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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Art and ideas..............

I love to paint and draw, I always have. My problem is, as with everything I do, I can't stay focused. I have no style. When I do crafts I want to do so many things. Its like now, just thinking about it, I want to do everything. I want to do so many things. I get so frustrated that I end up not doing anything.
At the moment I am forcing myself to focus on my watercolours. In summer I have so much else going on. Its hard to do much of anything artistic with the garden to keep up. I also have a child to entertain (smile). do others manage to do so much.? I used to read a lot. Now its hard to focus long enough to finish a book. I did begin at the start of the year to set goals, a book a month.......write one poem at least and complete at least a few pictures. I found this useful to get things done. I did get some table runners for Teal my sons step daughter. I got 4 of them done and sent off. At least that was an accomplishment.
 photo 05bba78b-e00f-40c8-b578-7ca291c5cb2a_zpsc438c128.jpg
I like to draw and paint in detail.......this is what I am trying to get over. I am trying, through doing journals to "loosen up" this is a looser style

 photo a75d03b3-0c25-48de-b80e-7fc468722aac_zpsad13b5a0.jpg
However I really want to do more than paint. I want to do some felt work, some crochet, some quilting, some knitting........and so on. Anyone else understand what I am saying?

I have made baskets and stained glass and want to learn beading and tatting. I feel time running away from me.............this is one of the first stained glass items I did. I made a lot of wind chimes at that time. I don't have any left.
 photo 17265c22-a374-4757-9ca0-953df5703707_zps33901147.jpg
I made this little coat for Reina with embroidery on it.
JacketforReina-1 photo JacketforReina-1-1.jpg
mybear-1 photo mybear-1-1.jpg
I know a lot of it is lack of time, or is it not making good use of my time. Or is it lazyitis
 photo variouse573-1.jpg
Well, my question is anyone have suggestions? How can I better handle time so that I can do the things I want, handle a 3 year old and the house and garden. I am 67 and already raised my kids long ago........grandkids are grown and this is my great revolves around him. I am tired, but should not be I get free time every other weekend that I use to catch up in the house and garden can I better manage my time in the evenings ? I know stop blogging right? NO I cant do that, this is what frees up my mind and keeps me sane (smile) ...........I do welcome suggestions from others who have small kids because I forget. Things are so different to when I raised my own.


NanaDiana said...

I don't know what to tell you- it seems my time just slips away, too. You certainly have a plate full with your little guy. You are a good "mom" to be raising him and you will be blessed for it...but it IS a lot of work, I know.

Your artwork is beautiful. You are very good at several mediums, I see. I am glad you have an outlet like that-it nurtures your soul. Blessings- xo Diana

laurajane said...

No answers I'm afraid.Time just slips away,and you have a very young child to care for.Just go with the flow
It seams that NanaDiana has said everything I want to say.
You're a very tallented lady,just carry on enjoying what you do.
Ps I know you are quintessentially Brit,what did you think of our Wimbledon win.The weather here at the mo is very hot.xx

Jerri Ecord said...

I love your blog. Each entry. I check every morning to see if you have posted.
I especially look forward to seeing what Tristen has done.
I hade to comment, or rather share, about crafts.
I am not as talented as you are but love crafts. I love to make something out of nothing. So I got involved with mixed-media.
Sometimes it is only a few minutes at a time. But even when I make a mistake I consider it a new direction instead of a mistake. This has helped in other areas of my life as well.
It's not important that I start and complete each project. What matters is the reward of doing them.
I too have a garden and 6 grown kids and 12 grandchildren, 3 dogs and 5 cats. So crafts don't always make the top of the list but I love doing them.
None of this may help but I wanted you to know I understand how you feel. And to say, "Please, keep blogging".

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments. MagicLoveCrow is both a gifted artist and a cherished friend. I think your artwork is lovely, and since I mostly make beaded flowers, I loved visiting your garden blog, too.

Your comments echo the way I have felt many times--so many ideas/projects & not enough time!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

You sound like a kindred spirit. I'm so glad you visited my blog!
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Magic Love Crow said...

My friend, I don't have kids, but I have older parents! LOL! All, I can say is, take it one day at a time! That's what I do. You have a free hour, create what you feel like. Clear your mind of everything and pick one thing and then maybe the next month, do another? Just remember to smile and enjoy ;o)