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Monday, September 8, 2014

Beautiful weekend.....................

I know the weather will not last and so we decided to take the day and just go. It was cool and sunny, perfect weather for walking and enjoying the start of Autumn. The trees are only just beginning to change, the sky was clear and blue. We could not stay home, even though there is much to do. So we started off by stopping at Gallaghers farm for some donuts for Tristen and Gerry. Tristen went right to the play area to amuse himself and went right up to the child who was already there playing.He is not shy and loves to play with other kids.
 photo df4cf179-4e41-44c0-8785-8f99bed6aa09_zps1d7c238b.jpg
 photo 03da6288-9cc7-4cc7-803c-355508436c5d_zps50a4204e.jpg
 photo 66f43c25-fc21-469e-954f-b2f9add33703_zpsae2d4584.jpg
After we left the farm we did a side trip along a road we have not been on for years. Things have grown up considerably. There are several ponds along the road, they have gotten overgrown since last we were there. We used to take our poodles walking along there quite often, not so much traffic then. We saw bunches of Sandhill Cranes along the way and a lot of Turkey's too.
 photo 61bdf0b7-183d-42fa-9780-f014f7140386_zps2f18945a.jpg
The pictures not as clear as the last ones I saw. These Cranes were not as close and were a greyer colour.
The turkeys look like a bunch of old ladies in black weeds
 photo d26927cf-b326-42e4-ba48-c38d3a33fa1d_zps3d04a1e5.jpg
Anyway the ponds were beautiful. Frogs, dragonfly, toads and a Blue Heron.
 photo 49d1a213-a77f-48d0-8f0a-aed1df6cced0_zpsa99021f2.jpg
 photo 2c0c6cef-766e-4f63-99f3-dad8a988244b_zpsb918f2e3.jpg
 photo 00e73776-a20c-4089-80f6-dda7bfed4edd_zps88734caa.jpg
The lakes were pretty all the same. Strange phenomena on one of them. Bubbles coming up from the bottom, we figured it was an artesian spring under the lake. Only thing we could think of. There are a few houses now along the shores but not many. It is still quiet and is close to a horse camp, where riders can spend the nights with their horses on cross country trails.
 photo cdc5f595-78e1-46b2-8243-2ec3997288ac_zps98bca030.jpg
 photo 31125128-fe2b-4197-8fff-6476c3c014b9_zpsf228447f.jpg
We explored for quite some time and Tristen always enjoys the lakes, just poking around and never wants to leave. We held the carrot of "climbing the sand dunes" in front of him whenever we wanted to move him on.
So after that we got ice cream and then on to the Drive up Dunes in the hope of seeing deer. No deer this time out. Seems like everyone was out that day, a coach was at the Dunes and we stayed ahead of that lot. I only went to get a few pictures, hoping that the sky was clear, it was hazy. Still enjoyed it though. As always we like it when no one is there. Won't be long. Then again, it will soon be colour season.
 photo eebf0d7d-0e55-41a6-b06a-ea5700151b02_zps4181096f.jpg
 photo 34218087-ebbe-4065-b416-0190d39b51af_zpsf934a9e8.jpg
After taking my pictures (I will share more in the garden blog) we let him run up the climb up dune. Gerry went with him once and then I went once and thank heaven he only wanted to go half way this time. The Dunes are not as high as they used to be, so a bit easier to climb but........they are still difficult for me. I dont like to walk in sand.
 photo d9c22d1f-776d-428a-accb-6a6dd661589c_zps85a0b917.jpg
It was a long day, we had only just began. Next we went to Port Oneida and I will write about that tomorrow.

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NanaDiana said...

Wow- That was quite a day- lots to see and do...those dunes look pretty steep to climb. Tristen is getting so big!

Nice to catch up with you a bit, Janice, now that I am slowly getting back to blogging- xo Diana