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Friday, November 2, 2018

Esch Road end of October..................

it was such a lovely day yesterday, too good to waste by staying inside. It was 52 degrees and sunny, how could it get better than that in October. I could take that all year. Where to go? It was Halloween and we didn't really want to be around when that all started. So I thought maybe a trip out to Esch Road near Empire would be nice. Gerry not happy "is it dirt roads? no it's just sort of dirt roads but not the really bad dirt roads. Old Betsie knows all these roads. So off we went. We took some back roads instead of the usual M72 just for a change. He is getting used to this. You know that man has lived here all his life and yet he knows nothing of the area. I don't get it. I know more history than he does.
So off we go. Saw these guys and had to say hello.
 photo 119_0048_zpswmu8kfnd.jpg
 photo 119_0050_zps7dokfuut.jpg
 photo 119_0041_zpsawjjxydf.jpg
We got to where I wanted to go and Gerry pipes up asking how I know we can go through that gate? I said because we have been coming here for years. Laura and I have explored most places over the last few summers.
 photo 20181031_135032_zpsr8ylsd8f.jpg
 photo 20181031_142053_zpscspehshy.jpg
 photo 20181031_142852_zpsfaqetcnz.jpg
We did not expect to see anyone but there were several couples as we came back, and several with dogs. We were puzzled. I found out later it was a Halloween ghost walk. All these old abandoned farm houses. Well at least we were alone while at this one.
Look at these hugging trees
 photo 20181031_142402_zps5tbpqsnj.jpg
 photo 20181031_141045_zpscg10zdbp.jpg
For some reason as I left this place a story came into my mind..........I wrote it down when I got home. I will try and finish the story as it's still sharp in my mind.
 photo 20181031_141305_zpslvbbtigs.jpg
 photo 20181031_140911_zpsq9xozfbt.jpg
In Summer the fields are beautiful with wild flowers.
 photo 20181031_143141 2hj_zpschaeoges.jpg
 photo 20181031_141034_zps4ldvsqmn.jpg
The Apple trees out back are sort of falling apart and I could see a heart in the shape of this hole.
 photo 20181031_141557_zpsfws9gocy.jpg
 photo 20181031_141614_zpsmhdhybpa.jpg
We walked back through the woods as the first people started arriving. So we headed along the back roads through woods and fields to Esch Rd.
This picture is the nearest farm to the one we had just visited. Maybe 3/4 of a mile away. Imagine that in Winter.
 photo 20181031_143659_zpsblccb4gi.jpg
 photo 20181031_143637_zpshd1aqjzp.jpg
 photo 20181031_143542_zpstdp08q6t.jpg
Next stop the beach. There is a road that winds and runs parallel to the beach and main rd, very pretty and many times we see wildlife, not today though.
 photo 20181031_144700h_zpsmbkewmt4.jpg
 photo 20181031_143912_zps7tzdxloy.jpg
The trees were still pretty
 photo 20181031_145020_zpsecvcwnrf.jpg
 photo 20181031_145641_zpsx20unyck.jpg
The Creek runs into Lake Michigan here and it's path on the beach is very different from the last time we were here. Several storms since then has changed the shape of the beach and the water is higher
 photo 20181031_145924_zpsapuyja0z.jpg
 photo 20181031_150154_zpspizf5mvc.jpg
 photo 20181031_151057_zpsfxpxlrry.jpg
The colours were striking when we first entered the beach.
 photo 20181031_145530_zpsoemthsb0.jpg
The waves have carved out a new route for Otter Creek
 photo 20181031_150440_zpsrdhevug0.jpg
I walked down to Otter creek while Gerry brought the car I wanted to see if there were any fish still in there.
 photo 20181031_152748h_zpsjxjpcfts.jpg
 photo 20181031_151857_zpshh66kclt.jpg
I met this guy and his mum, his name is Duck.........he was naughty and loved the water and sticks.
 photo 20181031_152609_zpsm5qjvhmw.jpg
The sky was so blue. It was Ducks mum and another lady who was walking on the beach who told me about the ghost walk. I had left Gerry sitting in the car so we were able to have a nice long chat. Meanwhile Duck was having me throw sticks for him and jumping in the water. We got to talking about other historic places and one was mentioned that we used to visit frequently. I learned something new so I think that will be my next place to visit. Isadore.
Anyway, we left there and headed back to M72 through the back roads.
 photo 20181031_154505_zps53cebqqm.jpg
 photo 20181031_155645_zpsc79jjnbu.jpg
 photo 20181031_155111u_zpsmwizaw43.jpg
I found what I was looking for a road to take me to Esch Rd without going through Empire, now we know.
We wanted to get back to M72 and stop to eat at the Hayloft. We had hoped to avoid the kids out Trick or Treating but we didn't
 photo 20181031_165619_zpsrwwlybyh.jpg
Naturally we had Burrito's but saved money by not having Margarita's. Just coffee for me and a Coke for Gerry.(yeuk)
 photo 20181031_164451_zps90tyagad.jpg
I was hungry and it was half gone before I remembered to take a picture
I left half as it's huge. I used to eat it all but now I leave 1/2 for Gerry to have next day. Yum.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Taking Cooper to Raven's Hill.........................

At some point we have taken the grandkids to Raven's Hill. Reina and Tristen loved it. Tristen was supposed to come today but is still sick. We have been waiting since September to get a day we could take him, was going last week but Laura said no, he had a cold, this week he still has a fever. So we decided we would go anyway. The weather was not the best, cold and drizzle but we never let the weather stop us when we want to do something. I also wanted him to see the Jordan Valley Glass Works in East Jordan. I wanted a Pumpkin haha. I packed us a lunch and off we went.....Look at all that lovely glass.
 photo 117_0152_zps4oltumbw.jpg
 photo 117_0153_zpsc8ejovnu.jpg
I had found the Facebook page and saw the Pumpkin I wanted, it was pale green. I wanted a Ladybug on it and he said he would put one on at no charge so woo hoo. It was still there so that's the one I got. Cooper seemed to enjoy watching and we got some history of glass making in the process.
 photo 117_0157_zps8qsjnbhm.jpg
I would have liked this one that he just made.
 photo 117_0161_zpsqjyjgjod.jpg
 photo 117_0165_zpswg8d5yhn.jpg
Our next stop was Raven's Hill.
 photo 117_0168_zpslvhdqp8i.jpg
 photo 117_0174_zpsqbgatlev.jpg
The exploration center has all kinds of neat things to "Explore" for little kids it's hands on. Magnets, energy, mirrors, music, puzzles and so much it's hard to tell everything in there.
He loved the bike that acted as a generator.
 photo 117_0180_zpsi4zx4x9h.jpg
 photo 117_0175_zps7nlfw53u.jpg
 photo 117_0177_zps3vgy6vaz.jpg
 photo 117_0225k_zps65sqddrm.jpg
 photo 117_0228j_zpsgcf3mn9d.jpg
next we went into the animal room. Cooper got to feed worms to some of the fish and a turtle.Gabby didn't want to see the snakes but wanted to see Cooper with them so she bravely sat by and watched......from a distance.
 photo 117_0187_zpsit2kxhgs.jpg
 photo 117_0204_zpswuykrn7g.jpg
The Spiders could not come out and play, something about being in a bad mood this time of year and they would spray us with hair?????
 photo 117_0188_zpsnznp2meo.jpg
The Lizard was allowed out though. The lady was very nice with Cooper and explained a lot for him
 photo 117_0217_zpsdszdzaq8.jpg
 photo 117_0210_zps7fnxlcny.jpg
 photo 117_0213h_zpsesvhbcyd.jpg
Back into the exploration room
 photo 117_0234_zpsvh1x4fic.jpg
Then outside. We sat in the car for our picnic before exploring the outside. It's a bit worn since my last visit. Really does need some help in putting the exhibit back in shape. Everything now is in need of a coat of paint, the Jurassic area is really down hill since last time and the leaves cover a lot now. So we headed for the school house. He enjoyed that.
The music area is a little in need of care also, but being noise related he was bobbing back and forth trying all the instruments.
 photo 117_0244_zpslvbsonlr.jpg
 photo 117_0245_zps0bg0nkel.jpg
 photo 117_0249_zpsqsa01dtb.jpg
 photo 117_0252_zpsvaxibbvc.jpg
The rain held off so we chanced a run over to the tree house in the woods. That too is in need of some love
 photo 117_0254_zpsa7xq2poe.jpg
 photo 117_0255_zpsxf33o7cq.jpg
 photo 117_0257_zpsomzeb5t1.jpg
We drove back to where the outside exhibits are as it was drizzle by then
 photo 117_0266_zpsy4c9kkbz.jpg
 photo 20181027_140909_zpsvx6zwswl.jpg
 photo 117_0267_zpsvlds92lb.jpg
They have tried to show different cultures through the ages. Unless you take the time to walk around and read it does not amount to much but Cooper didn't care at his age so sitting in a stone chair and poking the nose of an Easter Island dude was good enough.
 photo 117_0272_zpstoywcv2m.jpg
 photo 117_0274_zpsrr6lnzz0.jpg
it was raining by now so we headed back to East Jordan. The Jordan river flows through the town and if you go up into the hills there is place called Dead Mans Hill where you can overlook the whole Jordan Valley, but that was not for this days adventure.
 photo 117_0277_zpshye5mdpp.jpg

Next was Friske Apple Orchards. They were doing a brisk trade and he really enjoyed the playground.
 photo 20181027_144257_zpswasra13u.jpg
 photo 20181027_144005_zpsnnvnf6cj.jpg
 photo 20181027_143938_zpsxenc2vkm.jpg
 photo 20181027_143835_zpsb8wkjdpj.jpg
I went inside and got us some donuts for the trip home and some cider for later. I have not heard from Edna this week, she usually wants to go out and find cider this time of year.
Anyway I think we did a good job of wearing Cooper out and I think he enjoyed his day. It was rather gloomy for picture taking but the leaves were brilliant on some of the trees. Lots of yellows and limes up that way. Anyway that was it for today............what's next?