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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial weekend, Saturday.............

Jason came up for a couple of days. Today he was rather busy meeting Gabby for lunch. When he got back we went for a drive. Tristen had a good day, he enjoys Jason's company. We drove out towards Empire where we let Tristen play at the park there. I wanted some pictures so thats what I did.
 photo 100_7019_zpsokid99qs.jpg
 photo 100_7024_zpsocdqj7jt.jpg
Gerry and Jason kept a watch on him while I sauntered around looking for birds.
 photo 100_7023_zpsjujhegew.jpg
I did manage to find a few birds but not much. After that we went to get some snacks. Jason wasn't hungry because he had lunch, we didn't so Tristen was thrilled to get junk food for lunch with soda, a big treat for him.
 photo 100_7029u_zps0zqx2uui.jpg
South Bar Lake
 photo 100_7028_zpsymzlek50.jpg
We stopped and let Tristen run up the Dunes while we watched. He attached himself to a family with 3 kids. He does that. He can always weedle his way in and is soon fast friends. So this time there happened to be two little girls about his size and they raced up and down. Talk about energy. It takes a lot to get up on that sand. Pretty soon he had joined in with their mum and dad burying one of the girls. Time to move on.....
 photo 100_7052i_zpskvh2xvhh.jpg
Having found a bathroom we were all set and headed out to Port Oneida. I wanted to show Jason the beach we found there. All the lovely farms that are being preserved. It was a cool day, that was fine by me I loved it. Gerry was cold though. It didnt impede Tristen one bit and was perfect for me.
 photo 100_7066_zpsldecalf8.jpg
It was good to find only two cars at our steps to the beach and no one in sight.
 photo 100_7069_zpsyndp75rp.jpg
I found Petoskey stones right off the bat. Found 7 in fact. A nice haul condidering I was not there long. The water is still high. I am not sure what the beaches will be like this summer. The ones at Glen Haven was really high last year and we didn't go down and look. I bet its still high as it's just around the corner so to speak. Maybe another nice day and we will go check it out.
 photo 100_7078_zpsifv5tigy.jpg
 photo 100_7070_zpszhdvpnkp.jpg
The wind was blowing pretty good, so the men got cold. I could have stayed forever. So nice to be able to walk the beach without anyone else being there.
We found what seemed like a part of an old shipwreck.
 photo 100_7081_zpsmwdenlif.jpg
 photo 100_7080_zpsv5qktjgt.jpg
Some lovely rocks from the deep, they look so pretty in the clear water
 photo 100_7083_zpshqpbrbik.jpg
I found some critters
 photo 100_7090y_zpsjtqmniip.jpg
On the way home we saw a big flock of turkey.
 photo 100_7099a_zpsoifdjdzi.jpg
It was a nice day for all of us.
Today is Sunday and we stayed home most of the day. We did go to where Gerry is working to pick up some rocks and some Trillium. The Trillium we are not supposed to pick but as the site is being bulldozed I don't care. If I can save them by putting them in my garden then so be it.
 photo 100_7115_zpstdyihtnr.jpg
Tristen loves to go to granddads work, climb the piles of dirt and check out the machines.
 photo 100_7120_zpsieldg0qc.jpg
 photo 100_7118_zpslfv4b0yj.jpg
 photo 100_7122_zpsgdax8jfu.jpg
Tristen is the third generation of our kids to go to where he works and play as the others did.My boys Jason and Justin and Laura, then Laura's girls. Tristens mum Alexandra, Danielle and Gabrielle. Gerry did the same thing when he was a boy. I guess its a family tradition.

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