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Sunday, May 17, 2015

One Good Man..................

Find me one good man God said to Lot. There were none but God favoured Lot and so He saved him and His family. God tells us, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There are none that are good save for Jesus Christ. So...........what does that mean in todays world? Do you know any good men? They may look good on the surface but our standards are somewhat low. If a man tells you "No I am not a good man" trust him, he knows better. So what makes a man good by worldly standards? There used to be something called Honour. What happened to that?
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Young girls used to be told about their "Knight in shining armour" who would rescue them from their enemies. No one believes in that any more. Most women prefer to rescue themselves. They don't want to be hapless maidens. Well King Arthur can rescue me any time he wants.
Then there was the code of honour. Fight for right not might. What happened there? Now we send our men in to fight for oil, destroy countries so that the rich can get richer and the poor can just die. If civilians are killed, well that's just collateral damage
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In the case of the Knights of old, well think what those Knights Templar did out in the Holy Land. It was not for God and England and St George because they raped and plundered and the Muslims hate us to this day. What a legacy that was.
So what is a good man? I have a relative who became a Christian, I liked him better when he wasn't. He became a know it all, condemning self richeous man. That is not what God wants for us at least I don't think so. We have to work on our own issues before we point out other peoples, but that is just my opinion. We can say when we believe someone is wrong, indeed, if we are close to that person we should do so but in a way that does not alienate them. What's the point in that. You cant save someone who wont speak to you. I believe in the power of prayer and keeping our own life as clean as we can. True that is easier as you get older. Most of the "sin" in my life went away over time. I like to believe God guided me in the right direction but in honesty most things I just grew out of. So it's hard to condemn a young person, but I can offer my advice having lived through many things. If they choose not to listen thats ok. We all have our own path to walk.
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We are carnal beings who want to be loved, physically and emotionally. Its hard to suppress that desire especially when we are young. We want to attract the opposite sex, at least I did. Looking back I was no saint for sure. I think I may have hurt some people by my willfullness............but I can not say I would have wanted to be different because I would not be who I am now. I am sorry for those I disappointed and for how I ignored God's commands. I must say in my defence that at that time I had not come to the realization of what Salvation was. I also see now that I am old, how our actions do indeed resonerate through generations. What we do, effects others.
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If I do have a guardian angel He is not guiding me gently like in that picture he is dragging me kicking and screaming. I am sure he has wept a river over the things I have done.
So..........what is a good man? What do I admire in a man. Strength, honesty, honour and integrity but not a prissy prude of a puritan. I believe most of those men have hidden secrets. Then again, most of us do. I like to think I am a "what you see is what you get person". A lot of people would say I am a Liberal. I really am not. I am quite conservative in my own life.I just dont think things like morals can be legislated. I think we all have a concience if we allow it to blossom. Some things are easy. Don't steal, but by golly if my child is hungry and I have no other choice then God had better show me a better way so that I can avoid temptation. I do believe that God helps those who help themselves, meaning we must not just sit and pray, but after prayer we need to take action. We just need to know what God's plan is for our life, not always easy.
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A good man spends time with his family, puts them first in his life without smothering them. He can be trusted to make the right moral choices without being judgemental because what is right for one may not work for another. Above all He loves God, respects His commandaments and leads his family by example. There is right and there is wrong and then there is the area of compromise???? maybe over time we can slide more to the side of right, that is what life is to me. A journey, lessons to learn and in my case definatley a work in progress.


NanaDiana said...

Janice- I so understand your feelings- I think back, too, of all the hurt I caused people when I was younger by my willfulness. I do think the biggest part in all of that is forgiving ourselves for our mistakes and youthful stubbornness to do what we wanted to do. xo Diana

Gayle said...

Janice, As I read your post I immediately heard the hymn O God Our Help in Ages Past; Our Hope in years to come . . .
Your thoughts are shared by many. Thank you.