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Sunday, September 16, 2012


It seems that for several days all we did was climb. This first picture is Jason at Tintagel. 100_1177 Tintagel............what a magical place. I would love to be there alone. I could not believe that I could climb up so high and not be afraid. I am normally terrified of heights yet I could climb up and look down and love it. 100_1168 So to begin we walked down to the gift shop and got our tickets before "the climb" There were wild flowers all over along the path to the cliffs. 100_1174 .......a narrow path led up the shear cliff wall, steps once cut into the face of the rock now replaced by wooden walkways (Thank Heaven)but still only one person at a time could make it. That was fine it gave me time to get my breath. My poor legs, talk about exercising the thighs and legs. You look down on the water crashing below and think how it must have been. It was a windy day. Perfect and exhilarating. 100_1181 Looking down on the beach below and people having fun on the rocks and sand. There was Merlins Cave......I would have loved to go down there but there was just so many steps up and I knew I could never do both. 100_1184 100_1183 As we go higher the view becomes more impressive. The photo's do not do it justice. 100_1188 100_1197 Me at the top 100_1222 100_1220 Looking down on a part of the castle remains, and across at the rest of it. Look at the steps up to that part. 100_1232 The castle must have been impenetrable at one time. 100_1233 The caves are intriguing. 100_1235 100_1234 I will do a second post on the village because there is so much left to show. This next piece is edited from Wikipedia Tintagel Castle (Cornish: Kastel Dintagel) is a medieval fortification located on the peninsula of Tintagel Island, adjacent to the village of Tintagel in Cornwall, England, in the United Kingdom. The site was possibly occupied in the Romano-British period, due to an array of artefacts dating to this period which have been found on the peninsula, but as yet no Roman era structure has been proved to have existed there. It subsequently saw settlement during the Early Medieval period, when it was probably one of the seasonal residences of the regional king of Dumnonia. In the 13th century, during the Later Medieval period, after Cornwall had been subsumed into the kingdom of England, a castle was built on the site by Richard, Earl of Cornwall, which later fell into disrepair and ruin. Archaeological investigation into the site began in the 19th century as it became a tourist attraction, with visitors coming to see the ruins of Richard's castle, excavations in the 1930s however revealed significant traces of a much earlier high status settlement that had trading links with the Mediterranean during the Late Roman period. Not incidentally, the castle has a long association with the Arthurian legends, going back to the 12th century when Geoffrey of Monmouth in his mythical account of British history, the Historia Regum Britanniae described Tintagel as the place of Arthur's conception. According to the tale told by Geoffrey, his father, King Uther Pendragon, was disguised by Merlin's sorcery to look like Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall the husband of Ygerna, Arthur's mother. I found the next two pictures on the web. I wanted to show how steep the steps were. Neither picture is mine (all the others are)First the view through the door. Tintagel_Doorway Then this beautiful view down the steps............. tintage Remember I do not like heights. I find it amazing that this so entranced me that I didn't notice the height.

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I love Tintagel and the surrounding area. Last time we went we saw seals swimming in the cove. It was magical watching them.