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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Amish country.................

During my weekend with Nancy and Edna we took a drive. Saturday was more shops and things like that but we were coming home Sunday and this was just a nice chance to do something but also chat. So off we went to discover some back roads.
 photo 99083d07-202d-4771-b011-97bf23beb433_zps2f587286.jpg
We sat and enjoyed this peaceful scene. Mama and baby horse sharing an intimate moment. Its so nice to see the beautiful Amish farms. They are kept so neat and clean. You don't see all the old farm equipment laying around. We carried on only to screech to a halt and watch the lambs frolicking. Their mums seemed a bit frazzled, followed by one or more babies wanting breakfast.
 photo efe0d32d-6ce3-4f28-92ec-e6003dc5bb4b_zps4d127353.jpg
 photo f31b5ffe-6a76-4ea7-a65d-bb2f768e6e36_zps5ca66f21.jpg
We saw a lot of animals that day. I loved the Scottish Highland Cows.
 photo b4d35fd6-54f1-43b1-afea-405132b8322c_zpsdb8fdb44.jpg
I could show loads of pictures of the lovely animals around that area. I really admire the life style of these people. Amish do not have modern equipment. They work hard. They work as a family unit. They remember to give themselves and their animals a day off. They remember to include God in their life. I tried to take some discreet pictures. I did not like the idea of taking pictures of people so I tried to take them without them knowing, not sure thats good or not. There was one sweet moment when a wagon with children went by. I really wanted a picture, they all waved. I resisted, but then took a picture at a distance after they passed. One little girl was still smiling. It somehow does not seem right to photograph people because they are different. It's just that I do so admire them and its a unique life style and how long will it last?
 photo de0af911-9990-49eb-90a6-746e957f964e_zps62ecfe12.jpg
 photo f0858257-0004-410e-8168-1fda082a0da4_zpsc5fb15f2.jpg
The next two are of farmers working, probably like they have for a hundred years. Spreading manure and ploughing
 photo 479455b1-246e-422e-8f1b-5d8b74db9dae_zpsed9011e3.jpg
 photo 63c39862-35dd-4d99-b0c6-a11a4c9fbc0a_zps093ba5ef.jpg
We also saw our share of deer. I got these curious ones by getting out of the car.

 photo a78aa575-9c43-493f-8fff-0927e1b14bf6_zpsc7e09747.jpg

 photo 1e768de0-2373-42fa-ac15-7771f9735b93_zpsc74bce22.jpg

 photo d4ed9779-63aa-4d48-9ef9-cadd1ad6e94d_zps90846c52.jpg

 photo 57a6abb9-5a47-4154-9786-7988045d0a07_zps91fca1b5.jpg

 photo 8accc197-a6f1-4533-9f1d-170051a40f80_zps10718d15.jpg

This guy came by rather quickly, must have been late for the meeting or something.
 photo a7203024-5449-4d32-9a40-d89811793407_zps39025a08.jpg
So you may notice that the sheep posted earlier are all sheared..........this guy looks like he is due.

 photo d4853005-f1b9-4493-ba24-06c68ec483d7_zps86bced90.jpg
Another mother and hungry baby
 photo 369b76d1-8a98-4413-9112-bd96e411f69c_zps49a2640a.jpg
I tried to reassure these guys that I was not going to go in their field but, well they decided to go into the woods.
 photo d5a70a35-1f6d-48fc-84df-e3c1daf3c247_zpsd360e7d2.jpg
This guy was curious but was not sticking around to find out what I wanted. I talked to him but he was having none of it. I love cows. I feel so bad looking at all these lovely creatures and knowing their fate.
 photo 78f8f806-6da4-43dd-aaa2-4595725679b3_zps0cf46ec8.jpg
WellI took a lot more pictures but this will show just a snippet of what the day was like. Great country, great friends and great chats, building memories for when we can no longer do this.


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos! I enjoyed this trip very much!!!! Where are we going next!lol,

Merlesworld said...

Lovely post full of gentle creatures.

Cecilia said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed all your pictures...the horses were my favorite.

Anonymous said...

They are a vicious horrid people - they appear nice on the surface - they will ostracize anyone in their group who veers the slightest bit from their unbelievably strict rules - how long to wear your hair - the size of the band on a man's hat - the position of a man's suspenders, the size and style of a woman's apron etc. Nothing that has to do with biblical principals. They will help others in need and appear to be nice - but underneath is a seething, horrific anger that holds their young people captive and in bondage to ways that were created by the elders in the church - with weird and twisted interpretations of the scriptures.

They do not allow their congregations to study the Bible - but instead force them to believe the church standards - which vary from group to group. They tell their people not to worry about what the Bible says - that the elders will tell them what to believe. Only the elders can pray and if others are caught praying they are kicked out of the church and shunned completely.

They shun modern ways - unless it suits their needs - they will accept rides to malls for shopping and going out to eat - but won't buy a car. Hypocritical? They may have a phone in a shed outside the house but not in the house - they are now bordering on weird.

They want to be different from other people so that others will not join their sect and dilute it with people who think for themselves. The children are taught that outsiders are bad and are to be feared. Nice people - HA

Magic Love Crow said...

Boy, this anonymous person had a lot to say! Surprising they didn't leave their name? Poo on them!

I love the special memories you had on this day with your friends! I loved all the pictures!!