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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last to London.......

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. -Samuel Johnson Photobucket We got up early to catch the train into London. Its so nice having public transport. I think those who do, can not realize how difficult it can be without it. We started the day at the Tower of London, we wanted to try to avoid the rain. So decided we would do all the inside things first and dodge the showers. If you have not been to the Tower its a must for history buffs. If you don't know about it I will let you read up on it because there is just so much history in that one place. Suffice it to say it was started by William the Conqueror.For nearly 1000 years the Tower of London has stood in its place on the Thames, serving over the centuries as a royal palace, prison, place of execution, stronghold for riches, and the symbol of the monarchy in England 105_0305 Tower Bridge from the Tower of London 105_0304 The guards....They look so young. Photobucket The Yeomen........and they are real soldiers not just tour guides. 105_0320 Always on duty and always watching and yes they will give you information and spin yarns for you. 105_0326 No pictures in here...........The vaults for the Crown Jewels and other treasures. Magnificent.
105_0328 This was new for me............the place of execution. Prior visits just had a plaque on the green. This is nice. 105_0331 105_0333 105_0334 Ann requested a sword "I have but a little neck and I hear the swordsman is very good" The rest got the axe and if they were lucky a good headsman 105_0362 It's very moving to see the carvings in the stones on walls in the tower rooms where the high born's were kept. Thinking of them as they waited not knowing sometimes what their fate would be. Traiters Gate............damp,dank and mysteriously threatening. Very intimidating. The access from the river is now bricked up but does not detract from it on the inside. 105_0367 In the tower there is a museum with just so much to see its a place to keep going back to. There is armour worn by Henry VIII and I could go on there is just so much to see. Photobucket We next stopped at the British Museum. Again there is way too much to show here but my favourite is always the Egyptian exhibition. Although this time I was thrilled with the Persian and Assyrian 105_0381 Out and about here is a British Icon........... 105_0390 Trafalgar Square still had stuff up from the Olympics. 105_0393 We walked a lot but this day we took cabs too. We did pass this shop and drooled 105_0379 Here are some street entertainers. Another thing I love about London. The way that the people interact on the streets. We saw some people with really good voices singing in the area around Covent Garden but this was not in that area. 105_0376 Anyone seen the Mall this empty? The barricades still up and no traffic (from the Olympics and Jubilee concerts.) 105_0409 Photobucket This is the Palace. Buckingham Palace that is. 105_0408 Isn't she beautiful? 105_0413 These are the gates to St James park and the flowers in the gardens outside. It was raining so we missed walking through the park 105_0411 Photobucket 105_0412 So very tired, we took the train back home to Mark and Maries. What a great day out. So much we did that I have no space to write it all. I know I will remember things and probably add things to they posts as time goes on. Meanwhile none of this could have been possible without Liz and Rodney, Mark and Marie and of course Jason who bought the tickets and got me involved. I hate to fly but I have to say it was not that bad................could have done without the 8 hour wait at Chicago on the way home but everything went well. This last picture is of the trip over as we came in to Dublin Ireland. 105_0421


DeniseinVA said...

That was a lovely trip around London and quite a history lesson. I have never been to the Tower of London but have promised myself that the very next time we go over it will be first on the list. I will be going back as a tourist this time.

Kay G. said...

Not seen the Tower of London in years, so I appreciate you showing me the new part where before there was just a plaque.
Also, did you walk around St James Park, the one that is so near to Buckingham Palace? That is one of my favorite spots in all of London! Glad you got to go and had such a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Blimey! You packed a lot into that day; I'm exhausted just reading about it.
The place of execution looks quite spectacular, incredible to think it was a place of such sadness.