured that some country lasts for the wild things.
The hedgerows and meadows protected. As they should be. Some of those hedgerows have been there forever. They are a work of art. For someone who is not a farmer or a country person, or even British to appreciate that thrills the heck out of me. Susan Branch got it, understood and appreciated it. She was there at the right time for all the best things that England has to offer. The Spring, between May and June. You will see the lambs, the bluebells and all the wildflowers.
Primrose and Cowslip
 photo 52f75e13-492d-440a-8412-6649fad8331a_zps760a3190.jpg
The oldness of it all, the history of it all...............I love the very dirt of England and all thats buried in it. Is that strange? There is so much under the surface, all our ancestors hidden in lost places along with their story. I could never never never give up my loyalty for my country. I could never be anything but English. She made me feel that in every bone of my body. I am grateful that I read that book. I treasured every page of it. Then there is our lovely Queen Elizabeth and her family. I have never been able to take that oath of citizenship, to be an American, it says that I owe no fealty to any King or Queen and only to the United States. I can't do it. It says "without reservation" ........nope just cant do it, I cant say it with my fingers crossed. I have to mean it, to want it and I don't.
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She even liked the food. Susan that is. I never understood how England got the reputation for bad food because I think its awesome. Don't get me started
 photo 4796c92f-0112-408b-b4cf-3c127ba1fa9c_zps0bdc32c2.jpg
Then there are the country roads. The animals
 photo 56c2e341-bc12-4a9d-8d3f-ca5b709713d7_zps5517cb98.jpg
I could go on and on and on...............I found Susan Branch's blog, I am so happy with that and will enjoy that now. I am sad I finished the book but I won't put it away, not yet. I am going to explore some of her other books because she has shared some good recipes.
So for now I am saving my pennies and I hope she goes back and writes another book haha.................or maybe I will.


Anonymous said...

thats it, YOU should, your perspective would be so interesting, YOU write YOUR book!!

laurajane said...

Oh I agree with Laurie,write your book.I will be in line waiting to purchase my copy.xx
Ps they say everyone has a book in have several so come on get cracking.xx

Phyllis @Around the House said...

You write your own book, you will then know you have written your own book and let it stand on it's own...loved the post...

LOLfromPasa said...

I can so relate to all that you say and I really do understand how you feel. I am an American living in England. America will always be my home but I do LOVE living here in this wonderful Country for all the reasons and more you mention. I must order the book...sounds wonderful!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's so hard to live with one foot in each country, and yet we continue to do so.
My heart always belongs to England.

Magic Love Crow said...

I agree with Laurie too ;o) You write your book!!! ;o)

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Yes, definitely write your book! It will be an enjoyable read and a fantastic journey for you to go through too. xx