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Saturday, September 1, 2012

I am back...............

Thank you for your patience. I got back Monday from my trip but have been exhausted. The good news was that I really didn't mind the flight. I don't believe I will ever "love" it but it may be more due to all the hassle of getting around, and waiting and waiting. We had an 8 hour lay over in Chicago on the way back. Why is it that the planes always sound like they are falling apart at the seams.? I had to think about what I wanted to do on my blogs and so I think I will divide up the 7 days on here and show some of the lovely places we went. I tried to find places I had not seen before but that would interest my son Jason. We sort of worked out the itinerary prior to arrival. My aunt Liz and Rodney put us up for 5 of the 7 days and the other two we spent with my cousin Mark. The best part of the trip was spending time with them. My son Jason bought the tickets and my family paid for most of the rest of the trip, the food and the lodgings. How fortunate we are to have such loving family. Liz and Rodney met us at Gatwick after an uneventful journey. Well, maybe not uneventful but not of interest here. We went to Maeka house first. Arrival at Marks....Beth,Jason and Me Arrival2012 Liz, Beth,, Me, Mark, Binny and Rodney arrival Then on to Liz and Rodney to freshen up before enjoying a walk on the beach and a drive around and Dinner at the Black Rabbit. It was great to once again see families who are able to include their dogs in their daily activities like eating in a pub or restaurant. I love that. My memory is beginning to fade and so I may not get things in order. That first day was a blur because we arrived around 1pm (close) We got the tour of the house because we have not seen their new house before. Its called "Dolphin Cottage" in Ferring in West Sussex. Last trip they were living in Wiltshire. Well ......Ferring is a small town and the houses look quite new. The beach could have held my attention for quite some time. So different from our Michigan beaches. It was all pebble but among the pebbles was wonderful sea weeds of many colours. 100_0745 This is a view of the path along the beach. Lots of people out walking.......Took me awhile to get this picture with no one in it. 100_0742 I just knew I could NOT take that stuff back so no point in too much investigation. There was a lovely place on the beach that we went to for breakfast. 100_0746 Everywhere we went to eat we saved any left overs for a fox that came to Liz house every evening. They have a special place for the food and its always gone next day. I had the fortune to have one visitor that made me feel I was home. Here he is......... robinredbreast


DeniseinVA said...

How wonderful that you got to go home. Your photos are great and I look forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with you about planes, they do always sound like something important is about to fall off!
Ferring looks lovely. I am not familiar with that area at all, so it is nice for me to see somewhere new.