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Monday, March 24, 2014

He's a toddler now....................

My Gr Grandson Cooper just had his first birthday. I had a party for him on Saturday. Unfortunatley I got a cold just in time for the busy day. I made some of the food the day before and I was so glad that I did. We did pretty good and I am glad to say we had quite a few people come. We had never met Tony's family and so I am happy to say they came.
If I had felt better I would have taken more pictures, but here is the birthday boy.
 photo 101_0493_zps75d6ca07.jpg
I gave him his personal cake while he was sitting in his chair.
 photo 5f88b1cf-1f0f-41a5-8a6a-6c995a45c7d9_zps6cb3243f.jpg
Everyone said "Dont you want to put a cloth on the floor"........Nah let him have fun, I can shampoo the carpet. He actually didnt make a mess, except on his face and hands.
So today, I was babysitting and still not feeling the best. We had Hamburgers and fries. A quick meal. Tristen had eaten half of his and gone off somewhere leaving the other half on his plate. Cooper was not hungry when I tried to feed him earlier but then he saw my plate.
 photo b5ba9724-18fa-437f-81a2-31d357c67368_zpsedaa5051.jpg
He came over and I gave him a fry. He went off to eat it and the next thing we see is his mouth wide open about to chomp down on Tristens burger. He has not had anything like that before so I told Tony to just watch and see what he does.
 photo b02998cc-683d-4fa0-bdba-5adc41692159_zpsc1dca360.jpg
He did great, he picked bits off rather than chomp down on it
 photo aab75ef8-06c3-4957-b295-a47a8973dc29_zps8328cbf4.jpg
He ate quite a bit of it before he found the ketchup on the plate.
 photo 7e996ab0-92f6-4659-a8a2-e09f430c933c_zps470e1500.jpg
As you see Cooper is now walking. He has perfected that and there will be no stopping him now.
 photo bb1687c8-8e7d-4dc3-b5e2-85afda50d6f6_zps5497c744.jpg
Cooper had the ketchup all over his hands by the time he was done and his dad had to run off for a towel and wash cloth. C ooper is now a toddler.


NanaDiana said...

He is a cutie-pie, Janice. He is getting so big-hard to believe he is a year old and walking already. He looks like he is pretty steady on his feet there, too. You are such a good gggradmom and a good caretaker of everyone. It is fun to watch and see what they do with something "new" to them, isn't it? xo Diana

Susie said...

They grow up way too fast. Get all the hugs you can, this time is precious. xoxo,Susie

Magic Love Crow said...

So cute! Time goes by too fast! I think I would have grabbed that hamburger too! LOL! Hugs ;o)

Merlesworld said...

They do know how to enjoy cake and they look so cute and messy when finished.

ram pravesh said...

thanks admin for great post

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