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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Durdle Door.............

The next stop in our trek was along the Jurassic Coast that faces the English Channel in Dorset. While we had no time to explore and look for fossils there.... we did stop at the very pretty Durdle Door close by the village of Lulworth. 100_1109 As with most of the coastline we visited it was a steep haul down to the edge of the cliff. So steep Liz stayed up top. 100_1110 She missed seeing me do a slide and roll as the gravel went out from under my feet. I slid on my bum for a short way before plunging to the side to grab the grass. I could envision picking up speed and shooting down the path and off airborne over the edge. Well maybe not, but one saw my oopsie. I plodded very careful the rest of the way and of course Jason was already down there by then. First view was of people diving and jumping off a ledge into the water. 100_1113 Then people in Kayak's playing in the surf as it crashed over the rocks. Looked like fun.100_1116 Then just further along was the view we came to see. We didnt go down onto the beach. We didn't have time and I was not ready for another haul back up. I knew what we were already in for as it was. So due to lack of time, we skipped that pleasure. 100_1118 The next picture is not my own (all the others are) but I wanted to show how it looks like a sea monster or dragon from this angle. Cool. Very cool!!!! 2200durdledoor One would need an entire day to do this beauty spot justice. I mean there are caves to explore and tital pools and well, you can just imagine. 100_1122 Jason and me climbed back up the face of the cliff, it was grassy and much easier than the path of gravel we came down on. The village of Lulworth is one of those typical English villages that we all love so much. Made from that famous Purbeck stone it shines as a postcard pretty place to visit. Lulworth No time for us to explore but a place to go back to. lulworth_village Some day. The south of England has to be my favourite place but maybe next time we can also go north. Who knows. Last two pictures not my own. (Thanks to the owners)

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NanaDiana said...

Oh- to have a movie camera rolling for times like that- glad you weren't hurt, though...just a tad red-faced, I expect. Great and beautiful pictures- xo Diana