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Monday, May 11, 2015

Our first walk in the woods........

Now that May is here we can get outside again. We asked Tristen if he would like to go for a walk, he was all for it. So as he had been very good we figured we would take him to the park and then we could walk after. We let him play for a short time but there were quite a few kids there and he was acting up.
 photo 100_6685-001_zps85mpv3tz.jpg
So off we went for our first walk in the woods for this year. We were soon to discover the fire that had occured a couple of days before. Lucky the park is right near the fire station for that area and was quickly taken care of. It was very sad to see the damage and the beautiful trees that had most likely died. Although there may be some hope. Tristen was rather upset and sad about the trees. It gave me a chance to reiterate about being safe in the woods because animals live there. I can not even begin to imagine the huge forest fires they have out west. God help them this year with the drought.
 photo 100_6697_zpspe4rj4d9.jpg
 photo 100_6698_zpsghvwdcwv.jpg
In fact, just close by we found a Beaver house. I met a lady walking her dog and she said that someone told her they had seen babies.
I could see evidence of Beaver work as we walked close by. I hope the fire didn't scare them away.
 photo 100_6717_zpsc4xuinwz.jpg
 photo 100_6701_zpsjlkrni0t.jpg
 photo 100_6699_zpsvsalxylg.jpg
We found a tepee, some one had made a little house out of branches. Was it a homeless persons shelter for for the winter or kids playing in the woods.
 photo 100_6719_zpsugif0atj.jpg
We didn't see much in the way of wildlife, well, with Mr Motor mouth thats usually not something we expect. Besides the bears are awake and in the area so we hear. That's OK. They don't normally bother people, although I am sure there are babies around. I have yet to see a bear. We hear about them all the time, and they have been close to my home. I always miss them,just not fair. I want pictures.
Tristen did a little tree climbing
 photo 100_6690-001_zpsn2mzldl3.jpg
Not too much yet in the way of wildflowers, but after this rain I am guessing a lot of things will just pop. Blossoms are out on the wild cherry trees and some mini daffodils were perky.
 photo 100_6695-001_zps6y0qsrrd.jpg
 photo 100_6692-001_zpscydgugrl.jpg
Some nice clear paths, that I am sure helped the firemen when they needed to get in there quickly
 photo 100_6730_zpscpvg1nnl.jpg
We heard what appeared to be Sandhill Cranes or some kind of Herons squabbling but they were gone by the time we got down to the water.
 photo 100_6704_zpsbmsccf90.jpg
 photo 100_6707_zps60j7krhy.jpg
We got back to the park and Tristen found a friend this time. His name was Orion and he was with his Grandma, she was wanting to leave but she was enjoying watching them play as much as we were so they stayed for a time.
 photo 100_6737_zpskbsgaszw.jpg
 photo 100_6739_zpsxzt7ajlg.jpg
 photo 100_6741_zpstmoskgaq.jpg
It started to get cold so we decided to leave we heard much groaning, but they came quietly and so we went home.
I will show this here, we took a short walk in the rain yesterday and saw a nice big bunny.
 photo 100_6843_zpsrilfwdgg.jpg
 photo 100_6836_zpst6xxqgh1.jpg
 photo 100_6849_zpssksv3kf8.jpg
Its so good to be outside, I don't mind a little rain. Unfortunatley I won't shrink.


Magic Love Crow said...

I love your photos Janice! What a great day! I am sorry about the fire! I always find the Beaver home's to be so cool! They are clever animals! Hugs ;o)

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