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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tristen goes camping......

Tristen had a wonderful July 4th long weekend. His auntie Laura and Uncle Greg took him camping. They went to Turtle Lake campground and he got to sleep in a real tent. They took every precaution (I was worried he may take off during the night) They fixed the zipper so he could not open it and wore him out so no danger of that. My daughter (also) Laura(Jane) took Reina to visit most days. They were there till late at night so the kids had a great time. Laura Herman sent some pictures
Here is Tristen on a 4 wheeler, its not a real one they said and top speed is 3 miles per hour (they said ).
 photo 11304f80-b270-454b-a741-43ed9b435090_zps7725c220.jpg
He thinks he is the cats meow now....what a face.
 photo f156631e-7211-4a4a-9f38-abf1c71cbc74_zps876e2ec9.jpg
Everyone gets to clean up, even the little ones.
 photo 9b3220cb-54f5-4314-9f75-e01f8eb6f0ca_zps04ae003c.jpg

They were at Turtle Lake campground. The lot they were on was right on the lake. Very nice. He had never been camping before so we were all a little concerned as to how it would go in a tent. Would he sleep. He did, and very well.
 photo af517952-5566-4d6c-ab08-869d57ca39c0_zpsf2e104a0.jpg
They found a large snapping turtle and Tristen said he saw a dead fish. He says that "Fireman Sam can't fix dead people neither and nor can police men" so he knows that dead is dead. They kept him busy every day they were there.
 photo 7703036a-3f01-4735-aa39-fb160c07a704_zps55fdffeb.jpg
They went fishing from the dock and tubing on the lake. Tristen was in the boat though secured in life jacket and watched like a hawk.
 photo ff0c2896-6ad5-4bcf-a7ad-6fb5a596655a_zps572767bf.jpg
 photo 2807f5c0-f920-4737-99b2-8e227ce972c0_zps59eb7706.jpg
Next they all went to the small village of Lake Ann. It was the week of July 4th and most places had parades that week. So off they went to the parade. The kids wanted to see the fire engines and that they did. After that they went to stand in line to play in the bouncy house.
 photo ddd5ed41-bf60-41d7-bb7f-dbcab8ed1897_zps8db79274.jpg

Then the best of all they got to ride some horses, that was the highlight for Tristen.
 photo 15ff521d-2b83-4f32-86c3-0554063a4f98_zps0b2fdefd.jpg
How I wish I still had my old horse Lady........she was around for all my grandkids and even the ones now. She has been gone 5 years now.Tristen would have adored her, his mother did.


Merlesworld said...

He is growing up fast looks like everyone had a good time.

NanaDiana said...

He is getting to be such a big boy. It looks like he had a ball...and I know they were careful with him. He is really a cute little boy. Too bad about the horse- I am sure he would have loved her like his Mom did, too- xo Diana

Maureen Wyatt said...

It looks like he loved every minute of his outdoor adventure! I've been poking around your blog and I'm following you now.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love these pictures! So much fun you all had!