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Friday, May 30, 2014

On the deck......................

We are in need of a new back door. That leads to other issues. In order to do that we had to extend the deck. Actually we are going to put the door into another room. Right now the room is not anything in particular but has a lot of stuff in it including the printer. Well, we decided to make that room the entrance and put the new door in there and close off the old one. This means we needed to make the deck different in order to get in through that area.
This is how it happened. Tristen just had to help Granddad he was so excited. Granddad not so much. Tristen with a sledgehammer are you crazy?
 photo 036e5ad2-c2ef-4748-82b5-8737fac378c6_zps7f8ee0fb.jpg
First the old part of the deck had to be torn down and then the wood cut for the new part.
Tristen got to hold the end. He kept running off with stuff to do his own projects. He got a popsickle but would not put it down to work, heaven forbid.
 photo 646afcc0-a861-4d7a-9edc-007970041eed_zps56fda635.jpg
 photo 37a45d30-829d-429f-ac65-26d4474796e2_zpsec77294d.jpg
Then to start putting it together........
 photo d7b73ed3-0ee0-4f3e-94fc-b436e9f3803f_zpsb83ea84a.jpg
Tristen holding the lattice to be nailed in place.
 photo 4a8b5a4f-ec35-4c6f-863a-587e9fb8c82a_zps683230b9.jpg
After it was done we put a couple of chairs up there to relax for a bit
 photo 37978f1a-99dd-4ed5-bc1a-d9477df0c6e4_zps1aba4d88.jpg
The windows behind the chair will be the new door. That will be the next step. We will be putting in a double glass door and some outlets. With an outlet there I can put up Christmas lights yeahhhhh.
The pooodles are enjoying it

 photo 0de5b276-f427-4c88-9b0f-38e4f505b3f5_zps79d16b57.jpg
The poodles enjoyed relaxing. There was still a lot to do but that was enough for that day. Since then the gate got put on in a much more convenient place and I at least got to tidy up the deck. Here are the girls waiting for Daddy to come home
 photo 7cc068f4-ae63-4500-881b-83313518d0b9_zpsadad5bd5.jpg
 photo 29c9b583-fe88-4cf9-b0ab-cbf72067bffa_zps9251b523.jpg
Bijou is enjoying the new place.
 photo b7698916-47b2-4208-92d8-87ef280fd5d5_zpsf928ada3.jpg
So is Bodi and Bella
 photo d35baa8d-0e67-4d5b-930b-b7263a71ce62_zpsd0e7acdf.jpg
I set up a nice spot for me to sit and have coffee and draw or paint or read. Later we will have outlets so I can then bring my computer out.
 photo f4935554-1d7b-4a02-b08a-6bbee9e5ff27_zpsbaf71875.jpg
Now to just get rid of those pesky mosquitoes.


Tracey Steele@Breathing English Air said...

Looking good! Tristen looks like a very conscientious helper. It reminds me of the times our son used to help my husband. One time I saw him sitting outside staring earnestly at something they had just made. When I asked him what he was doing he said, Dad told me to watch the paint dry!

Merlesworld said...

All coming along well will look good when finished.

NanaDiana said...

Janice- That looks VERY nice. What a great spot to sit and relax. It will be great when you get your new door in, too! xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post ;o) A lot of work, but everything has turned out beautiful! I love seeing Tristen work with Grandpa ;o) So happy the dogs are loving the new area too ;o)