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Monday, July 29, 2013

Taking back my life.............

Today I made a descision. I am taking back my life. Let me explain. I have over the past 3 years stopped driving. I really had no need to drive, I seldom went anywhere alone and so it was not a problem. I drove up to the point that my sight was getting really bad. Eventually I completely lost the sight in my right eye. Long story, but it took a long time to reach that point. When it went, it went quick. It left me with bad equilibrium and I would often loose my balance and walk into things and people. I felt I needed a beeper telling people to pass on the left. So since I now also had Tristen I felt I did not want to chance driving under the circumstances. Now the sight has gone I am a bit easier with it for the most part. I still dont have good depth perception but I am more comfortable with it. I am adjusting. So with that in mind I want to begin to start to drive again. I will take it easy and get used to just driving close to home. Get lots of practice. I will drive during the quiet times of the day.
So today I surprised Tristen and took him to the school playgrounds. We have 3 close by but this one is big and he loves going there.
 photo 35fa8b1a-d3d2-48e9-bc20-093853c389e2_zps5b4a67a3.jpg

We had got to the playground and he was off at a run. A little girl was on one of the riding thingies and he and Reina had enjoyed a rolling good time on that. SO he hopped on behind her no by your leave. I had to remind him to calm down. She decided retreat was the better part of valour and went off with him hot on her heels to the play house.

 photo 1db7ea67-d881-44aa-a451-b62d9573d04a_zps9461a49d.jpg

There were two girls, one Tristens age and one a little older. Tristen got their grandmother who was babysitting to join in their game and got her in the play house with them. A very nice lady.

 photo 4c3ed856-fa7c-48c8-84e4-9f1f65a75718_zps54cc8bf1.jpg

Well apparently he was paying attention to the Mr Rogers program today because he decided he was a doctor and was going to give everyone a shot. He had the lady sit down and he told her to think happy thoughts and he pretended to give her a shot....he really got into that game giving everyone a shot until I distracted him. This is his office
 photo 9df7af5a-d2ff-4b8a-b909-4477213979a7_zpsc81690da.jpg
After that they rode the school bus
 photo 5691e86b-4059-4d1c-aafb-71665eaf3db9_zps43d0c87a.jpg
They all ran over to the big kids playground and whooped it up over there. They girls were comfortable with him by now, he does have to be reminded to be gentle with them. So I made him go up first rather than shove them down hehe.

 photo 6a6b955c-0dfe-4074-9c83-bd495e7eed1b_zps2b042b31.jpg

Then his favourite ride

 photo 1475ec72-30c1-4ade-827f-e7194263fa98_zps6611806f.jpg
Now the dilemma do I get him to leave without a fuss. I told him it was time to go. "I don't want to".....natural response, so I said "I know you dont but we have to and if we go now with no fuss we can come back" .....and then the bribe....a nice drink and he said he was off we went. Woo hoo and we got home in one piece with no tantrums. So he got a nice big sucker.


NanaDiana said...

Well, good for you. I have a friend that has lost vision in one eye and drives just fine. It is all a matter of getting used to it.

It looks like Tristen had a ball. I am so happy that it went well...and glad that you took back your life! xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

I am proud of you! Good for you Janice ;o) A wonderful day for everyone! Tristen did very well with the girls ;o) I bet that sucker was good! Hugs ;o)

Noelle the dreamer said...

Wonderful Janice but take it a day at a time!
Thinking of you,