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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beautiful Weekend part 2......

I was just too tired to finish this story yesterday, we did so much in one day. After we had done climbing the Dunes we went into Glen Arbor and got us some coffee (a coffee icecream affair) and a drink for Tristen and as the "boys" were squabbling about who would divide the remaining donut, I bought Gerry his own and I had a pastry. So then we headed for Port Oneida. I wanted to show Gerry the new way down to the beach. We used to climb down and enbankment but it got so worn down that it was no longer an easy climb for me. the beach.
 photo 64b11ded-be1f-44a4-8ac5-16402b9f3678_zps82e2de24.jpg
As you can see its just how we like it. Empty. Woo Hoo........with a touch of Autumn in the air the holiday makers don't get down to the beach so much if its cooler. Thats how I like it though. We look for beach treasures like Petoskey Stones. I only found one. It was a lovely walk though, saw a large Turkey Vulture flying over but the picture was not clear enough.Tristen collecting feathers
 photo 33c07ae3-0df0-4d6f-bb3d-147576d000b1_zps09fcf4de.jpg
The beach is at the end of this road, and you have to know its there in order to find it.
 photo 2a8a2e6f-9ecf-43b2-ac26-9af863bcc430_zpsddec17be.jpg
The water levels are high all over and we have more storms coming tonight. I have never seen it so high. Thats not a bad thing really, but there is no beach left and we don't need any more erosion. The farms above have been there for centuries but who knows.........
 photo a0cf27ee-57d6-4460-8508-a6e8aaef6ef7_zps324819e5.jpg
This schoolhouse is a part of Port Oneida. There is a cemetary by the road along with a farm house. This school must have served all the farms around there, and there are a few. The bell tower is intact. I wonder if they used it as a church too. I must read up. Tristen loved the outhouse.
 photo b507f958-05eb-4bc3-a508-573476dd5319_zps0b5f9d02.jpg
 photo c616ae48-fbca-4058-bbec-661631a44ea2_zpscac8227a.jpg
 photo 75e27bc2-f374-4956-9841-8827a62cf780_zpsf062987f.jpg
He enjoys exploring these old farms. I wonder how long that will last? Meanwhile I will enjoy him enjoying our company. Meanwhile Gerry had bathroom duty, Trissie had to go. Lucky we always have a roll with us.
 photo 055606bb-9466-4016-b5a3-f21806798322_zps52232e6a.jpg
I think the people who lived in these places were so very fortunate. I am sure that at the time it was harsh. Especially in winter. They must have been a tight knit community though. I think of the lonely grave yard up on the bluffs and wonder why they are not in the bigger one next to this house. I have more reading to do,
 photo bdbe5f9b-f557-44e3-b154-63bfc1645445_zps59eb54a7.jpg
Exploring is fun.
 photo 0b76e233-1965-4a02-91eb-0affc451746b_zps323a807a.jpg
 photo c3c20e37-ad0b-4346-9141-682d5e584830_zpsc06b9979.jpg
We left there rather tired. It had been a full day. We saw lots of fields that had been mowed for hay and fields of straw. I told Tristen how that is used for bedding and food for cattle and animals in the winter months. He soaks up information like a sponge.
 photo 69f97278-4e07-42c5-a104-78fc1217be62_zps64208016.jpg
I always think of how my childhood influenced me, and I want that for him. Country life is just so beautiful. I was a lot more naive though, I knew nothing of the harsher side of things. I don't think Tristen will be able to avoid that, but his mother would say "Live Life to the Fullest"


Merlesworld said...

What a great day, bet you were tired at the end of it all.

Magic Love Crow said...

A fantastic day, filled with so much fun!