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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today did not begin well because Tristen was up at 6am and was soon cranky. He would not get dressed and was getting beligerant. So back to bed he went hollerin and screamin......I shut and locked the door. After about 10 minutes of screaming and throwing stuff around he began to settle down and decided he was done. So I asked if he was ready to get dressed. He said he was and came down for a snuggle. All went well for the rest of the day..........I went and got my hair coloured, Laura took me and Tristen got to watch. He had the 3 stylists amused. He sat on me as my hair was being washed, I mean he lay with his head next to mine and screamed "Nanny your hair is blue" when Missy put the shampoo on...........he was happy when it was washed off. They all laughed and we now know he knows the colour blue. A man came in for a hair cut and after that he helped Jake sweep up the hair. When we were done he gave each one a hug and kiss. We went to Laura's for lunch. He played on Reina's swing set. 101_0594 After that we went to the park and he saw someone he knew from school. He was amazed. Then he saw a lady with two black labs and asked her to hold his coat while he played with the dogs. What a nerve, he has no qualms about people. That could be good or bad, I am not sure. I don't want him to be afraid of people but.............I think it's a shame to spoil the innocence. 101_0601 He completely took over, the lady showed him how to use the ball sling or whatever its called and the dogs had a blast. Notice the ball in the air.............. 101_0603 He played a bit on the playground equipment but loved the dogs most of all. Then to get him to leave..... 101_0606 our next visit was to Grandad's work. He loves the big equipment 101_0610 101_0609 Then he found the mud......... 101_0617 It sucked his shoes off........Laura and me were looking for rocks, and found Petoskey stones. 101_0611 We had wanted to go for a walk but getting him away from the piles of dirt was impossible and we dare not leave him because there were a few mud holes and I didn't want to risk him falling in, or a cave in so we contented ourselves with rock hunting 101_0614 Imagine the state of his pants and feet, now minus shoes and socks. Laura not much better the mud sucked us in. Here is Tristen minus one shoe..... 101_0620 We headed home next to clean up and he took a two hour nap. We are paying for it now as he cant get to sleep. This is a view of our town from above on another subdivision. Its a shame it's hazy because you can see both arms of Grand Traverse Bay 101_0634 The colours must be near the peak. 101_0630 That was our day today............tomorrow school for Tristen and I must catch up on my work while he is gone.

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