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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Head North..............

Edna and I had a day out, the week before I got sick. I am so behind on my blogs, its sad. I got the flu Sunday night after we got back, was real sick for a week and this week I am just starting to get better. Today, I finally felt like eating and I did. That's not for this post though haha.
So, Edna and I wanted to go out and get some pictures of the colours and going north seemed like a good idea. We had wanted to go to Alden to a store there, before the snow flys. Christmas shopping and all that.
 photo 9b67333e-5829-4b66-a5ee-1e316543f222_zps7f0d8f9e.jpg
We were over eager and got there early. So we sat for a few moments just enjoying the quiet of the village. We went in a store we didn't go in before and I found some unique small gifts.
 photo 4835f6e8-a2fe-433a-8c03-eb979b0afa58_zps0305bfcd.jpg
The Mill House is an always stop place to get great spices and herbs.
 photo e7ea31e5-cac2-43ea-aee2-cf77b59033c0_zps3ccd0d2b.jpg
The Corner store is where I get some nice little glass things. I managed to find a few things to put away for Christmas. Won't be spending much again this year.
After leaving Alden we headed north. I believe we went towards Alpena. We did not stop at one quilt shop. Unbelievable right? There were still some nice colours out there. It was a somewhat gloomy day I suppose but we don't let such things stop us from enjoying our days.
 photo 03b822ee-a762-4b9a-a16b-26a8b30e9167_zps77a91401.jpg
The sun did come out and we did have some nice views. I was reminded of Dead Mans Hill that was over by East Jordan. An overlook that looks out over the Jordan River. Well Edna knew where it was and so off we went. It's been many many years since I was there last. It's a lot busier now but still as beautiful
 photo 62d6bd6f-9e36-40cf-865f-ae185640445a_zps8af38134.jpg
Michigan was originally a great lumbering state
 photo 31412078-97cb-4bf0-b1ab-27eba3359338_zpsb31081eb.jpg
 photo 3a7da10a-8d84-46e6-85eb-2326a9efb613_zps4fb0fdf5.jpg
It was by this time a lovely day, it had really rained out there though. We could tell by the huge puddles. Everything was fresh and pretty
 photo 30102830-ada0-47e7-8dd8-816d14e74b74_zpsc71fd700.jpg
 photo a45c58fd-3496-44ae-b140-7d338962231f_zpsac5dd885.jpg
Sweet Edna enjoying the view. It were a bit nippy out there
 photo 4b676fb7-85b3-4c5d-9053-10021ecb26b1_zps845732a8.jpg
The countryside surrounding the area was spectacular in places. Pictures just do not get it.
 photo 8fc8c9f2-010f-48cf-8542-cc0b425522b3_zps69434f8f.jpg
On the way home we stopped at Kalkaska's beautiful farm market. I got some Honey Crisp, and some fresh veggies to take home. A lovely day as always.
 photo 66941555-a8bc-4de1-8dc2-a24220a7f436_zps5fd7d624.jpg

Friday, October 24, 2014

Flu Blues.........

Well this has been a right old week. I had a cold for several days last week. What a waste of time. You know what I mean.? Day one is all wet and watery, day two is explosive with sneezing and coughing and day three is usually an exhausted fog of dried out orifices and cracked skin

 photo a01e334e-914b-4ce1-b8fe-ba5f560d3dc8_zps7b212b12.gif
.........well by Sunday I was pretty much over it on day four and feeling not so bad. Just tired.
Monday morning I am up as always ready to get Tristen ready for school and Gerry took him as usual. I was to pick him up at 11 am. Or so we thought.About 9.30 I started to feel cold. Really cold and shake, then really shake. Shake so much I must have rattled my fillings and loosened a few. I could not stop. I walked around but was too unsteady to do that so after cranking the heat I sat under a blanket with the heating pad, I was shaking so bad it was hard to breath. I called Gerry to come home to pick up Tristen. Lucky he can do that.
I just could not warm up, my hands were ice. By the time he got home it has lessened but I was still ice cold, I felt like my body was in shock. Probably was as I never feel the cold. I hate the heat but that day heat was my friend.
 photo e1157d4f-3e1a-42bf-96b3-76cfef969d19_zpsdf26025f.jpg
Well that passed and although I had a few more cold spells none were that dramatic. By 8 pm I was so tired I went to bed and I practically slept for 24 hours.
Next day no better coughing a bit but mainly just so tired I could not stay awake. Gerry took  care of Tristen and I slept pretty much into Wednesday still with fevers. Yesterday I got up pretty much beginning to feel I might live. I actually was hungry. I secretly hoped that at least this had been good for my weight loss program. I ate cereal because I could not face real food. (been eating eggs and sausage for breakfast) that was pretty good. Gerry brought my coffee in before leaving for work. Laura had been picking Tristen up and taking him to her house so I could sleep. Well one sip of coffee and well lets just say there was not a lot in the sink when I was done. I admired the specks of noodles that was about all that was there except water. Somehow the stomach had already taken care of the cheerios and they were safely being processed. I did actually feel quite bright after that and another  nap to recover.
 photo 21e5596e-3816-4bd6-b116-828d5b253416_zpsd751b50e.jpg
I feel the wolf at the door........So here its is Friday. I think I might live.............Tristen has a cold. Jeepers. Is this what winters going to be like this year. I was not sick at all last year. I did have a flu shot last year but have not been in to see the doctor yet this time. I guess that will teach me won't it.
I still feel like I have feathers in my chest that make me want to cough. I just need some strength now.........and with luck I can get back to doing some things I like to do.........after I clean that house that is.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Little Black Dog.....................


by Elizabeth Gardner Reynolds

I wonder if Christ had a little black dog,
All curly and wooly like mine:
With two long silky ears and a nose, round and wet,
And two eyes, brown and tender, that shine.
I am sure, if He had, that that little black dog
Knew, right from the first, He was God;
That he needed no proof that Christ was divine,
And just worshipped the ground where he trod.
I'm afraid that He hadn't, because I have read
How he prayed in the garden, alone;
For all of His friends and disciples had fled
Even Peter, the one called a stone.
And, oh, I am sure that the little black dog,
With a heart so tender and warm,
Would never have left him to suffer alone,
But, creeping right under his arm,
Would have licked the dear fingers, in agony clasped,
And, counting all favors but loss,
When they took him away, would have trotted behind
And Followed Him quite to the Cross.

 photo 89c7e357-f72d-4e0b-8086-770c1e75a59b_zpsef447a30.jpg

 photo 452001f7-92c2-41a5-a98b-1e5daeaef7a6_zps0add4eec.jpg

 photo f7301708-acd8-44ce-86e2-9f41d65677ec_zps6330771f.jpg+

 photo 118bcd8d-6502-4eed-9e3a-4f8f18da7810_zps669bcb02.jpg

 photo 056a8a3a-6c52-40af-88f4-fe55bbf4e503_zps045747e6.jpg

My little Faithful doggies. We have always had poodles and I have loved them all. So Thank you Poppett, Charlie (not shown) and Bonnie, Buttons, Bambi, Bridget, Bodi, Bijou, Bella and Brea for your devotion and all encompassing love.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday up north...........

On Saturday it was a beautiful day. Probably one of the few left. So at 10am Gerry, Tristen and myself went and picked up Reina. Laura had to work so we were watching her for the day. Once she heard we were going to East Jordan she got all excited and wanted to go back to Raven's Hill. So we set out with a few stops in mind. First off was Guntzviller's Taxidermy and Museum. There is a shop selling touristy things and furs (yeuk) and moccassins etc. I would not normally go to such a place but they do have an interesting museum. It covers all North American (Michigan) wildlife and also Native American items. Big displays of arrow heads etc. Worth the stop. I had to laugh though because the lady was standing in for the owners and didn't know how to open the cash register so that saved me some money.
 photo d6099936-f7b4-48dd-baad-f9405a8aaed5_zpsa0f300fd.jpg
They enjoyed it but it didn't really hold their attention for very long.
 photo 7fbe037e-154c-4f24-9329-bbbe107f3834_zps63332dcd.jpg
So we moved on. The next stop was at the Twisted Fish Gallery. That stop was for me. They have a sculpure garden and art galleries. Lots of things to buy for the garden. Tristen was having a rather naughty episode resulting in a cuff from me and he had to sit in the car howling while Reina and I went and looked at the art. She enjoyed it and didn't have to be told not to touch. Tristen has his fits or temper or whatever but he does get over it quickly.
 photo 9a3122e7-df7b-4b05-ac2f-d1119972f87e_zpsd6092072.jpg
In summer the gardens themselves are worth stopping for and the sculptures are all for sale.
 photo ac5942e0-bd07-40ba-8b76-14dcd046c5d6_zps0deef3f7.jpg
The next stop was Elk Rapids, let them loose at the park and I went off to take pictures. They loved that.
 photo d01c8213-88f4-40a2-bb62-3804123b33e8_zps44dccf91.jpg
 photo f676c697-97db-4745-a7d1-59d46751f955_zpsa138b525.jpg
After we had wandered around and the kids had worked off some energy and were hungry, the next stop was Friske orchards. There I bought us some awesome pizza and a donut for after. They were doing orchard tours. I had concidered that but we had a mission. I was not sure I could find Ravens Hill again.
 photo df56b1ce-75e3-479a-bcb6-776112091a09_zps159e7971.jpg
 photo 29380483-50ec-443f-9cd1-50697bd3ca7c_zps1ddfc2d4.jpg
We didn't linger too long, the had a look at the goats and did the usual fun things they enjoy there and we were off headed to East Jordan. We stopped at the Glass Blowing studio. I bought a lovely white pumpkin.
 photo 9b7af069-f312-48d0-b7ca-712f60c8356c_zps76b93845.jpg
This time around Tristen was very interested. Last time it was "boring". Then again, last time was mid July and stifling in there. This time it was pleasant and he really got into watching and asking questions.
 photo 97aa516d-5577-4ab5-aea2-68ea5ef9de41_zpse6d618ba.jpg
 photo 278ebf7b-ffec-4ca2-b53b-b29377ba2418_zpsa8a40fb0.jpg
I even had the sense to ask directions to Raven's Hill..........and we made it there with no trouble. This was the highlight of their day. We saw a few things we missed last time. We went to the main house first and Tristen got going on the drums, all of the drums, very loudly. We were waiting to go into the animal exhibit.
 photo 7966ddd8-7bb0-42c9-9cc8-3ee1bd80c3e9_zps582020fe.jpg
Reina was still not into the snakes. The spider stayed in his cage
 photo 746c58be-e231-43ca-b827-2ef2c7fa9de6_zps1b80c42a.jpg
 photo 9b9eee5e-2b32-4cd2-8b80-375ccb66a8bd_zps5de3a6e3.jpg
The school house is popular and this time we found the tree house. I don't know how we missed it.
 photo daf6ca3e-e94f-434b-99ef-0a801b103173_zps15fff3ab.jpg
We did go so I could take pictures of the colours, I had expected it closer to peak than it was, but it was pretty.
 photo b5c89410-78b4-4fda-abac-f1a29176f3e5_zps8c8b3134.jpg
 photo ea8c7597-aa2d-4b64-871e-a61da380ec23_zps83fc928e.jpg
They wanted to know if they were real dinasaur bones
 photo 186c1adf-9792-45d4-aa0d-6f798eb83d90_zpscb2a6dc1.jpg
 photo 34847b4d-2856-4927-9e5c-3baeba06ff6d_zps90d1e4e3.jpg
Gerry took a few pictures. "Stand under the tree he said" it was facing the sun, so he didn't know why the kids could not pose haha.
 photo 81238316-6d02-4ce1-82f9-2aa96f7021f8_zpsfa317554.jpg
Well it was a great day out and fun was had by all. Tristens first bad mood was gone and he enjoyed the rest of his day.
It was a quiet trip home
 photo 0ca17b0d-cbf8-4b9b-8afc-cf9db579d713_zps96749884.jpg

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Entertaining Tristen........................

I know that chances are we will not see Tristen grow up. You never know, it is possible and I hope that we do. Even so we will be old when he is in his teens. I am 68 now and he is 5. So do the math. My intent is to do as much with him now as I possibly can. I want to build memories for him, I want him to have the best childhood that I can possibly give him. Finances are not good so it wont be a question of spoiling him in that way. No........I believe time well spent is what he should remember. No guarantees because I have no idea what sort of person he will become. At this point in time both Gerry and myself are in pretty good health. I hope that continues but I don't intend wasting any time.
So.........Last Tuesday Laura Herman, his aunt, and myself went to the Dennos museum here in Traverse City. Laura has been on the weekend and saw that they had a quilt display as well as work from one of my favourite local photographers. As well as that was a childrens exhibit that she thought Tristen would like.
 photo 0d89ff6f-12c3-4a25-84c5-2bd56a62ff26_zpsef5af1ca.jpg
There is a lot of interactive pieces there, he liked the bed of nails
 photo 447ae95a-2e12-4989-8cf4-291102b33242_zpsb8dfc7fd.jpg
He loved this computer screen that would change the image to crazy images.......he made me have a go and got a kick out of me making a fool of myself. Sorry no pictures.
 photo 0380f439-9a1a-4f68-b5c0-b815c89a6b14_zps7eb7e5ff.jpg
He also enjoyed the mirrors.
 photo d9602c2b-f698-4f7a-8c44-06d1b2c50470_zpse1ef1d85.jpg
He loved the musical parts and we had a band going he had us all play an instrument and oh boy what a noise we made to his delight.
 photo fe33c265-328d-46b5-916c-738f25129c6c_zps9d0bd4f1.jpg
All noise makers
 photo 7bdd3221-93d8-4529-95e2-af03f90e4fd0_zpseff1034b.jpg
He wanted to know why someone killed the bear. I could not answer that.
 photo a37da73b-0473-4a75-a0d1-7670662f6338_zpsfef7bc91.jpg
The next place we went to was the Childrens Museum. On Thursday it was raining and Gerry was home so we decided to take the opportunity and go see what it was like. I had intended to do that for awhile. Tristen had been there before. He was excited. He was running around like a Banchee in the wind. He was the noisiest kid there and didn't know what to do first.
 photo 7aed9977-d32d-4f90-8972-9052f2d451f6_zpsfb85c384.jpg
Pull ya sleeves up Tristen........he had his fingers in everything. I had to have him sit for a few mins to calm down. He actually got into the little boat and was fishing, another smaller child joined him and it seems they buddied up. Tristen made him first mate.
 photo 6e2072a3-f8d8-43fa-9cd1-f9b0c72c1f42_zps0df02ccb.jpg
 photo e40406d2-f9aa-40ff-8bce-fd2182ed6659_zps496e8417.jpg
They moved to the larger boat and had a great time in that.
 photo 551a5eb7-d53d-4e5c-a35d-76c93ec0ea5f_zpsecbce25e.jpg
 photo 21a92133-3033-4731-99d9-9d1d0aafe9a5_zpsaf31bc46.jpg
There were other things there that he took a look at but he was most interested in the boat. He loved playing with the other little boy and was very reluctant to go home. At least now we can get out of places without the screaming and tantrums like you do with a 2 year old ....phew!!! He really didn't want to leave. I guess that was a hit so we will have to go back.
Anyway all for now. This has been a good year for finding new things to do. Now to line things up for the winter. That wont be so easy for me.