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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bucket List................

bucketlist I have never really thought of a bucket list, then Evie started one. She being 15 it seemed a tad pointless but on the other hand hers was what one would think typical for a teen. What would mine be? 1/.........Has to be to live long enough to raise Tristen and set him on a straight path to adulthood. That's a given. My first and foremost obligation and desire is to be there for him. 2/.........I think that I would like to travel more. Going home was an experience and having done that I really want to go back. I want to see my home land again while people I love are still healthy, and while I am too. I could write a list of places I would really like to see. Paris and Marseilles and maybe Provence. Rome and some of the Mediterranean countries/cities like Venice and Athens. I would like to see Russia and Africa or at least some of it. There is still a lot of travel in the USA and Canada that I would like to do 3/ ...........Maybe take a cruise. 4/............Get our debt under control so that we can leave something for Tristen. 5/............Get a home in the U.P of Michigan. Either a camper or a small home in the woods. 6/............write a book of poems illustrated by me. 7/............Take some more classes. Photography and painting. Then do some good work. 8/............ I am sure that there are more things I can add in time but that's what comes to mind. What would your bucket list be?

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laurajane said...

Can't believe you are writing about a bucket list....I was just on Donnas blog commenting about mine.
I've had one for years ,very simple things I really want to do.
Mind you,as you tick one off another one joins the list .haha.
Mostly I think it's about enjoying life and making the most of what you have.
P.S I have to say my list is mostly obtainable .