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Thursday, May 7, 2015

New life.......

We have a Robin nesting on our front porch again.
 photo d0faf809-dded-48da-8965-958ce0728bb6_zpsydv5rzgz.jpg
I hope she does better this year. Most years a Robin gives it a try on our porch. Only one that I remember was a success. Several gave up. One got its eggs stolen. Squirrels I think.
 photo 98cde84d-b66b-43d8-a939-fb5ed364f542_zpskfagazd9.jpg
Anyway I will watch out for her best I can.
The Crows I fed last winter have nested near by, actually across our ally. I bet everyone is just thrilled. I am.......the local Blue Jay population is not happy. Last Spring we had a Blue Jay nest but the babies got killed, that really upset me.
Another nice thing happened today. Another butterfly. Last year I saw one all year, so far this year I have 3 different ones coming.
 photo f831c2ba-f113-4ef9-b56b-dab96b934e59_zpsi8dctbxy.jpg
 photo 90adb0a4-93c0-48f0-b694-21ec511670dd_zps1qly8hph.jpg
This is the other one. Taken in April
 photo a5eda259-7b85-4edb-aa04-4205b330677d_zps2fp39mko.jpg
 photo 772aa787-dd35-409c-a5bf-7bd8df35a73a_zpsfdhuetq9.jpg
The other one that has been a daily visitor is a white one. I can't catch that one at the right time. She loves the tulips across the ally and comes to check out my garden but so far I either don't have the camera handy or, she flits away.
 photo d5a5299c-17e1-4f7d-ae93-05dff8a71398_zpsnfdehoqu.jpg
I am hoping to see some Monarcs this year. I have plenty of plants for butterfly. They should be grateful. I have also read of a Butterfly feeding station. I have the dish, now I need to cut up a sponge and soak it in nectar. Maybe that will bring her in.


eileeninmd said...

I love the cute robin on the nest. And your butterflies are beautiful! The tulips are so pretty. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

Magic Love Crow said...

I want to come visit one day Janice ;o) We could play in the garden! Great pics!