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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Keeping Tristen occupied..............

Tristen is a busy little boy. He is so full of energy. It's been so hard being cooped up all winter and such a long winter it was.
So first chance we have had we were off into the woods. He can run to his hearts content. He did laps I think, running back and forth. Laura and I were tired out by the end of our first walk.
We tried a new trail that we had not been on before. Not sure what to expect because it was close to the big stores like Walmart and Home Depot. We went to the trail head and parked. The map said there was a one mile loop so we chose that one.
 photo 2aa81b90-10a3-4afb-99de-79dea35508d7_zps089ddf06.jpg
 photo cb24e533-4cfc-4a6c-b70c-e0815ee8465d_zpse8186232.jpg
We started out, he at a sprint, we were less ambitious. Its been a long winter and we are stiff. Tristen ran and ran
 photo 631a4a1d-3adf-428a-a877-f928781e2d0d_zpsf86eff53.jpg
 photo da0a31b2-6c13-42c2-b213-9657087594d6_zps51081be0.jpg
 photo c51956d0-3b20-4f1e-9aee-557eeb829965_zps9fd70670.jpg
The utter joy of freedom
 photo cb0fb1a3-a5bc-4f6b-a608-084eef94f225_zps7f819cfe.jpg
This was an amazingly diverse trail. It ran through woods and meadows, water meadows and swamps. While in the woodlands we found a dead bumble bee. Tristen was able to see it close up and we have it a funeral of sorts. We rested him on a Dandelion Tristen got to feel the bark on the trees, to see the difference in texture. Maybe later to be able to recognize them.

 photo 4e70b12d-25f1-4dea-bcd7-2aec16012620_zps31e1d05e.jpg
Cedar Swamps are full of interesting things. They had boardwalks for us to walk on to get through the mud and mire. In there the roots of the trees made Fairy houses. I had shown him an acorn cap (A fairy hat) and some leaf skeletons (Fairy wings) its a magical place if you allow it to be.
 photo 4b23ae9f-1459-4202-b905-37b75edf0e63_zpsbe34acaf.jpg
 photo 9eec271f-5ad7-4116-a37d-7f4bba1da3ce_zps7200fc42.jpg
 photo 39fbe8ad-6187-4211-ae34-06257e2f9569_zps5808a4a7.jpg
He was intriged by the water creatures who could walk on water. He wished he could do that. We found a toad, he was hard to see in the leaves, the same colour. He was not happy to be captured and petted by a little boy but he went on his way in safety
 photo d13dcb6b-0efe-4e05-8cee-9d8194eb1492_zps2461542f.jpg
We moved on to meadow land. By now rather confused. The trail markers were very confusing, they didn't seem to go where we thought they should. In any case we were not where we needed to be. This strip of land is between two roads and is on a hill that ends on Cass st. We found ourselves at the old Sabin School grounds, no longer in use. So we had ended up in the wrong place. We went back to the last trail marker,and tried another direction. At least I do have a good sense of direction and knew where we needed to be, it was a question of HOW.
Meanwhile we found some mushrooms.
 photo 19c95d26-f0b4-4837-b466-4a90e9ad3a4f_zps5551fe38.jpg
The Morel mushroom is much sought after this time of year. We looked for some the other day with no luck. This day we found them without looking. Enough for Gerry to enjoy a nice snack.
 photo 2e70d095-4f94-4721-b85c-761f03cc5128_zps5ae9366d.jpg
I sent Laura and Tristen up the hill to recon. There were apartments up there. Not the ones we expected though. SO now what.
 photo 1eaa11c6-8b80-47b0-985b-b2472e2c6503_zpsddf27f15.jpg
OK forget the dang trail markers follow me. Good grief.
 photo 12ebdb68-6a0c-4a57-9f40-a380654acc8f_zps6193a12a.jpg
Some of the wild flowers
 photo 9bb47a62-f448-418c-a3f6-2d76b7696583_zpse3128ab4.jpg
 photo a3fbba13-c55b-47aa-89d8-254c10bf9335_zps70764abf.jpg
I wish I could dig up a few of these lovelies. This is a Jack in the Pulpit
 photo cfc29305-549f-4d50-bc8b-3c698685bd42_zps8836adae.jpg
Anyway we found our way back just fine but we took longer than expected. Next time we must take a watch haha
 photo d77c6458-d70a-4fd5-b3ac-1c389af1e39b_zps1e078ad3.jpg
I loved the shapes of the tree roots in the Cedar swamps.
 photo e9131666-bd11-4361-a8d5-02871110ad57_zpsc7ff76a8.jpg
There are so many things in the woods that are fascinating and as Tristen gets older I am sure we will try to have him become a little more interested in the names of these things, learn as Hiawatha the names of all the birds and beasts and how they live. This is after all Hiawatha country.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, and very interesting walk. Tristen looks like he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Magic Love Crow said...

Tristen has such a beautiful smile! I really enjoyed this post ;o) Walking through nature is truly magical! Big Hugs ;o)

Anonymous said...

I loved your walk as much as Tristen did that is such a great toad shot!