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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cedar Lake Trail...............

Tuesday was a lovely day, it was cool and clear. Laura had to go to a place on Cherry Bend Rd so after that we decided to mosey around. There is a trail around Cedar Lake that I wanted to check out so this seemed like the right opportunity to do that. Found it easy enough. The trails go off of the bike trails.
 photo 8f5a1bdf-58ee-4113-be1b-24e4b4968e02_zps7efe5ada.jpg
So many very generouse people have lived here, they have had the foresight to protect what they loved. Now we can all enjoy this beautiful area. So many have given their farms up now and the land, barns and homes will be protected forever. I just hope that future generations will be like minded. The land is worth so much if it was sold and built on, rather than make millions these families have given for the good of us all unselfishly. I honour them. A few farms are still being worked.
 photo a22547e7-5d4a-4a7f-8118-775f21a691fd_zps4fde7348.jpg
This is the trail head. The old barn on the property provides parking. The bike trail runs right across the area. We now have miles and miles of bike trails, and skiing trails. That is another wise choice of the people who protect this area with great forsight and integrity.There is so much beauty and so much is protected now.
First stop
 photo 00cc5af9-ed1c-4807-ab9b-1ad420df6772_zpsf16ad5bd.jpg
Lets look at Cedar Lake.
 photo 20e29026-5a01-481c-bfc8-584be7e45c66_zps9172dafc.jpg
This man was fishing. Mr JabberJaws made a bee line for him. I guess he was packing up as he was not catching anything. Tristen advised him that it was the wrong time of day to catch anything and that he should come back later. He was itching to get those 10 little fingers in that tackle box, but restrained himself.
 photo f6909188-c424-4999-8597-8489ed63a0df_zpse7de3a69.jpg
Tristen chatted on until we turned off the trail. The man told us that the one we were taking lead to a meadow and so Tristen lead the way. He has learned about trail markers this day. Ours was red and so he led us along through the Cedar (swamps) woods. Its a magical ethereal place that the deer like to head into for the winters.
 photo 809381be-4dc4-4f98-93fd-9619e6b8d2fd_zpsa7e363aa.jpg
Look at some of the shapes of the roots, imagine a scene from Snow White when she ran through the forest at night.
 photo 1e70dcc6-e80f-4902-a15f-8a1d294ddc22_zps825034f1.jpg
I can imagine this one, scary.......but a great place for an animal to sleep
 photo 646ddb96-0dfe-4a10-98ef-68804f125054_zps871ab31c.jpg
Some of the dead trees provide a home for new ones to grow. Nothing in nature is wasted.
 photo 897d38cc-f0f5-4984-ba35-b07e6b36c1ff_zpsa35ac6a2.jpg
 photo 39975249-666d-43ef-8a9c-dcbc86780d4c_zps0e593f22.jpg
We saw a woodpecker but was not able to get a picture. This above is what they find in trees, bugs. Even in death its beautiful. The next picture is a part of Cedar Lake. On the other side are houses. Its a lovely lake right close to town.
 photo e4bd2e88-328e-4081-8191-b75d1b5f3653_zps7bff4ad0.jpg
The water is very clear.
 photo d80836b4-b2b3-49c0-99ed-b25f2fe7d7f2_zpse71c205c.jpg
After our walks we drove along the back roads to Suttons Bay. We went into a Cafe and had coffee and a scone. A cookie for Tristen. Next door was a sweet shop. I bought him a huge sucker. He is still enjoying that today. On the way there and back I took pictures of old barns. I will do another post on that. I will show a couple of views though. This is going back into Traverse City.
 photo f594293d-d4d5-4621-a09d-7996abc70dd5_zpscca4e956.jpg
Leaving Traverse City you go up a hill in most directions, except along the sort of protects us from storms somewhat
 photo c5ead7f7-2897-4cbd-812b-c38f5481d5bd_zps24369c5a.jpg
The snow belt is just at the top of the hill and across country all the way to Kalkaska. We are down in a sort of valley. Then again we get the Lake effect snow. Wont be long now. I am hoping for a very long Autumn but I do not think that will happen. Can still hope though

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