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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Hay Barn....................

Anyone who has been reading my blogs will know that the joy of my youth was spending time on my friends farm. I think Margaret and I met when we were about 4 or 5. In any case it was when we began school. She lived on a farm a few miles out in the country, it's drive was 1/2 mile long to reach the road. There she had to get a bus to the village and then walk to my house. This was because the bus came much earlier than school started. So we spent just about every day together because I would go to her house on weekend. When we got old enough to date, then the roles reversed and she spent the time at my house so we could go out on weekends. She was as close to a sister to me as I could get. This is me aged about 15 or maybe 16 sitting on the gate to the sheeps field.
One of our special places to play was the hay barn. We loved it in there. We could climb the bales for one thing but we could also swing from the rafters and play Tarzan. I suppose these days it would be Spiderman. The barn was huge and never empty that I recall. There was a window looking out over the woods and fields, not really a window but the hole that bales were lifted up and down with one of those huge hooks and pullies. We would sit there when it rained and look out wishing we could be out there. barn-hay2 Very often we found kittens hidden there. We would catch them best we could and hide them from the dad. He would drown any that he found prior to the eyes being opened. So if we could hide them for awhile we were all set. We would put a blanket or something for them and put bales all around, the fear was that when really small they could fall between the bales never to be seen again. This is similar to our barn but an American version no doubt. Our barns were the real old ones, hand made from sturdy oak with huge beams. That was why we dare swing from them and walk across them. Hay-barn The free range chickens also took a liking to the hay barn and so sometimes we found eggs, or sometimes chicks. We got to raise any chicks we found and the kids got the egg money from them later to spend. One way for the Dryden kids to get pcket money. I have very very fond memories of laying in that hay in that huge old barn and I bet the other kids do too..........nothing like it these days.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Hiya. I am a blog linked to Cindy whom I have known for a few years. I am 1st gen Yank from a Brit family married to a Brit, both of us from the mids by Stratford. The bluebell woods photos brought back lots of childhood memories for both of us. We are still teabellies, and our cuppas predominate! Nice to meet you!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

What a beautiful picture of you in your youth.

Thanks for sharing such a neat story, too.

Terrie said...

Via Cindy I stop by and impressed with your English life before. I've passion about England. The first time I was there was some 27 years ago. I visited my friends in Gloucestershire. She brought me to Forest Dean and I picked some bluebells, snowdrops.... Your post reminds my good time there. I'm your new follower and surely will come back.
Terrie from Hong Kong

LV said...

Enjoyed my visit. Since I was born and raised in the country, I can relate to you love of some of the farm life. Not all of it tho.

Merlesworld said...

I remember visiting my uncle & aunty's farm when i was a kid, they didn't have a barn but had a huge shed where the horses were kept and the one cow. My sister and I could run wild on the property, there was a small river and a huge vege garden, it was alway great to go there and explore. Your story brings back memories.

Di Lewis said...

Goodmorning! Rainy morning here in Cleveland..Thank you for visiting my spot and commenting. It brought me to you blog and I have loved reading your posts! Your memories shared are fun to read. Im your newest follower my dear neighbor in Michigan! Sunny109. ( Dianna)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Janice, What a wonderful story you share from your childhood and teenage years. The barn looks very inviting for a kid to play and have fun. What grand memories you share with your good friend who was like a sister. Love the pic of beautiful you on the fence.

Thank you for sharing.
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie