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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To Hot..............

Today we had made plans for a picnic lunch and day at the beach. Off we set around 10am. We got out to the Sleeping Bear at around 11.30 and decided lunch would be first. We stopped at the picnic area and ate. Laura made sandwiches and so did I, we brought fruit and crackers and left it at that. So Laura and Reina were discussing what was in the sandwiches and Reina was Laura said " I made the damn sandwiches I think I know whats in them." Tristen pipes up "Nanny made damn sandwiches too"
 photo c09718a1-2384-40e2-b11f-ff938cc32273_zpsbd6272c5.jpg

 photo 12ecd40a-3e4f-4cd5-9936-aa217c9d634f_zps12651ee3.jpg

 photo 0eef23b5-5edf-46e9-be7a-05f504cf0be7_zpsc4f73ab3.jpg

It was nice and breezy in the picnic area and no one else around. Nice................We could see the people at the dune climb, like ants.........must be crazy in that heat. There was a weather warning for extreme heat. The temperature 94 with heat index of 101
 photo 7f72555d-7c7f-4bd0-9e6a-647c99f540d9_zps41248038.jpg
This is where we are going.
 photo 5a158364-dbd1-4b1f-8be7-96002fb235be_zps60e81fc8.jpg
It was like crossing the Sahara. The water was nice, I dont swim and usually that's not a problem. I just wade and look for stones. It was so hot I could feel my skin crisping.......I thought I smelled pork chops.
 photo 7e70e6cd-026a-4570-9fbe-53eb96f6e196_zps8fac3d43.jpg
Laura found a cold spot
 photo a66b7520-aa65-4f6a-b8f3-799bca13d97c_zps0cfabb70.jpg
time for a swim.
 photo d40e578a-ca28-490f-88ad-c7cbdaadb6d3_zps6bbdf89b.jpg

 photo 135005b4-aabd-411c-aea7-2dfd4510d33c_zpsf58496a2.jpg
no matter where she was she had two little bodies right there with her, splashing and generally annoying hehe. I went in for a paddle and same thing. Why do kids have to be right on ya?????
 photo 24f441c5-a45a-4631-b748-10256ee745a0_zps6a6bed0d.jpg
Along the large puddle that always collects where the water from waves get trapped, there were some sand birds. Little piping plovers I think.
 photo b771abbf-88a4-41fb-a320-fdb677df0487_zps12cca282.jpg

 photo a7b7ae4a-9232-4997-be4c-9e4be1a51143_zps9a384738.jpg

 photo 13da6ba3-c092-47fe-91d2-de667cef6326_zpsc40e1b29.jpg

We decided to retreat. We left the beach and went into Cedar for an ice cream. Picked up some world famous Cherry Polish brats and hot dogs for supper and headed home.We saw a lady turkey
 photo 2c13d65c-d1e4-451e-8e7b-018993054245_zpsb5392f83.jpg

She was not very cooperative.
 photo 9510df32-8a29-4894-a512-8839967789a4_zpsd4e6e610.jpg

Then a special treat. A deer and two fawn crossed in front of us. We slowed to a crawl and I got the camera ready. They too did not seem willing to pose today.
 photo 6c989c67-32b1-4e7a-945a-7f42d1f79a70_zps635fdd12.jpg

We came home to the air conditioned house and collapsed. The kids were still wound up so after a but Laura and Reina went home...............we had the brats and hot dogs for supper

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Merlesworld said...

A day in the sun at the beach you can't beat it.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful day you had! That is funny about the sandwiches. I love that you had such a good time with your family and I hope you ate all of those damn sandwiches!;>) xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Tristan's comment had me laughing! That sea looks so inviting. It is hot here too, although not that hot, but when we are used to a steady drizzle of rain all summer, we find we don't know what to so with ourselves when the sun shines!

Magic Love Crow said...

I'm still laughing about the damn sandwiches! LOL! Great fun you all had! I think I will be swimming very soon! I known it's early, but mom and I have just discovered, the air conditioning isn't working!! Uggg! The day has just begone! Take Care ;o)

Donna Heber said...

Hi Janice,

It sounds like you had a wonderful day with some delicious food! I too would have collapsed after a full day of picnicing, swimming and turkey watching :-) They are calling for 95 degrees here, but I will be working in a A/C office all day.