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Friday, September 5, 2014


Someone asked me what camera I used. She liked my pictures. Very nice to hear that and I do so love to hear what people think. My answer was really, its not so much the camera...........I used a Kodak and I left it out in the rain. I thought it was ruined so got another camera. Well my Kodak really came through for me it dried out and is back in use. I liked it better than the new one. The new one is fine, takes as good of a picture but I need to tweek it and instead of that I use the old one. Actually its nice to have two, that way I never run out of space or batteries woo hoo.
Well.........I am going to show what a (free) program can do for you. I will post a picture and then show how I can zoom in on the picture for a great shot.
Flowers are a favourite subject
 photo c16f49dd-6bf4-414a-b817-815333048c31_zpsb7e390b2.jpg
 photo 86c7f43b-3676-492e-974d-16545c93c638_zpsc04eef9d.jpg
 photo ded663f4-4d7a-442e-a571-9c6854258881_zps81db7224.jpg
 photo e56bf4ad-068a-49a9-9ff6-7043696ef591_zps10408746.jpg
You see, instead of trying for the close up with a point and shoot camera (as mine is) get a good crisp picture. Start with a good clear shot and you can zoom in with a program. You can get a really really close up that you can not get with the camera, but it has to be CLEAR.
 photo 0f31dae0-9776-4170-85c6-60566a476047_zps48fc443b.jpg
Depending on how clear the picture, then thats how clear and how far you can zoom in.
 photo b67e8e7a-8728-43f7-9d6c-40e0db220d95_zps397def7c.jpg
Here are a few other examples.This is Brea
 photo afbd0066-7c73-4066-8b9c-66f546313b0b_zpsed9481b5.jpg
 photo e451cbd9-7aab-43ca-9974-11f162e5e67b_zps67344f0c.jpg
 photo ed21c8c4-cc01-4389-912a-a5036b47acfe_zps0386cf8d.jpg
 photo ec6cf6ff-ce05-4a49-80ba-19d36e1e4fc0_zps597eb5cd.jpg
A black poodle is not such a great subject to pick for a close up but if you choose a bird or butterfly, the image can be spectacular.
 photo d5d7c38b-4025-4a51-9d7d-4978ebaa00e4_zps80715656.jpg
Again, not the best example but I have had some good ones over the years. This is one more example of how a program like (for example) Photobucket can help you
 photo fd7f70a0-d033-460c-84d9-023f7077eaaa_zps59e7f082.jpg
 photo 9543ff17-0651-4c33-acb0-e0d9c14d4e6d_zpsfd97faef.jpg
 photo f2e0ffc3-8f7d-4d93-add4-45da5d5c376b_zps463f5f63.jpg
If the picture is really clear and you can see that one is not. At this point it begins to be fuzzy. I tried one more
 photo 7cb5d3c2-0286-44c0-89cf-62fe2b2e9136_zps7df3f70f.jpg
Not quite as crisp is it.........the next one a squirrel. I believe that flowers are the easiest subject because they dont move, but this guy posed.
 photo c0322668-5b75-4312-92b5-9bf4a8bc45da_zps30e7e7af.jpg
 photo edf2d41c-28c9-4ea2-94b2-07a92e147831_zpscbd0411f.jpg
Another program I like is Faststone that is free too. There are loads of them out there, just find one that does what you need. Anyone can take a good picture. Its choosing your subject, get a clear shot, crop it and zoom in. Easy. Good luck.

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