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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


November......I will always think of the Edmund Fitzgerald, of Guy Fawkes night and cold crisp Autumn days with guilded leaves touched with frost.
 photo acdf0e0a-29ff-49f5-9952-2a0b875c1744_zpsde3992e2.jpg
Spiders webs frozen in the hazy morning sun, shining like a thousand diamonds and my breath puffing white in the air. The hedges have hairnets of gossamer silk spun in the night by who? A thousand fairies who come each evening to complete that task?
 photo 3bb54c63-6dac-409e-a8a3-7adac1298409_zps51a619cd.jpg
I love it when you inhale and your nose closes shut with the coldness of the air. Not healthy for animals who have to run, cold air in the lungs. Some used to cover the noses with a scarf and it would get wet and freeze in the air. We had to keep our horses in the barn on some days when it was that cold.
 photo 2d44065b-cb03-4f9f-979c-3bafce18e853_zpsa5e6877c.jpg
When I was a child growing up in England our windows would freeze. Jack Frost would paint incredible designs on each pane of glass and a small pile would accumulate along the seals on the window ledges. Why that is a treasured memory I don't really know but most of us who grew up that way remember it. Wearing your hat and gloves in bed, socks on and a hot water bottle still did not keep us warm.
 photo a6ade11c-5452-4ea8-a1bb-6f1f74af017d_zps8474822e.jpg
The robin redbreast would show up among the frosty branches like a little red berry
 photo 02ce8b1d-3c15-4437-80d0-4373767f5036_zpsd545607b.jpg
The fruit left on the trees would glow like Christmas ornaments.............frosty mornings, I just love them.

 photo 1186bcc7-c2a7-4d20-a996-ae184be36cf8_zps371f25a4.jpg
A frosty morning is also best spent in front of a big blazing fire toasting crumpets for breakfast before venturing out into the cold.
 photo 5aef3907-d7ee-4e07-ab20-47879cf29899_zps43e7f089.jpg
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NanaDiana said...

This brought back some wonderful memories for me. I grew up in an old farmhouse with frost on the windows. Sometimes, when I was little I would put my TONGUE on the frost and make marks in it....yes.I.did.... lol

I loved getting up to the smell of the stove heating up the kitchen and the aroma of coffee brewing before the barn work called us away from the house.

GREAT post- xo Diana

Noelle the dreamer said...

You certainly woke up some fond memories in ex-RAF flyboy Janice!
Frost or crumpet, I know not what but he is on cloud nine!
I remember well frosty mornings, going to the barn and take care of 3 horses, 1 pony, 2 rabbits, 2 goats and the chicken coop (hubby's idea of riding into the western sunset once he crossed the pond...and I, just a city girl!)
Love the photos Janice, especially the robin!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I love autumn best of all the seasons, and your post invoked all the best the season has to offer.

Tracey Steele@Breathing English Air said...

I remember toasting crumpets over the fire, what a treat!
I actually enjoy our walks on those very white, frosty mornings. They really are beautiful.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Beautiful post and comforting photos. I was listening to a robin at work today while he was singing outside the window and when I left the victorian lamps were shining, I LOVE this time of year! xx

LOLfromPasa said...

What a delight! English and living in Michigan. You will know that I am American living in England. Funny old world, isn't it :). I am so glad you stopped by and made your presence known. I will follow you and bet I will learn plenty about England (from what I have seen on your blog so far - very nice). Cheers, Lauren

Laura said...

absolutely gorgeous… the snow flake macro is incredible!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love crumpets! Such a treat! I love this post! Makes me feel nice and cozy inside! Big Hugs Janice ;o)

Arija said...

Why, oh why have I not come across your beautiful blog before? Lovely thoughts and photos and memories so similar to mine. Looks like you have just acquired a new follower.

Our photos said...

Beautiful are your redbird and frost photos!
Have a nice sunday! RW & SK