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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Little Chef...............

Today I had a good idea to get Tristen busy. Gerry had complained that we didn't have any cookies left in the house. I gave it all away because I sure don't need that stuff and neither does he. He would not agree with that I have no doubt. Anyway.....I had two cake mixes left, both orange. One I had decided to make cookies with. I made lemon ones and everyone liked them. I wondered if they would be good in orange. SO.............I called Tristen and told him a I had a job for him and Granddad. He was enthused and dragged Granddad in to see what was what.
I showed them what they were making. That got him excited. First I gave him the cake pans and papers. He had to set a paper in each cup. Some had multiple papers but I let that was to get the eggs out, he was excited about that and wanted to crack them. we don't want to crack them, go get two more.....phew!!!. After everything was measured and in the bowl he got to mix it with a big fork, and then I gave him the beaters. (I was not letting him near my food mixer)His face was a picture when he got to the beating part. Here are some pictures.
 photo d0e0b7cd-8af4-4fe6-ad64-288ae5a16a51_zpsec0f2aa4.jpg
This is his embarrassed to be proud of himself face.
 photo 78551dc6-6894-4c4d-ae40-b4076001e6f5_zps82b1f6c7.jpg
He couldn't contain himself, he just got the biggest grin and then burst out laughing
 photo 2126d9d0-e74e-406d-b2f9-524829550f22_zps8dc3407e.jpg
 photo 430ea7c4-9cea-4cb6-acfe-752a84e32f5b_zpsce006505.jpg
He did a great job, then took a break to lick the beaters while Gerry put the batter in the cups.
 photo f7eb852d-3aee-4937-8516-86be0f85571e_zpsf26079ea.jpg
The cakes came out perfect
Tristen tried one an announced it was good. I snuck in and did the frosting.
 photo 97e045de-b892-4ee3-afaa-a5229f2b2f11_zps6977ebdc.jpg
I had to agree, they were good. Not something I would normally do but I needed to use up all my baking supplies. I still have more to do. Maybe later this week, but this one was for Tristen to do.
 photo 32d8659b-7a91-466b-b405-3711bb6a120e_zps4b4b7c48.jpg
not bad for a 4 year old chef.


Anonymous said...

what a sweetheart, he looks so cute, he was having fun! Thy look so good, yummo! We don't have orange cake mixes here,

Mama Zen said...

These pictures are so sweet!

Merlesworld said...

He is growing up and a male that can cook priceless.

Magic Love Crow said...

That's it, I am coming to your house! I am so hungry! So yummy!! Tristen did a great job! Love the pictures ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

You can tell he was enjoying himself with that huge grin on his face :)
I used to bake in my gran's bakery, I always felt so proud of myself.
The cup cakes look delicious !