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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is it Spring yet?...............

The wonder of renewal every year, my favourite season. Maybe because in Michigan its always a long time coming and is a very short season. One week it will be chilly in the 40s and quite literally can be up in the 80s the next week. No exageration. We have sat outside sunbathing watching snow melt.
Well I also like March because I hear from friends and family in England that Spring has arrived. That the flowers and blossoms and lambs are all popping. I asked on my Facebook page for some pictures and I got quite a few that really made me feel good. Spring will will.
 photo 2b7e2d66-4935-42ba-8736-4022d7fea8ae_zps1a7b9a0e.jpg
Forsythia is one of the first shrubs to bloom here, it is also great to take some branches into the house and force them. I buy myself some flowers this time of year to have that heavenly scent in the house. I then plant the bulbs for next years garden. The squirrels will replant them. Hopefully in my garden and so they spread from year to year.
 photo 397a7616-03bf-452d-bf85-a2facc4b6a6e_zps25a5e86c.jpg
In England now the snowdrops and crocus are all out and the Daffodils, Violets and in fact most of the Spring flowers. They also last much longer there as its cooler for longer. Here they are all gone in a few days unless we have a long Spring. That doesn't happen often.
Then the other sweet thing is all the new babies
 photo ebb5ae9e-85f4-41f5-8956-141e33391232_zpsb5db3517.jpg
I try not to think of their destiny but its a joy to such the zest for life. One reason I could never ever ever eat lamb or veal.
 photo 6373c1aa-0929-40d7-b62a-89d7570ccf79_zps7520d64d.jpg
Then remembering what all childen used to do.....go looking for frogspawn. Take it home and watch a miracle occur. Tadpoles and Soon the legs would appear and the tail would fall off. I think every child years ago at least watched natures miracle every Spring
 photo Tadpole9_zps962b0de6.jpg
Remember the days when children could wander without adults and be perfectly safe? Go fishing for tiddlers in the streams. Sticklebacks for us and no worry about things like snakes. Climbing trees and laying in fields with grass between your teeth. Making shapes in the clouds above. Can you even conceive of a child sleeping alone in a meadow now? Drinking from the stream and eating berries.
 photo 67659b81-96e1-43b8-acec-77bbdba13dc9_zpseb9c96c5.jpg
How lucky we were to enjoy the Springtime.


Noelle the dreamer said...

You just brought back a memory: we lived near the canal and no one found it amiss that I hopped from barge to barge...Biscuits and a glass of lemonade always awaited on one or the other!
Spring has shown a little of its colours here on the island, alleluia!
All the best,

NanaDiana said...

No, Janice. I think those memories are gone with our generation. The safety of life as we knew it is a thing of the past-unless you are totally isolated from the day-to-day world.
Those are all great pictures. I don't eat lamb or rabbit either. Just can't bear to.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. We have a brand new granddaughter that we are enjoying. xo Diana

Merlesworld said...

I love the explosion of life that comes with spring.

Susie said...

I adore your spring photos. Beautiful little animals. xoxo,Susie

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

The bright images of spring, so beautiful. We are surrounded by millions of daffodils in the fields now but the farmer has complained as they are too early this year and doesn't fit in with Mother's Day :-) Have a great weekend xx

Donna Wilkes said...

My parents had one rule: we had to show up for lunch and supper. Other then that we were free to roam, explore, and climb trees until we were exhausted. The lamb photo is my favorite - love lambs.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post Janice! We have a very short Spring too! This year, I don't know what is going to happen? We still have 4 feet drifts in some areas around our house! But, the sun is shining, and that is the main thing, even though we are in a deep freeze again! LOL! Tadpoles are so cute! Big Hugs ;o)

LOLfromPasa said...

You are so right about flowers out in England. It is beautiful here but trees are still bare. Love your Spring photos.