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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Walk by the Boardman.................

Laura, Reina, Tristen and moi went for a walk down by the Boardman River. We wanted to get the kids out and tire them. Well two of us got tired and it was not the kids. We took a few pictures. Its wonderful that we have so many trails around here. The Boardman river goes right through town. At this point there was a dam. They redirected the river years ago and now I think the dam is being dismantled. Somethings going on. Anyway, they installed a nature center and have an extensive trail network now. It gives fishermen, canoeists and kayakers places to enter the water.
 photo 0a2b07f6-d153-4cbc-bd9c-2bab76e2788c_zpsc4485df5.jpg
The river is quite shallow in several spots that make it wonderful for the kids (with life jackets) to play in. Laura said the other day they found petoskey stones in the river.
 photo 2a345690-9505-4058-8755-d04c0f09c060_zps1f14cabd.jpg
We had been on some other trails before and there are several more we have yet to explore. We want to go to the other side. Lots of Queen Annes lace
 photo 91517b3f-ed85-4951-8d80-2e1cacd7c3d9_zpsc5651b5f.jpg
At first I thought this was a pin cherry tree but I am not sure. I do know bears love them haha.
 photo c4ec554f-8485-4413-9b83-34cedf492fe6_zps5f896a2c.jpg
 photo 021fc977-83fe-4d9d-b302-435f254028e3_zpsae80441f.jpg
Back to the river
 photo 74f4465c-f3c1-4d41-8f40-002a66496926_zpse18ec36b.jpg
These are not pin cherries and I am not sure what they are. I am thinking Chokecherry but not at all sure. They look so much like the others, maybe they are all chokecherry and they are poison I think. I have some research to do
 photo c7f2c2f4-34f1-4b2b-8027-63e25720d71d_zps7b3c3e4f.jpg
It was a very sunny day so my pictures are dark. We are walking in woodlands alongside the river.
 photo 64b88579-49e6-48e8-9b3e-4ca490353f30_zpsf46010a8.jpg
Here are Laura and the kids taking a break...........nice that there are places to do that huh?
 photo e0bc5332-5cf1-4159-8386-c2c4f31cfa65_zpsf6996cd5.jpg
There are water meadows too, and a place here to sit and watch wild life I would think. They built a gazebo. So nice. We didn't see anything though, well with our two noisy kids and another family close behind its no wonder. While on that subject, when we go out on trails we like to avoid other people. So why oh why with all the trails they could have chosen, why walk right behind us?

 photo 9adab62f-ce13-48b7-a271-0dab38ca025e_zps881b466d.jpg
Now look at this cute pretty. I believe its called an Iridescent beetle.
 photo 26e44539-d00f-46a8-9f96-a0856a64caf6_zpsc3262fa3.jpg
We rounded the bend and this is what we see (eye roll)the two of them fighting over a stick.

 photo 2b7a136f-f763-4088-bb9b-fe176a5f7b30_zpsf2c899f0.jpg
Here is Golden Rod and soon everyone will have allergies. Its so beautiful though, I would like some for my garden. My Dad had it in his back in England.

 photo 0b443335-ffe0-489c-b978-84436cfdffbc_zps47b269b2.jpg
Going back into the woods. after some open spots it looks so inviting after the heat of open meadows.
 photo 3ae0c67d-99ff-4d81-a878-684ebc3a22cf_zpsd531a7bb.jpg
The bees were busy here. On some Queen Anne's lace there were two different kinds of bee sort of dancing around each other.

 photo a1a3171f-70b1-4068-a6c5-45a7fcdd9e4a_zps626edf00.jpg

 photo 21024229-b517-42a1-b032-7de8e8bef3c3_zps45a8372f.jpg

When we got home we took them to the playground. What a noise. Reina has the strongest lungs I ever heard.........she can scream loud enough to hear her two counties over. She is teaching Tristen to scream.

 photo f1778fc3-1251-4c97-bdb0-25ff2a3be4dd_zps902a4734.jpg

 photo 5a036b9c-f4f0-4926-8147-5159cfcd6175_zps051e7426.jpg

Well it was a fun day if not a quiet one......they had to let rip somewhere and the great outdoors is the place to be. The wild life may not recover their hearing but it kept the bears away

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Anonymous said...

The colours on the beetle are quite amazing, it looks like a jewel. I know what you mean about people walking near you. I sometimes get this on the early morning dog walks, 5000 acres to choose from at the Ashridge, and they follow me!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Looks like a fun day! That beetle is gorgeous--if you can call a bug that, LOL! It reminds me of one I made out of clay!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I had never heard of Petosky Stones so had to look them up - amazing. I would love to find one of those - but I fear I live in the wrong area.

Lovely photos.

Debra said...

What a peaceful place you have here, Janice. My first visit and I love it. Love the photos, the playfulness, the exploration, everything!

I’m working on a writing project and currently seeking contributions on the theme of forgiveness, and would love your input. It can be something you’ve already written, or something brand new.
It can be a favorite quote, a link, an image, a poem, a story, a song … it matters not. Just share what you have.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great adventure! I love all the pictures!! That bug is cool! So, who got the stick? LOL! I love Golden Rod too! Did the other family back off? LOL! Thanks for sharing everything Janice ;o) Your painting will be mailed out tomorrow, with some treats ;o) Hugs ;o)

Sherry Crocker said...

Have you walked the West Side of Boardman Lake? The trail winds from the Library/Hull Park up to South Airport road at Logan's Landing. It is nearly 3. miles one way.
It was a beautiful walk though the bugs were thick in some spots. It also winds behind some apartments and senior living. But most of the trail is quiet, buffered by thick woods between the lake and Woodmere. We treated ourselves to Panda North to recover and prepare for the hike home.

Susie Jax said...

What beautiful pics! Looks like a grand time had by all. I am stopping by from Inspire Me Monday Blog Hop. I look forward to your visit at Happy creating!