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Monday, July 24, 2017

Babysitting again........................

It has been a couple of weeks now, Brittany came back to live in Traverse City. A friend of Alex, I am happy to help out. So here I am till school opens again watching Ryland and Brodie. Great kids, and quiet woo hoo. Brittany is working her butt off to be a nurse assistant but I bet she wont stop there. Anyway apparently this town is lacking in day care. One day she called 35 and had no luck. So here I am again watching kids.
 photo 20228706_10154475818416595_7679414733151676443_n_zps5lwa7nlk.jpg
Now Gabby is living with us again, it's like old times. She was living here when I watched Ryland when she was a baby. Ryland does not remember. So that means that Cooper is here and is the same age as Brody. That works sort of well. They get along. Thing is keeping them "entertained".......Ryland likes Reina who has been hanging out a bit here. When Laura works Reina has wanted to stay here instead of at home. In fact she just spent 3 days here.
We have done stuff, and went for ice cream and today we went to the park. Brodie and Ryland getting their exercize.
 photo 20170724_115147_zpsrqzlx222.jpg
 photo 20170724_115217_zps097uh8uz.jpg
We took them to the playground on Silver Lake where we used to take Tristen. They played for awhile and then we went for a walk. Off we go......
 photo 20170724_120335_zpsb5jhs8o1.jpg
Waiting for Nanny to catch up........I was taking pictures.
 photo 20170724_120533_zpstuw90tuw.jpg
It was a lovely breezy day and sunny. This is Brody being shy.
 photo 20170724_120732 1_zpsd83lzqyt.jpg
nice day for a walk. The Waterlily were beautiful, like a painting.
 photo 20170724_120719_zpsjrxnpbr6.jpg
 photo 20170724_120810_zpsfs7efkqx.jpg
Boy am I out of shape. Even with it being coolish today I was huffing and puffing. It has either been too hot or raining so we have not been out walking as we usually have. It will take awhile to get back in shape and then it will be winter. This next picture looks like they are all in trouble but thats not the case haha. That's Gabby watching over the flock.
 photo 20170724_121611_zps5jgvgl0b.jpg
I was looking for Dragon fly, but no pictures today.
 photo 20170724_121720_zpsv0ulxcjj.jpg
Maybe when school starts I can get out more when it's cooler. I am still needing to catch up on the garden. Pretty soon we will be raking leaves.
 photo 20170724_121652_zpsrmlhcttx.jpg
When we walked back they played at the park again for quite awhile and after that we went for ice cream. A good days work I think.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Home is where the heart is.........................

There have been a few places in my life that have held meaning to me. Places I have lived and some that I really have not had a connection with, except in my heart.
I suppose the first places were my grandparents homes, St Omere and Minerva. Both places I still dream of. That is a natural connection. Both places hold good and lasting memories. More so than my parents home on Bidwell Hill although that too has always been "home" to me. When I think of home, that's where I think of. My cousin Robin lives across the road. Thats what home is, where family is.
 photo AveburyHenge1a_zpsbwnkdgzw.jpg
The connection that I am speaking of is not that sort of connection. When I first went to Avebury in Wiltshire I was drawn to it. I felt a deep connection there. Spiritual maybe. The ancientness. The Holyness. A spiritual connection for me, like I wanted to hug the stones and be close to them. We walked the perimeter and I wanted to be alone.I didn't want to talk, to be interrupted in my thoughts. I have been several times now and each time have felt the same way.
 photo avebury-stone-circle_zpsqitmmuat.jpg
The trees have strange roots, all bare and winding through the hillside. Like they are reaching out to the stones beyond.
 photo Avebury-Wiltshire-1-720x340_zpsddb66vc6.jpg
We visited the "Long Barrows" each time and that too pulls me in. I suppose it's the ancientness the people who were buried there not forgotten because people still place flowers. The Solstices are celebrated there at Avebury like they do at Stonehenge.
 photo Avebury-Stone-Circle-Photos-2_zpseshpe5tq.jpg
The Village of Avebury is a really pretty place. Has a nice pub too. It always seems crowded with tourists but it would be naturally. Much like where I live here in Traverse City, I am sure there are "off" seasons. I remember a white peacock sitting on a farm gate at a manor house and it was so pretty, I am not sure why I remember. I also remember a "Rookery" in the tree tops. We had to have been there in the Springtime because the trees were bare.
 photo Avebury-1468_zpsqca3cbkt.jpg
I felt drawn to that whole area we hiked across the farm to the Long Barrows, West Kennett. I loved it there and love that people still leave flowers. It is a ghostly place and in one photo I took it looks like someone is there in the entrance if you look closely. Maybe there was, it is said to be haunted but I am not sure I believe that stuff, but it does have atmosphere for sure. Close by is Silbury Hill. I have not climbed that yet. I don't feel the pull to that as I do the other places but I do want to climb it some day. I say some day as though I had all the time in the world. I may be too old already but I do know I will give it a shot next time I am there.
 photo SA_MastheadImage2_zpskx7zi0hc.jpg
The next place that drew me in was Tintagel. Oh boy, I have to go back. King Arthurs legend is not the only reason. I belong there. Yeh, I know, silly right? but that is how I felt. I felt at home. I do not like heights I panic. I had no such feelings there on top of those cliffs it was fascinating. I truly believe that Arthur lived there. Someone made a statue of Arthur and placed it there, its awesome.
 photo image_zpsa1lbgto2.jpg
Its as though he is fading in and out, just his essence. I have loved the story of Arthur naturally, was really into the trilogy The Crystal Cave etc but it's more than that, its the knowledge the certainty that its true. Oh not every little piece of the story but the thread of truth runs through it. Everyone loves the idea of Camelot. I don't know if it's there but I know Arthur was.
 photo 86fc4d0b5fc16923a1bdf93e84b03f9d--castle-ruins-cornwall-england_zpsxw2o76qk.jpg
We only went up on the one side, that was far enough and slow enough to catch our breath because it would only allow for one at a time so in order for those coming down the ones going up had to stand aside.
 photo 5d664bc589f44468e8aaa650789cf3c7--castle-homes-famous-castles_zpsw4uv2e8x.jpg
I have always been drawn to "ancient" history, the beginnings, the roots. The mists of time...........Merlin? Merlin's cave. Yes Tintagel expressed that all for me and I have to go back. Soon while I can still make the climb and still see well enough to do so. Got to spend some time and climb the other side, and that won't be done in one day. In the pictures you can see how the castle is on the other side of the cliffs as well. Merlins Cave is below.
 photo maxresdefault_zpscvbsg8hy.jpg

This photo of Tintagel Castle is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Monday, July 17, 2017

As pets get old.........................

We have limited funds and we have 4 poodles, not a smart move but when we got them we were not expecting to get old so quick. I will be 71 this week. I hope we outlive our lovies. Bodicea is getting old too, she has health issues, she is ummmmmmmm plump. She has a small breathing tube for want of a better name, she snores and she snorts like a piggie when she eats.
 photo 449cab25-5081-42b2-9006-8b659c291f9f_zps3yhlfrnz.jpg
Bodi has a tumour on the inside of her back leg, she hobbles and I am sure sometimes it hurts. The dilemma is with her breathing/weight problem I wonder about getting it fixed. We will take her to the vet and get that checked out as soon as we can because it is getting bigger. We did get it checked and its not cancer. I remember another poodle had one, Bonnie, we got hers removed and it did the trick. I guess they are fatty tumours and a lot of dogs get them. They don't complain, not like us people.
Everyone loves Bodi, she is such a sweetheart.
 photo 20170714_133520_zps2hhquanx.jpg
Brea is the little one, she has a bum knee, we need to fix that too. She is often in pain limping but again, no complaints. We are in the process of getting a credit line on our house so we can take care of these kids.
 photo 1f94e974-bcce-43d5-8902-543dc57a51e1_zps2vgpfoxt.jpg
It's been 9 years since we lost my horse. I can't believe its been so long. We still miss her and I miss the life. I miss going to the barn in all weathers and going for long walks in the fields every day. We all loved that. I know Tristen would have loved it too. Shame we can't have another one but it's not possible. Not unless we move to the country again and have a barn and rescue one. Who knows.
 photo Ladyinthebarn.jpg
NO I can not afford a horse. Really, I can't.
Bijou is a money pit. I don't think we can do a lot more for her at 1000 a shot. Twice now she has had an operation and I don't think she can have another although the problem with her "stones" won't go away.
 photo 101_0024_zpsi9ypy8hv.jpg
This is my cute little Bella
 photo 20170714_133504_zpskcvpjwbb.jpg
They are all so cute and so have all the others been that came before. It's always sad when they start to get old, get ailments and know that some day they will be gone.
Bella knows how to relax
 photo 20170220_083844k_zpspp0oa0yz.jpg

 photo 20170106_180624_zpsj3lqpe7u.jpg
Bella and Brea sisters of different mums, same dad
 photo 2017b_zpsxtw26cmx.jpg
Bella and Bijou in winter coats
 photo 102_0171_zpsqzlkna5t.jpg
Brea and Bijou
 photo 100_7755_zps5ogfsvrh.jpg
We figured that Boots is getting up there as well, she has her own problems. She is a cat, she pukes all the time. I think drinking the pond water may have something to do with it and one of my fish is missing. No idea what happened to it either
 photo 20170714_133131_zps7zdf4nzk.jpg
The young one is Bessie. She is fine so far, no problems with that one. Bella has teeth problems but we keep up on that.
 photo 103_2257_zpskeq7vn7n.jpg
Anyway, my little loves. I remember every single one I have ever had. I have loved them all equally but different. From Rabbits to Walter Pidgeon and birds and hamsters. I guess the only thing we have never got into is reptiles, we have had fish. If I did I would have loved those too. The hurt comes when they die. Sigh...........I hope to see them all over the rainbow bridge.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

To the Beach, getting out of town..................

With Cherry Festival in full swing, Laura, Reina and myself headed out of town. The traffic is horrible during summer, during the festival it's unbearable. So best to head out as far as possible. We decided to not go to Leland in the beginning thinking it would be crowded. We instead headed for Port Oneida and one of the lesser known beaches. We got there with just one car in the lot and one leaving. Not bad we thought.
 photo 20170707_1135270_zps50bm2vhl.jpg
 photo 20170707_113527_zps3cnelp8o.jpg
 photo 20170707_113558_zpsrdzejyfs.jpg
It was windy and big waves churning up the sand but hot and sunny so for me quite pleasant although Laura and Reina were cold.
 photo 20170707_120517_zpsarvb8axg.jpg
 photo 20170707_120513_zpso7ienmcw.jpg
 photo 20170707_113906_zpscrq7cgdf.jpg
 photo 19756552_10155438705199761_8777391144904775197_n 1_zpstl5eqa1e.jpg
Gone are the days when we had two little kids with us wondering what had happened that we still had little ones. Life takes turns we do not expect and little kids grow up. Reina is 11 now.
 photo 20170707_121815_zpsnaftdvcy.jpg
Laura rescued a bee, got him all sunned out and off he went, straight into the water and drowned. Very traumatizing for us
 photo 19554544_10155438705474761_4737544195533198283_n_zpsbecs3b7q.jpg
We didn't find too many stones to bring home but enjoyed the walk, and the hike back up the steps was good for us. Groan.
We needed a bathroom so we stopped at the little park at the beginning and used the outhouse. I took my own toilet paper after Laura said there was none. Always have carried supplies in that old van.
 photo 104_0001_zps0g0my8p3.jpg
 photo 104_0002_zpsjqawxjfa.jpg
We decided to go to Leland after all. Figured we were rock hounding not sun bathing so why not.
There were not that many there in the end. Not at that time anyway. Maybe one or two families. The rules have changed. You have to stay at the very small beach area now. The rest is private property and this year is being enforced. I don't blame them. For our purpose it didn't matter. It is quite legal to walk in the surf and close to it.
 photo 20170707_133024_zpsi2cztrq1.jpg
Reina found that little guy and he got to live another day, thank goodness.
We did collect a bunch of rocks and it was quiet, when we went back along the beach the entrance was crowded all bunched up in one small area with a cloud of chemical fumes hovering over them. How people can enjoy that is beyond me, but it didn't bother us any, we were up the beach on our own.
We left Leland after stopping at Trishes Dishes for a Reuben sandwich that we took down by the River to eat.
 photo 104_0006_zpsmoweehui.jpg
I had my eye on some chap who left his dog in the car. We hoped he was just going to pick up some food and it turned out that was probably the case. Lucky for both of us when we drove past he was back in the car leaving. Relief!!!!!!
We had no time that we had to be home having told Gerry to fend for himself so we headed back to Port Oneida to spot wildlife. Stopped at the old school house lake, one day I will remember the name.
 photo 20170707_165339_zpsqx4u3es0.jpg
 photo 20170707_165218_zpsigxqtc0q.jpg
Saw turtles sunbathing
 photo 20170707_164908_zpssojl9kxv.jpg
There were little fishes, dragon fly and Red Wing Blackbirds.
 photo 20170707_170311_zpso8vphtcr.jpg
So up to the woods we went, through the back dirt roads talking of why we never see cougars or wolves or bear. Got to the top of the hill and saw some people by the side of the road. Wondered what they were looking at, they waved, we slowed down to ask if they were OK (and see what they were looking at, didn't want to miss anything) well apparently they were lost. Sort of. They had apparently (we managed to get out of them), parked at Pyramid point and hiked off through the woods. There they were without a clue, red faced and worried and going the wrong way. Laura offered them a ride. They piled in with much gratitude. Two older folks looking rather red and warm, and a young man and woman, their grandkids (I heard her say grandpa) so she sat on the guys lap and Reina in back with Pops we took them down the trail to Pyramid point. Goodness knows how long it would have taken them to get back seeing as they were headed the wrong way. They never would have found the car park. Anyway.............we dropped them off and started again. So much for wildlife, just tourists.
 photo 20170707_172945_zpsalqategu.jpg
The only wildlife we saw were a couple of Sand Hill Cranes
 photo 104_0010_zpsnkucwl3v.jpg
The meadows were beautiful though
 photo 20170707_172624_001_zpsbhzua7kc.jpg
Lots of bees, we left those alone. After the one who commited suicide at Leland the big ol bumble was in no danger.
 photo 20170707_173045_zpsr5crhjwh.jpg
He did come and take a look at me before swooping off. Good to see so many bees active in the Cow Vetch. We stopped at Gallaghers Farm Market on the way home. Got me some cherries, blueberries and a big ol Cherrie pie and some ice cream. Boy was that good. I just had a slice. I love farm produce and home baked goods. Gerry was compensated for fixing his own supper as I also got donuts.