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Monday, October 22, 2012

Typically English............

I was putting some pictures into my album to save and it made me think............what is it that we think of when we think of England. I am sure its different for everyone but for me I can show in a few pictures. Not the deep down attachments that I personally have, but the icons that are uniquely English that everyone knows so well. Most of these are not my own pictures and are taken from the web. I am hoping no copyright it violated. As always just let me know and I will credit your picture or remove. No infringement is intentional. First the iconic Phone box.....this one with Big Ben and focused in London 382748_10150540866621458_1720678108_n Then the red buses.........we all knew our number, mine was #6 b120px-AldburyPond The beautiful Horse Guards horseguards .....and the Household Cavalry householdcavalry London would not, could not be London without them. The red post box on a stone wall what could be more English? mail How about the patchwork fields? patchworkbeauty The Village church in English countryside. england I think that the small English villages are unique and what people want to go and see.........and have a wonderful cream tea or ploughmans lunch at a local Pub. What could be more English than that............the Pub. P1000852 I could go on, the Beatles, The Tower, Tower Bridge, ST George the Royal many things scream out England but......I could only choose a few. I love my country and will forever be English.


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I have never been to England but my eldest daughter married into a British family who live in the States.

I have tea parties often and it is funny b/c the ONE lady from England who comes (my daughter's MIL) prefers that I make her coffee. Haha, makes me laugh every time.

Gina said...

Such beautiful photos! I would love to visit England....if only I would get on a plane!