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Monday, January 13, 2014

Making Salsa.......................

Today we were going to have taco's for supper. Well not really because they were in wraps and not in taco shells.........whatever!!!! So I thought I would have another go at making salsa. The last batch we sort of liked but it was not quite the same as at LaSenorita. So what was the missing ingredient? I did follow a recipe but then added things to it trying to get the taste right.
Basically it is 4 green chili peppers (jalepeno)and 8 Roma tomatoes to that they said to add onion and fresh cilantro (I had to use dried) salt to taste, and garlic. Well I cant remember what I added last time but it was OK just not quite right. I did add lime juice.I tried a teaspoon of sugar, and even added a can of tomatoes with the peppers in it.
So this time I had 6 jalapeno peppers, 9 Roma tomatoes, 1/8 cup of garlic(from a jar) 1/2 can of tomato paste, salt, lemon (did not have lime) dried cilantro, and onions then after looking at a jar of bought salsa, I added some vinegar. I didn't measure things just kept mixing and adding until I liked it.
 photo 23991187-06f5-4543-901a-7e0935440f1f_zps007dbcc3.jpg
we tried it on some crackers and it was pronounced good.
I used Roma tomatoes because they have more flesh and less seed than regular tomatoes.
 photo 70c0aea5-1326-4cea-a7cb-daa4d24ac9c7_zps11fc297d.jpg
Meanwhile, while I am trying to figure out what is little helper is washing every dish not hidden away.
 photo 530e62fe-1ca3-469b-84ab-e510fa87e5f4_zps963e0b12.jpg

 photo e00bd295-4b44-420f-bc25-b9b01e7fb732_zpsbdb7b7e5.jpg
He had declared that it was a PJ day for him. Trouble was he was soaked by the time he did a couple of plates. I got my jars out of the way so he could have at it...........
 photo 21077167-8f02-47d9-8c2a-ecf9147b9266_zps1d2bcfb1.jpg
Off came the top and he was happy to play with the bubbles but he did actually do the dishes and went looking for more.
 photo a018414d-2e74-4155-9372-866bd0a169ab_zps02c1993d.jpg
Well Tristen had fun, he declined to taste the end product. I have since found another recipe that I will try next time. Making your own is just so fresh tasting. The bought Salsa is much more tomatoey than mine. Maybe I should try without the green peppers???? This is the end product.
 photo 19614642-f1b7-4d54-9ec7-8ea1d7ac9d55_zps378d69e5.jpg
 photo 1b42207f-30bf-495b-81d6-b21c920e06b8_zps33253772.jpg
Next time I am trying a new recipe I found using canned tomatoes, it looks more like the restaraunt style so we shall see. Hey, its never bad so why not keep trying. Right!!! If anyone has a great salsa recipe I would love if you would share it.

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NanaDiana said...

That looks delicious and I LOVE your sweet helper. That's the best part of all!!!! xo Diana

Pura Vida said...

a great day for that spicy treat!

Merlesworld said...

It looks good enough to eat.
Some people I know think PJ's should be worn every day not mentioning any names.

Magic Love Crow said...

I Love salsa and your's looks good! I love pj day ;o) I have it alot! LOL!

Donna Wilkes said...

I love salsa with pineapple added. yours looks delicious. What a helper!

Connie said...

I love salsa . . . the hotter the better :)