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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Going home.............

Jason wanted us to go up to Houghton Regis where we used to live. I was not keen to go really as its changed so much from the village I once knew. It took forever to get there on the motorway as traffic was heavy, but not as bad as it sometimes is. We got there in the end and I hardly recognized the place. We stopped at the cemetery first and found mum and dad. Visited the old cemetery and showed Jason his "roots" was hard to navigate because it was all so different from when I was last there. All the farms in the village are gone, all the old shops and buildings are gone. The main thing I did recognize was the church ........ 15140459 ........and The Kings Arms. 582636_4c0134e2 On the way in we stopped off in Dunstable because I wanted pictures of the Priory. This was a monastery at one time as well as a priory. After the dissolution of the monasteries it became the church we have today. It has a lot of history and is a beautiful building. This is the Priory gate 105_0255 That gate takes you into the gardens that are now a park. The actual church has interesting architecture. Liz got married here many many years ago to my Uncle Ray (mums brother and now deceased)....I just love the place and its history. The annulment of the marriage of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon was announced there. It is also near where the Eleanor Cross (of Castile) was placed when King Edward I rested his lady for the night on the funeral journey to London. The original door is still inside with bullet holes from where the Royalists and Roundheads fought. 105_0237 We did not linger too long in the area but took Jason by the house where mum lived, even that is so different now. The gardens all gone along with everything I knew. While in Bedfordshire we drove by a few places that I thought Jason may like to see. The Whipsnade Lion that is carved on the Dunstable Downs to commemorate the zoo that is there. A local landmark. whipsnade_chalk_lion_ge_500px They may have ruined Houghton Regis but many of the other local villages remain unspoilt. I will always go and see Aldbury. Many films and TV shows have been made there. That's not my reason it just a beautiful village with the stocks on the green by the pond. There used to be a ducking stool but that's long gone. I was sad to see that the pond has gotten overgrown now and really needs dredging. AldburyPond Another view of the pond 105_0218 So many thatched and beamed houses there 105_0203 I must look but think I once did a post on Aldbury so wont post to many pictures until I find out. It has many beautiful houses there and about. We stopped for dinner on the way home before going to Mark and Marie's. We were going to London the next day with Mark.


Anonymous said...

When I was up at the Ashridge Estate shop on Monday we saw an oil-tanker going past trying to get to Aldbury via the woods! The silly man was determined to follow his sat nav regardless. One of the wardens had to chase after him before he got completely stuck.

DeniseinVA said...

Another lovely post! I haven't been back to England in 20 years, I expect I will notice a lot of changes too.