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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016.............

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Happy Thanksgiving.
Well this year it was Jason, Gabby, Tony and Cooper, Laura and Robert and Reina for dinner with us. Tristen was able to come too. He is here for the weekend, but he is sick, poor kid. So guess who will be sick next week. I see it in my future oh yes I do.
Well it took me two days to get everything done and together and about half hour to eat it. Isn't that the way it is. Boy was everything good.
 photo 102_0156_zpsym8v4mt7.jpg
So I thought I would try a few new things this time. Well not new but different for me. Tony said he likes a green bean casserole so I made that and I apparently had better crispy onions than last time I made one. Last time I was not impressed but this time it came out really good. I made it the night before so it just needed 20 minutes in the oven while we were getting everything else ready.
 photo 102_0155_zpswwsgucdu.jpg
We don't like sweet potatoes, but I want to like them. So I found a different recipe from what I did before and whoah!! was that good. Could almost have been desert. I don't like it with marshmallows. This was more savoury and went down well and Gerry even tried it and said it was OK.
The turkey of course turned out great. Can't really go wrong with a turkey can you.
 photo 102_0154_zpsde2yujib.jpg
I was looking at a friends picture of their Thanksgiving table. It was set so perfect and so pretty. I just wish I could do that. We are just not that kind of people thought. As you see my table is not set. It is full of food. No table cloth, nothing. So sad.
Just look at these roast potatoes though, Oh my were they ever good.
 photo 102_0159_zpssrtwxvrd.jpg
Laura and me and two of the kids sit at the table to eat, the others were in the other room watching the game. Its what they like to do at Thanksgiving and Christmas too. Sigh..........that's my family. Not at all like I was raised. Still, there was good food and they enjoyed themselves and so I suppose that's what counts.
 photo 102_0158_zps97cerzwy.jpg
I suppose I could set the table all pretty like. I do have the stuff to do it. Then put the food on the kitchen counters but........they would not be happy sitting at the table when they could be watching the game so is there really any point? Sigh!!!
So on the menu this year. A roast stuffed turkey. Roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, brussels, baby carrots, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, stuffing in the bird and seperate in its own dish. We love stuffing. Then home made cranberry relish. Gravy (yum) and Yorkshire pudding.
We had chocolate cream pie and fruit pie for dessert along with snacks that we have no room for. We ate deviled eggs and turkey ham for lunch. We have been sitting around in a stupor the kids are in bed and we are watching stupid movies. The others are about to play some card games. Me I am still stuffed and will catch up on my blogs.

Monday, November 21, 2016

I don't expect much....................

The climate in this country at the moment is shocking. I am appalled. Our first black president is being vilified and insulted and soon to be replaced by an ignorant buffoon. Condemned in my opinion by his own mouth before he even begins.
I won't get into politics. Not everyone will agree with me and that's fine. I am not a citizen of this country and never will be . I love where I live but do not like this countries ways of government. From the very beginning it was founded upon hate and treason. On the murder, no the genocide, of its original inhabitants. I can never put my name to that. Now they are once again fighting for their rights. It is just not right.
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I came here with my family from England when I was young, I married an American and we expected to go back. That never happened. So here I am and most likely here I stay.
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So............what do I expect from living here?

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I would like to be able to live in peace surrounded by pleasant people, that part so far seems to be working out OK for me. I have very good friends.
Financially I would love to be able to go to the dentist and be able to afford care for my teeth. The cost is astronomical, outrageous and unless I am in pain just will not happen. I would like for everyone to be able to go to the doctors and be able to afford the office visit at least, let alone the medications. For many people that I know, and in my family, that is not the case. Who can afford health insurance? It takes a huge bite out of the income.
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I would like just a little extra to be able to afford to maintain household appliances. To keep our old car running. I am not greedy, a new one would be nice but that's off the table.
I would like to be able to maintain our home. Do all the things that need fixing or remodeling. This is a very old house built sometime in the late 1800s. We have done a lot of work on it in the past. It needs to be maintained though. It is our sole investment and we will be relying upon it's sale for our future security.
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I love my garden and would like to be able to keep that up as well as do a veggie garden again next year. All that costs money. Sometimes it's just cheaper to buy veggies and baked goods but, at what cost to health I wonder? It is no longer financially the better choice to make things yourself. Cookies, cakes etc.....bread. All those things, the bare necessities cost more than buying already made. Then you subject yourself to all the additives that are used these days.
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A garden has to be fertilized, soil added and maintained. Then buying the small plants or seeds is as expensive as buying the product. If your garden fails its a waste of money. If it flourishes then we may have a chance at canning and preserving, in that case maybe a good investment. That is after you have got all the canning jars, lids and so on. One tip, look at garage sales for glass jars.

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So what is the answer as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Thing is, if you are really poor you can get some help. Those of us who have always worked and now see the years ahead shrinking and the prospect of living on for many years in comfort questionable.
Our plan, if it works out is to buy a smaller house and hope that this one can retain it's value enough to pay for that without a mortgage. We may need to move to a place where the cost of living is not so high. Changes to our lifestyle and so much more. We have to be willing to change.I do not mind a challenge.
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I do not worry about myself but I do think that the times ahead will be very difficult for our children and grandchildren. Families may have to live together as they did in years past. So many have become used to being independent and maintaining a separate life from their parents. That will not be the future for most people. It used to be that children lived and helped at home, and in the end cared for their elderly parents. Who can afford assisted living or retirement homes? Not me. Nor would I want it. Life does not always go the way we want or plan. We need to be open to new things and new possibilities. I think our days of freedom from reality are coming to an end. Maybe not such a bad thing actually. Maybe families can be closer again. Now so many are separated by distance and they like that. What a shame. My parents and grandparents lived in the same village as all of their forebears did, and knew the same people. We grew up with and kept the same friends and neighbours. Then it all changed.
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I do not resent the rich for being rich. They earned their money either by inheritance or luck or their own smartness. What I do resent is that they get all the breaks. So many of the new rich, people like Bill Gates understand what it's like to be a regular guy and has given so much to so many. I applaud that. Paul Newman and Warren Buffet and the Facebook guy Mark Zuckerberg. All good people who understand............then there are the Donald Trumps of our world whom I despise. Well, there we go again. That gets into politics and I have no interest in that. Jesus said "My Kingdom is not of this world" so neither is mine. I live life as a visitor and observer only. I have no horse in that race. I await His return with interest. We are moving so quickly towards that hopeful day. I thank God for what I have and for what I can give in help to my family.
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No one should expect a free ride. Having said that a country should take pride in helping the elderly, the veterans and children who are our future. Free health care for all. Get rid of the VA and make everyone the same. Free dental and optical. Free education. All paid for by taxes that are equally shared by all. Does it really seem so impossible?

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

November? Is it really?..................

Today, November 5th, Guy Fawkes night. Many great memories there. Tristen will never know that one. We have him with us this weekend. He is more comfortable this time. He said he wanted to stay home this time. He wanted to enjoy his room, his Ipad and his toys. He said he just wants to spend time with us and when he is old enough he will come home. Awwww, well by then we will be very old and he will have his own life. Still it's the thought that counts. Meanwhile he went outside to play with his friend from down the alley. She came over for awhile but could not stay long and so Tristen helped Granddad rake some leaves. They didn't get a lot done.
Here is Brea enjoying some sun.
 photo DSCN8547j_zpsw93vp8ao.jpg
After that he wanted to go to the store and he came home with a little plant he bought me. Also a little car that he played with all day. It wasn't long before Granddad was asked to take him to his old school so he could play there for awhile and when they came home he said "Get dressed Nanny (I was enjoying a PJ day) we are going for a walk".
 photo DSCN8574_zps8cruqlzx.jpg
We just went to Silver Lake Park. Not a long trip.
 photo DSCN8577_zpsvzkv5yml.jpg
I was glad of the chance to take some pictures.
 photo DSCN8578_zpsap1puwoh.jpg
Not a lot going on.
 photo DSCN8581k_zpsndqw1lmz.jpg
 photo DSCN8590j_zpsnfe7wefj.jpg
 photo DSCN8590_zpsevfrt9md.jpg
The same old views with new colours.
 photo DSCN8584_zpszmtaytao.jpg
 photo DSCN8573_zpskv40mc7h.jpg
We didn't go on a long walk, I have blisters from walking with Reina yesterday.
Instead he played with his cars and not so much on the equipment. Probably because the kids there we all pretty young.
 photo DSCN8601k_zps6dm63lx0.jpg
 photo DSCN8596_zpspu0imzpj.jpg
We got Burgher King on the way home, at his request. I don't like fast food but if I can get anything in his body I am willing. While waiting in line, the light was pretty through the trees.
 photo DSCN8617_zpsyeigjfcs.jpg
I also got a picture of the Canadian Geese who seem to always be there on the soccer field.
 photo DSCN8613h_zpsndqnflek.jpg
 photo DSCN8615ju_zpsv9cusua6.jpg
So what will he be wanting to do tomorrow I wonder. It would be perfect for the beach if it's like today.

Boardman Trail....................

I had Reina on Friday while Laura worked. We had some running around to do, the store and the to McGoughs for dog biscuits and Bird food. It was so pretty outside that I figured we could go for a walk. As the Boardman trail is right near McGoughs, that is where we went. I had hoped to see some geese, ducks and swans. Nope. no one around, but it was still a pleasant walk in the sun.
Saw this chap stocking up for Winter and enjoying a snack.
 photo DSCN8529_zpsshxayd74.jpg
He looked a little worried
 photo DSCN8526_zpsz1u2r0ef.jpg
The path goes right around the lake, but we only wanted to go a short way. I got blisters on my heels as it was.
 photo DSCN8519_zps3uyxuacx.jpg
Reina taking pictures.
 photo DSCN8506_zpsu60y4dcv.jpg
No wildlife except some Chickadees
 photo DSCN8498_zpsexxhsf7l.jpg
 photo DSCN8497_zpsbljhlwyl.jpg
 photo DSCN8492_zpsk2nrkdxd.jpg
The berries are bright and beautiful
 photo DSCN8508hj_zpspja3fbhw.jpg
 photo DSCN8512h_zpsoqbzcryh.jpg
Lots of food for the birds and beasts.
Some of the leaves made pretty pictures.
 photo DSCN8525_zpsnsuuihyd.jpg
This little woodpecker was enjoying some snacks
 photo DSCN8524_zpsg2emfspv.jpg
Brilliant yellows make a nice design
 photo DSCN8517_zpsc21y1f5v.jpg
Reina is being taught to notice things around her. The sound of the Poplars in the wind is so pretty and the red of the berries. We need to notice these things and I think if we show our children they will grow to love nature. They may not appreciate it now, those sounds and feelings. The wind in your face and the smell of leaves, the sound of birds busy in the trees. How nature comes full circle to death (even in death there is beauty if you look for it) and then the rebirth in Spring that gives us hope for ourselves. God said to look to nature to see Him. I do that, and I see Him in all things. I know that nothing is really gone, it all completes the circle of Life.

It's November and sunny, wow.............................

I can't believe how beautiful the weather is. It's November and its warm and sunny. So, as Laura had the day off work we decided to make the most of it. We can get snow any day now, so lets thank the Lord for sunny days.
 photo b615fd8c-d505-444b-9c80-d1027acbce6a_zpsyn0yr1gp.jpg
The sun was out and the sky was grey. It looked like heaven had turned on the lights.
We went out towards our usual haunts. We didn't know if it would rain or not but as it was sunny in patches we thought it would make for some nice pictures. School was 1/2 day so Laura kept Reina home so we could take our time. We took a picnic and sat in the car to eat it.
 photo DSCN8392j_zpsncmxms1k.jpg
This is Old Settlers picnic area, it was quite windy so chilly for actually sitting outside.
 photo DSCN8397_zpsg9oc0d4v.jpg
There is a small chapel there and so is popular for weddings.
After we ate we went up onto Miller Hill to see the view. It was still beautiful and full of colour. More into the yellows now than reds.
 photo DSCN8401j_zpstdjtzirk.jpg
Lovely unpaved roads up there.
 photo DSCN8407h_zpsct5fviaf.jpg
Such beautiful views. As always, a pity about the power lines
 photo DSCN8408_
 photo DSCN8411j_zpshf4cjfz7.jpg
We saw no wildlife this time. The Vultures and eagles were not around.
 photo DSCN8414_zpsadlaei5c.jpg
Back down and on to Port Oneida.
 photo DSCN8419j_zpstytjzkhh.jpg
Magnificent colours
 photo DSCN8424i_zpsrxdk0abm.jpg
 photo DSCN8427Sk_zpshpmqlj93.jpg
 photo j_zpsbdjngh0l.jpg
Same views we always take but oh so pretty, I never get tired of looking. The Sleeping Bear national park bought up every farm in the area and we now have them for posterity. We can learn the history of our early pioneer families and it will never be subdivisions.
 photo DSCN8464j_zpshnduhged.jpg
 photo DSCN8458_zpsr0ytxrp0.jpg
I ponder on life back then, when this was farmed and how these families managed in winter times. Here is Laura taking pictures
 photo DSCN8453j_zps6izy3ybv.jpg
Reina enjoying some exercise in the fields
 photo DSCN8453_zps3qyoijpe.jpg
Probably one of the last ventures onto the dirt roads back in there.
 photo DSCN8441i_zpsiaz82mzc.jpg
It is after all November and those roads are not maintained in the winter months.So on we went to Leland. We just had to check out the beaches. The dead birds from last time are just about eaten up. We saw two Bald Eagles fly over. I had put the camera back in the car. Darn it.
 photo DSCN8491u_zpskgc1gqk8.jpg
 photo DSCN8489i_zpsdg1pjxa4.jpg
It was a little cold but Laura managed to get wet. The waves crept up on me a couple of times so my feet got wet. We found a few beach treasures. Some blue stones, beach glass and pretty rocks.Look at this piece of woods. It is the same on both sides and to me looks like a Robin?????
 photo DSCN8534_zpsgmy9hgnr.jpg
I love it when I find things like that.Me on the beach looking for treasure. I thank God that I find such joy in simple things.
 photo 14908184_10154642109654761_559487136396467102_n_zpsrirbvjlc.jpg
So home for now.
The light was very bright
 photo 102_0628_zpsp9rafwiv.jpg
It was as though Heaven shone some lights down for us. I am hoping that this weather continues for a time. It makes Winter seem shorter.