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Friday, October 19, 2012

Before the Winter comes.............

It's been raining all week, almost all day every day. Today is Friday and Tristen wanted to go outside so bad. This will have to be our clean up weekend before the snow flys. I have to put away all the garden ornaments and move plants and things. Gerry will have to rake leaves onto the road so they will get picked up. Saturday is supposed to be rainy in the morning, and that's OK it will take us most of the morning to get motivated. Then its outside for us............. 101_0589 One leaf does not seem so bad but when you see the big piles beside the road you wonder where they put them all. Well we do know where they put them, there is a dump outside of town and they turn it all to mulch. If we get done in time we will go out for a drive on Sunday. Maybe out to the dunes. There has been a worrisome incident out there though. For some reason 300 dead Loons and other birds have washed up on the beaches. Some thing in the water. It supposedly happens now and then but it troubles me that its that many Loons. We will stay away from the beach. I want to get some pictures of the colours. If any leaves are still on the trees. Look at these cute berries I found in our Alley 101_0557 They look like baby Pumpkins. 101_0553' We shall see what the weekend brings because not much going on today that's for sure. This is Tristen walking home from school on Thursday 101_0561 He was wearing his shoes instead of his tennis shoes. He liked that they had laces. He said they were bunny ears, naturally they came undone 101_0563 Gabby did them up for him 101_0564 He is showing off his back pack and being able to walk without holding our hands. He is practicing road manners and looking both ways ETC 101_0562 Tristen is still a little untrustworthy so we keep a good eye on him.

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Cindy Adkins said...

Lovely autumn photos, Janice, and Tristen is just too cute! Quite a handful, I know, but he's cute as a button!