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Friday, March 28, 2014

Living on the Edge............

I was reminded again last night of how much pets influence our lives. Meaning my life. It is fair to say we treat them as we would a child, except maybe with less disapline. Hehe. So last night, as usual, I went to bed later than my husband who takes the poodles to bed when he goes. We have four if you remember. At least at this time we do. I finished up my nightly ritual in the bathroom, it was dark because tv was done. I feel my way to the bed. I dare not sit down, first I must greet those who are on top of the covers and then feel for Brea who is always under the covers. She had left me maybe 2 inches on the edge. Very funny I said. She stretched her paws, she was laying on her back, and touched me. I scooted her over so I could at least sit. I then carefully edged her over. I got in, got attacked by Bijou. Accosted by Bodi who wanted a drink. I gave her a drink from my glass. Settled in to sleep. Brea patted me with a paw on my nose, I could smell earthy odour. I sort of like that. Although I am pretty sure its not earth this time of year but I wont pursue that. She smacked her lips a few times to indicate she would also like a drink. So it goes. My nightly routine.
This is sleepy Bella......she is sitting in the sun keeping warm.
 photo 81f23b15-7b14-4754-95a8-a180df41221a_zps51580907.jpg
Bella is a sweet lovey dovey girl, she just loves cuddles and kisses. She will sleep on or near either of us as long as she is close. When she wants a drink she will come over to me and tap me on the shoulder and stare in my eyes. If I ignore she will keep licking her lips until I hand her my water. Now.....all of my poodles, every one I ever had prefer fresh water with ice please. From a glass not a dog bowl. They will only drink from that when they have no choice. Bella can also be annoying to Bodi, she tries to get her to play and then Bijou joins in when Bodi growls. So sweet Bella is an instigator.She will sleep on the chest at the end of the bed on top of quilts until I get there and then she comes up to join me and Brea.
This next one is Bijou........
 photo f8066a5b-63ca-4f75-adb6-b860633c5f25_zps7725d7d3.jpg
We got Bijou when our other white poodle Bambi died. Bijou is the clown, the talker, the pest. She tends to get sent away because she is annoying haha. She loves attention and will get it any way she can. She lays on the bottom of the bed to actually sleep but only after she has pestered everyone else by either walking over them or trying to get petted when we want to sleep. SHe has a pillow on the end of the bed, sometimes she gets inside the pillow case. As I said she is a clown.
This is Bodicea.........
 photo 8a37eb95-5eee-4542-b111-e92a258d9da0_zps9d66c7d5.jpg
Bodi is our plus size model. She is sweet, no bad bone in her body. She is sweet and cuddly and is mum to the rest. Sort of. However, when it comes to bedtime she takes up space. She has no problem laying on her back, legs in the air right in the middle of the bed. My husband takes one side of the bed. He is after all 6 foot one. So then Bodi lays in the middle and takes up a good part of what is left with Bijou below her. I hate it when they are on my feet or legs so I often have Bijou at my feet. Everyone seems to want to be touching me. So often Bodi wants scratches and is rather insistant until she is ready to sleep then she will growl to tell me to quit.
This is Brea........
 photo 1ccc1e59-d3ca-4631-b6f9-59b3182480a5_zps859dc58b.jpg
Brea, what can I say about Brea. She is the little devil. She is the naughty poodle. She is very sweet but loves mischief and you can see it in her eyes. At least you can after she has her hair cut. She lays with me at the top of the bed all night. Under the covers mainly until she gets hot. It is disconcerting when you are face to face and she gives me a kiss when I am asleep. What do they think sometimes? She will lay on her back with front paws out. Head on pillow next to me with Bella curled up next to her..........that means that as they lay side by side I have less and less room and so.......I lay on the edge of the bed. I only usually need a sheet on me but with poodles getting in and out of the covers all night, I end up with nothing but a corner of the sheet. Bijou is a creature of habit. She likes the idea of being in bed with us but you can count on her getting back out within 10 minutes. Disturbing everyone. I think thats her point.
Bodi and Bella playing
 photo a8e7232e-b42e-4edf-aebb-bfc4f996afa9_zps9f1001bf.jpg
So there you have it. I have poodles because I love their personality. I love how smart they are and I do not train them. They are who they want to be. That means they can manipulate us and get what they want. They know how to fake going out to go potty so they can get a treat. They have a cooked meal every evening, regular vet checks and grooming. They get better care than I do. Thats how we want it. We love them. In this house its a case of this house is their home and if you don't like dogs please dont visit. Although we do make some allowances. A friend who is deathly afraid of dogs in general means they go lay upstairs on the bed with my husband while she is here. That is seldom though. They are who they are and I live on the edge.
PS: Did I mention that Bodi snores?


Donna Wilkes said...

I love this post about your pet family. Our two dogs sleep in their own beds at night, but sneak into ours during the day. they all have different personalities and I could not live without a dog around. I have never thought about faking a bathroom run for a treat, but now I think you are right!

Mari said...

Great post, I have two small maltese girls and they sleep with me and the hubster and I don't want it another way, I adore my girls they are my babies, I joke with them when they boss me around for a treat, I sweetly tell them now ladies your are the princess's but I'm the queen....well I would like to think I


Merlesworld said...

I sleep with animals too, but the snoring can be a problem .
Usually two cats but I leave the window open so they can come and go as they please.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Sweet post Janice, one wouldn't guess how much you love your pets!
Has Spring finally sprung in MI?

Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! This is so cute! Do you have a double king size bed? LOL! I probably would be on the floor, with that many dogs in the bed! You and your hubby are great! I think this is really special ;o)

Kay G. said...

Sweet dogs and lucky too!