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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tristen loves his tea............

I normally drink coffee. When I lived in England I drank tea. I grew up drinking tea. Mum used to use loose leaf tea for many years and then came the ol tea bags. That was not so bad at first but soon seemed to become inferior. I went right off of tea for a long time. We drank it with milk and sugar and I never thought of drinking it any other way. Again, as a child there were things in the tea packets that kids collected. We would swap the cards when we got more than one and it was something that most kids did so we always looked forwards to new packets of tea. I can smell the new packet being opened even now ummmmmmm and the anticipation of the prize within. teacards The tea cards were not only pretty they were educational as well. I still have a bunch of them around. I don't have complete collections and so they are worthless but if I do start an Etsy shop I might put them out there to use as other things for crafts. Mum never really had "good" china. We used pretty basic stuff. I do remember my Dad bringing home a "bargain". He had stopped for some reason at Dunstable market and brought home a complete set of dishes including cups and saucers. It was white with black ducks on it called "Ducks in flight" my mum, you would have to know her, never appreciated his efforts. still that set was around for a very long time. When I moved to the States the remnants came with me. The two plates that are left I gave to Laura. Dad loved his bargains. My dad prefered a big cup and had no time for the small tea cups, he was happy when coffee mugs made their appearance. Although complained not to have a saucer, he would have to wait for the tea to cool down instead of drinking from the saucer. teacups I never really went back to drinking tea like I did when I was young. It's coffee for me these days but...........I do like tea again. I drink Earl Grey black. I also like herbal and green tea. It's just not a habit. In England it's a way of life. I cant explain that very well but life revolves around a good old cup of tea. It's the answer to most things that ail us. A sweet cup of tea for shock or for when a child is not well. Its nourishing. For tea breaks and elevenses or anytime someone stops in for a quick visit you hear "put the kettle on would ya".
Well the point of this post was really to say that I am English indoctrinating Tristen into being a tea person. Its good for you rather than coffee. Right now he LOVES his cup of tea. Earl Grey usually. Photobucket If for any reason you have a child who is not eating, is sick or weak...........a good cup of tea with milk and sugar gives basic nutrients and any older person in England would tell you it heals everything. I am linking up with Rose Chintz cottage new linky called Home........


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You need to share this over at HOME- Sandi from Rose Chitnz Cottage blog - her readers will ADORE this post!

She has been hosting Tea Time Tuesdays for a long time, still is, but today she started another linky party called HOME - so either one would fit those linky parties, but it is a good way for people to find you and this precious post.

Your GG Tristin is a beautiful child, and lucky to have you in his life - and he keeps you young, definately!

So nice to have met you tonight!

Cindy Adkins said...

That's such an adorable photo of Tristen drinking his tea!! He is such a cute little boy. I agree with Michele about sharing this could also link it to Tea Time Tuesday next week. I love the teatime link parties - I haven't linked to one in a while because I didn't really have anything to show. I need to check out Sandi's new party also. Nice post, Janice.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Janice,
Oh, what a little sweetheart your Tristen is. I love his name! He is so adorable drinking his tea! I love little boys as I had three of them and now little grandsons too. They just fill one's world up with so many interesting things, don't they?
I always drink both my tea and coffee black. Can't imagine putting milk or sugar in either. But I know it is the English way. I have an uncle who is very dear to me and he hails from jolly old England too.
I really enjoyed your story of tea drinking in England and thank you for linking this with my HOME party. Have a wonderful weekend.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I'm a new follower! Enjoy your day.

Merlesworld said...

Living in Australia we followed the habit of tea drinking with our meals with two sugars and milk, now I drink it black with no sugar and sometimes green tea and coffee, funny how our taste changes over the years. My daughter in law is from Hong Kong and she always only had green tea but lately she now drinks black tea too so I now have a choice.
Merle ......