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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

To colour or not to colour that is the question..........

Well now. I am not fond of having pictures taken so pictures of me are rare. I have gone through and sorted a few to compare.
My natural hair is a very dark brown almost black except it has red highlights in it. It used to be very glossy and was quite nice. However, not being happy with what nature provided I started to colour it quite young. I favoured red. There was a time when they came out with a spray on thing that supposedly changed when the sun hit it. Didn't seem to work. I was quite young, maybe 16, I am not sure now. Well my friend Margaret and I were off to Norfolk (England) with my parents. We went every year. We sprayed our hair hoping to lighten it, or have highlights or whatever. We sprayed it again the night before the holidays with little if any results so did it again in the morning. We were off, a sunny day apparently because before we got half way we were both turning orange. By the time we got to Norfolk we were a yellow blond and the next day almost platinum. So we were for a time blonds. That stuff ruined my hair. We coloured it properly when we got back.
So began my love affair with red hair. On and off over the many years of my life I have been various shades of red. I didn't go for natural I went for the look. As I got older at least I tamed the adventure part down to a constant mid tone red. This is probably the only time you will see pictures of me we have some of me with the grey. I really hated the grey, but I gave it a shot.
 photo 896ce601-f256-4727-addb-baa5ac1f70d2_zps438c1350.jpg
I didn't mind it at all when it was white and yellow. At that point I had a perm too and so it was curly when down. I always wore it up. Some of the others are different stages of red and blond. In the next set you will see my natural colour, almost black. Then again going through the reds. Once I began to go with red I very seldom had my natural colour again. I got a few grey hairs come in but was quite into my 30s before I had more than one or two. Probably 40ish when it became a pain and I coloured it all the time.
 photo 053027db-52eb-4455-b617-3f91410570d4_zps85ed8fdb.jpg
Once the red began to fade I didn't like the sun washed out colour. So had to colour more frequently.
A couple more just for the record. As I said I do not show pictures of myself so while in the mood I guess I will show what little there is to show.
 photo 0d6f28e0-730e-4180-9c3a-580cf6b76c75_zps2234a68f.jpg
So now what? You can see that the grey is a no I have cut the long hair because I always wore it up anyway and started off with a pale colour. I don't like next time we will be red again. Time to have fun.
 photo 3e29aadf-e45d-4d53-b6e6-b1f32df88463_zps5aa812e5.jpg
Well that's me in a nutshell...........I am not ready for grey until my hair is all white. I did try, I really did.Next is a diet and weight is much harder to change than hair colour


Kay G. said...

Oh my dear, you are so pretty! I would be smiling and showing myself all the time on my blog if I were you! Love all the photos of yourself over the years! And I am with you about the weight, easier to color your hair than to lose weight for sure!
But hey, you look good, flaunt it!

Arija said...

I loved your natural colour in youth but as we grow older, lighter tones make us look younger, dark ones just bring out the wrinkles more. If you feel you must dye it, go for strawberry blonde. Nature silvers our hair for free to soften our faces. Nature is gentle and slow and gives us a chance to keep being friends with the woman in the mirror without dramatic, alienating changes. If you wait for the change to silver, you may never get it. My father had the most glorious thatch of gleaming silver hair, my mother, at her death at 88, still had salt and pepper, as I do now. I have mother's hair and like it, co chemicals, just wash and wear.
Getting the weight off is actually esker than you think, once you realise that you are happy with and within yourself, the extra pounds dop off by themselves. Good luck!

Susie said...

I have been told we should go lighter as we age. I still tint my hair, just not very often. I like the red and the blonde on you. xoxo, Susie

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice you are so pretty! I truly mean that! I love your hair, in every picture! You do what makes you happy! You have nice hair!!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Most women in my family went completely grey at age 16 - fortunately I waited to begin my grey journey until my 40s. I've never colored my hair, just let it ease into its greyness. Now it is mostly grey - but not all white like my other relatives. One day I was standing in a drug store and two ladies kept talking and pointing at me - I was getting a little nervous. Finally one of them asked who did my hair - they thought it was gorgeous (well I do too, but I didn't tell them that) - I just said "me and mother nature" - made them laugh anyway. I guess they wanted their hair "colored" like mine.

I like the last photos of your hair color - the lighter shade is very becoming. Thanks for sharing.