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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Downton Abbey Blues.................

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Today I realized that I am doing something wrong. The people who live in this house with me, the large and small and the visiting kids...........well they have been watching way to much Downton Abbey. They think that there are a hoard of those lovely ladies who work downstairs at Downton living here. It was a major lightbulb moment for me. I makes perfect sense.

 photo 8765adcb-c556-4691-b086-9fd9f725d528_zps7baa7e56.jpg
why else would they leave a trail behind them if there were not the expectation that some lesser being would pick things up? You know what I mean, they leave the bathroom toilet roll holder empty when the new supply is in the drawer. They throw cushions on the floor as they drink their drink  and walk away leaving the glass on the table and the cushions on the floor. I go behind picking up and putting things away.
I also vacuum every day but I wait till everyone is up and not trying to sleep and I try to do it when they are out of the room or somewhere else. Not always but often. So why? after I have done that does one particular person decide to go outside and come in with the salt all over his boots and go sit on a chair in the other room to remove them when there is a chair right next to the door????? WHY WHY WHY???????
 photo 3a0566b3-6487-43bb-be51-c7303a39cb35_zps702fa75c.jpg
When I have cleaned the entrance he empties the garbage and leaves it sitting there. Or empties the vacuum cleaner bag while he is at it. So can't he see that no little lady came up to do those jobs so why cant he manage to see that its ME!!! who does the pick ups and clean ups. Sigh.........and that little one, well........well he is only 4. But the big ones, toothpaste in the sink to say nothing of other bathroom woes and why oh why do we empty our razor in the toilet so it gets all over the back and sides and floor???????? NEED GLASSES MATE????......................So yes. No more Downton Abbey for him. Humpff!!!
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Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

My empathies to you. I understand completely.


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I hear you. You would think this crew was raised with servants, too. I guess I would have been in the maid's hall with the rest of them. Fnn post, Janice! xo Diana

Marigene said...

Cute post, could have been reading about the residents in my household!
Hope you are having a great week...

laurajane said...

Hahaha had to laugh it could be my house.
I've been on Stoke a couple of times but it dosnt work,just twice as much to do at the end of it.....and only the two of us and a very small dog.xx

Noelle the dreamer said...

Hilarious post Janice but all considering not so funny for you I realize!
I once plopped the hoover next to ex-RAF flyboy and it stayed there for 3 whole reaction!
After nearly 40 years of marriage he finally noticed I am not so quick on my pins anymore and not only vacuums but cleans the bathroom...It took a while but it happened!
Hang in there!
Blessings Dear!

Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! You are so cute! I totally understand everything!! Big Hugs ;o)

Astri Bowlin said...

A delightful post. Gosh I'm waiting for breakfast in bed and someone to do my hair, but it's not happening. ;-)