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Saturday, January 18, 2014


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I am not what one would call a lover of poetry. I like it well enough but I am not in love with it. So how come I write it? I can't answer that. Some days it just happens, the words just come and I write them down. Once I have done that its over and done with. I would not recognise something I had written unless it was among my own things. They are written and forgotten. So I decided to start another blog. Am I nuts or what?. I have so many short poems written down that I felt the need to get them all in one place and so a blog seemed appropriate. I can then illustrate it as well. When done I can print it out.

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My uncle Harold loved to write poetry. Neither of us are brilliant poets but I think when it comes from the heart it doesn't somehow matter too much. We write for ourselves. Well my uncle is not with us any more so for me his are a treasure to keep forever because he shared them with me.
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Growing up I was not keen on poems except for a few. My Mother had a couple of books but not much that appealed to me. Then I heard "The Tiger" by William Blake and my ears pricked up. I read others by him, "The Lamb" sweetly simple poems and I loved them. They sparked my imagination. I read "Hiawatha" and that hooked me in. I was looking for more."The Wreck of the Hesperas" and "The Village Blacksmith" ........ The name Walter De La Mare caught my attention, what a great name and I found he had written some nice poems. However when looking at the masters the acclaimed and the famous I didn't get it. They were words wrapped in words and somehow evasive to me. I could not get their meaning while trying to disentangle the words. If I have to work at it I don't Appreciate it. Rather like reading a book I suppose. I want it to grab me on page one and take me on a beautiful journey somewhere, otherwise its not worth it to me if it plods for several chapters. I just don't pick it back up.
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Well the point of this is that I have began a new blog, It will be there for anyone to read but I won't be trying to get readers. So if you are interested please be sure to visit, otherwise I understand. You will only find my stuff there so............anyway.........My Poems is the link to get you there.


Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks Janice ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

For some reason, blogger isn't let me follow your new blog. I will keep trying ;o) It looks beautiful ;o)

Bluebell Woods said...

Its fixed, thanks for letting me know.

LOLfromPasa said...

Yes, works like a dream. I enjoyed the visit. The photographs are super and it will be fun for you to express yourself through poetry. I will re-visit. Well done!

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