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Sunday, March 30, 2014

To the Beach.....March.

Could not help it. We went shopping this morning and the sun was out. It was almost 40 degrees. I had taken off my coat in the store (already just a light jacket) and didn't put it back on. It was cold but it felt so good on my skin.......sun, at last. Decided then and there, we are going to the beach. Hooray says Tristen.......called Laura on my way home and got her out of bed. She was reading a book and relaxing.........we went home and put groceries away and got ready to head out.
The sap is be Spring at last. Blow the trumpets and bang the gongs........
 photo db7576a2-c703-4b5a-b6d8-5aeb2ada0741_zpsfc4045b9.jpg
Maple syrup time. (Another post maybe?)
To Empire Beach first, to take a look at Lake Michigan. The lake is still frozen over but after we had got away from the screamers (we left them in the playground) we could hear the ice melting. It was really cool, little pops and crackles and bubbles. Lovely lovely day.
 photo 9d01126a-bb7f-46ad-a06d-3d9f0b67a563_zps2615ae35.jpg
We let them go a little way to the top of an ice hill. Its very iffy because some of the hills are hollow and can give way, Laura escorted Mr Tristen back as Reina didn't listen and ran over the ice. He was a little nervous. She was fine but one needs to respect the danger here. They would have been in shallow water if the ice gave out but even with the air temp at 40degrees, getting a dunking would be no laughing matter. Kids really do need to be made to follow instructions. We are not sure how we do that.
 photo 2733b72c-5c43-432c-afe9-2b61c2edc6e2_zps99f8ce2e.jpg
 photo 0e1dd854-ef4e-4499-8312-2e51f7dcff3a_zps46448c20.jpg
The sun on the ice was blinding. The blue of the ice and the sky was beautiful. There was a dead deer on the beach and several ducks. It has been a very hard winter. Michigan has lost a great many water fowl this year. They starved because there has not been any open water and the ones who need to eat the greens at the bottom of the waters, the diving birds, are just not doing well. It was good to see that some of the water was again flowing into the lake.
 photo 6de97211-3349-4b3d-a8e6-55bd714b5b74_zpsae39ebfc.jpg
Empire Bluffs from below
 photo 262564bc-4b71-405c-998a-1723b2e612d1_zps5b2023c8.jpg
The creek running into the lake lovely clear and pure and lovely. The air so fresh.
The water is still so blue even under all that ice........well maybe not, but its still beautiful and blue, a pastel blue.
 photo f3aeebc4-d9c7-4e00-89ec-77e76e653c0c_zpsaffa605d.jpg
We went on from Empire after the kids had let out all their holla's and screams on the playground climbing frames and running up and down the beach. I will do a post tomorrow on the rest of the days adventure. Its time to watch "The Walking Dead".........meanwhile we caught these two snacking along the way
 photo 50f87a94-1a3c-43df-adc4-a0ba596e3c02_zpsd9f3338c.jpg
We saw a lot of deer and turkeys along going along through Glen Arbor and beyond..........on to Glen Haven we go.
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Simply gorgeous!!!!

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