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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving furniture...............after the flood.........

This was a productive weekend. Gerry did get the carpet finished in the basement and the walls painted. On Saturday I moved all the furniture around in Alex room. I put the bed back in the corner, she had moved it when she moved in. The room is a pale lavender colour. She had fairies on the walls and I have left those so far. I still have to put up more pictures and finish off a few things. Its looking quite nice though. I have tried to downsize as I go. The desk by the bed is one of my friend Nancy's treasures and can be used to set things on if you are in bed reading. That gave me an idea. I will look for a pretty little breakfast tray the sit on the end of the bed.
 photo a312fe09-9144-449f-b8e9-c4ca210d7399_zps1815fdd4.jpg
 photo b5e817c2-04e0-44cc-b0a6-a7257fbdf7fe_zps588a855e.jpg
I had packed away a whole load of stuff from this room and I took out a table to put in Tristens room. The dressing table and chest are antiques and now hold Tristens clothes. He kept taking all his stuff out of his drawers and then I could not find them. So.......moved them.
 photo 3d5def55-5ad2-4fff-8fe1-deb9f76eb675_zps15bad4bf.jpg
The long dresser also has a mirror but we have never used it. So I may use it in the garden. I am not sure yet.
 photo e6a065a6-4d08-4704-a625-71f94aac8ac0_zps36d2e510.jpg
The old TV sort of spoils the look.
 photo 70207fb5-29db-4d7f-be5c-c1494a2f48a8_zps1d08eb48.jpg
I have a collection of hats and evening bags. The things on the back of the door are antique baby clothes.
 photo 45f14b19-0c51-4dc8-8def-baffc1840470_zpsd9bed6b3.jpg
 photo d8e441bc-328a-4acd-a6b7-91b10edc8cff_zps289c5e23.jpg
I have already changed a couple of things. I changed the fairy on the desk for an Angel and I also changed the flowers. Instead of the pink ones I put Danielle's bridal bouquet in there. I have no doubt I will keep fiddling until I get it right. The next chore was Tristens room. We have been having issues with him in there. He always kept his room quite nice but has developed an attitude of late. So suffice it to say we have downsized in there too and moved things around. He has a lot more room now.
 photo e949bbb9-267a-4b13-855c-5d1dbf404bc6_zpsb0149631.jpg
The white furniture that was in there is now down in the new bedroom. Not finished with that yet.
So now Tristen has bookshelves for all of his stuffies and toys
 photo f7fd40e6-cfbc-4979-8102-88b8643ce50d_zps6755f08a.jpg
I moved his bed to one side so he had more room but he doesn't like it. He wants a table on his side of the bed he says. He sleeps on the side near the wall. So....may just have to change that.
 photo 88fa9af0-1e85-4f4b-b5f2-8a6bb862f3bd_zpse43d1ffb.jpg
Well thats it. I guess I will have to go back and see what we can do for him tomorrow. He's 4, how can he know what he wants sheesh!!! but he does and so it will be done.


Arija said...

Everyone needs to be comfortable in their own skin and room. Glad you realise it even when one is little.
Love what you have done with the lavender loom.

NanaDiana said...

Your room looks lovely and I think the fairies are kind of cute- but I am partial to them. lol

Tristen's room looks great, too...cleaned up and nicely organized. Kids!!!! xo Diana

Merlesworld said...

I love the little girls room, I liked fairies when I was a little girl and my daughter did for a while but she outgrew them very fast, she had fairies on her bed at one stage.

Susie said...

My Mom would have loved the lilac room. She was crazy for any shade of purple. Everything looks so nice and neat. I know it had to be so much work. Blessings to all of you,xoxo,Susie

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The lavender room is gorgeously decorated--you have a good eye! I am sure Tristan will go through many "stages" of changing is mind about what he wants. Right now, his room looks like a kid's paradise--good use of the bookshelves!

Magic Love Crow said...

Everything is looking fantastic! I love the lavender room! It looks like a bed and breakfast room! So pretty! Tristan's room is so much fun! Hugs ;o)