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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Visiting Alexandra in the Spring..............

We have been trying to get out to the cemetery, last time it was still covered in snow. Then its done nothing but rain. Well it was raining on and off today too. We sat and waited. Tristen found his umbrella in the back of the car and was excited that he had a good reason to use it.
 photo c364ff6f-ab9c-404c-8cf2-501eb593a655_zps4dfb3f16.jpg
To keep him busy we said "run Tristen run" so he raced to where we told him, he dropped his umbrella so he could run faster.
 photo 40a6c075-3cec-4c95-a87a-2b21482cf53c_zpsf6a8f1f1.jpg
We try to make our trips fun. Meanwhile I was planting some bulbs for next year. I put some new mulch down and replaced some of the broken ornaments. We love doing this, it just makes her seem closer somehow. I know she would love it. Its wonderful to see the Spring flowers. Its like she is smiling at us.
 photo 3ad53f3e-d4f5-47b1-9259-645e1698f797_zps85426132.jpg
After we tended the grave we went to lunch. Tristen was not hungry so I ordered him an ice cream sunday with chocolate and whipped cream.
 photo fbadfcd6-4603-421e-aada-8318d7ddec30_zpsfab049ff.jpg
 photo f83f6336-1d65-4223-8917-0e51e71fa1cd_zpse4516947.jpg
Tristen was very good all day today, wonder of wonders. When we got home he wanted to play outside on his bike. Well yes, I knew he would be be in the puddles but had NO IDEA..........his bike got stuck so he peddled at top speed..........oooh boy.
 photo 99febbb3-783d-4e12-bf95-912ddf214259_zpsbcd970c6.jpg
 photo 6594b11b-4105-48ef-8d44-2dfdcff1dc36_zps64d6cd32.jpg
 photo 0fe31ce7-4a5f-431a-a67d-ea87109e68ac_zpsbd1cb54d.jpg

Do you see the water on his back, and the mud? Well he was just having a blast shooting that water into the bucket and dumping it in the wheel barrow and then back into the puddle. He was soaked to the skin when he came in.
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Anonymous said...

Isn't is great when everything is so much fun. We have been having heavy showers up until today, and I have been complaining about the state of my hair. Perhaps I should just enjoy myself like Tristen.

Magic Love Crow said...

This is a special post ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Linda said...

Thinking of you.
Linda x