Take a walk in Blue Bell Woods listen to the sounds around you, of bird song and bees. Smell the flowers and the scent of Spring in the air. Every year is a new beginning and every day a blessing

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts." (Colossians 3:15a NIV)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Reina's Birthday...........................................

Saturday, today, we celebrated Reina's birthday. It was officially on the 11th but we had to wait until the weekend. My gift was an adventure. Reina likes my adventures. Today's was to Pahl's country store out in Buckley. They have a pumpkin patch in the Fall and we went there one time to a hay ride. Anyway today was a trip into the woods to Santa's house.
 photo 6e0ab7ca-ff4c-4c9d-992f-244c97883a7a_zps5fa130c1.jpg
Today was 40 degrees, warm for this time of year and perfect for being outside. It was foggy from the mists coming up from whats left of the snow. We found our way though. We were just in time to catch the next tractor ride. Off to visit Santa.
 photo 1a094ed0-cce4-4aec-b387-2c3fff9bff9c_zps13d4756d.jpg
We do not encourage our kids to "believe" in Santa. That is not to say we do not indulge in make believe. That is fun and does no harm. We were explaining how the legend of Santa came to be, we told about St Nicholas and that he was such a good man and that  Santa is based on him. Tristen asked if he was still around and I said no he died a long time ago.
 photo 4a7d5608-7ae1-42cd-9a80-9d93916a7f83_zpsae0dfded.jpg
Here are Reina and Tristen waiting to go in and see Santa.
 photo 36ff0f14-fd7a-4ea2-9f48-99639b8326ae_zps5280607f.jpg
They did not really get enthused about Santa. Tristen said "you are not Santa, Santas is dead" I had to explain what we had talked about, I think Santa was a little put out haha. Santa said "No I'm not I am right here" Anyway, they were entertained and went on to hot cocoa and marshmallows. They got into that.
 photo 932aebd1-f1d8-447f-a83a-f0d0d40f9311_zpse8a95f6a.jpg
I even enjoyed the marshmallows and I am not keen. It was smokey and smelled lovely.
 photo 67696d2d-0557-479f-aae5-6c8c8343e739_zpsae91195d.jpg
 photo 5e78f18b-1686-40ca-a713-1d90972f991d_zps1490a046.jpg
 photo 3e47215c-ecfb-4d30-94a1-473d3c017d6f_zpse798fb59.jpg
We came back to visit the barn where they had small animals to pet. Goats and a pig, a pony and donkey and the roosters. A couple of barn cats were available to be petted.
 photo 4fb72920-5043-4b86-a4a8-3946b6a63a54_zpsa983a4d5.jpg
They had a nativity in the straw, a nice touch.
The next stop was the craft house and they got to choose one of three things offered. Needless to say they chose to decorate cookies.
 photo e2510ff5-2cc0-4ee7-981e-e09106f83dc8_zpsb1c34040.jpg
Apparently Tristens tasted pretty good
 photo 470852e5-0cc7-4586-8dab-f240de16063b_zpsddcd3da6.jpg
After that we went home to have cake and ice cream and for Reina to open her gifts. She was anxious to get back by that time.
 photo 75f9ac61-3ed1-46ba-9f52-3c84c07ac576_zps9d286bfb.jpg
 photo 034aaa1a-e414-4c5a-afab-cf33fd9bc52d_zpsdfcb049d.jpg
 photo d68552f7-8d55-4463-84ef-23e96bda9ffa_zps072e9e8e.jpg
Aunt Laura bought her a new set for her Pet Shop and so Tristen went home with them and they spent the rest of the day playing with that. Maybe they will sleep better tonight, they sure didn't get much sleep last night. Laura had to work so Reina spent the night. She slept in Tristens bed with him. He came in our room at 3am and said he and Reina were hungry..............I looked at the clock with unbelieving eyes. "Geeeeetttttttt baaaaackkkkk to bed" I said as the dogs all protested being awakend. He did, but they were up by 6am. At least we can sleep in tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Time for glitter...............

After Thanksgiving Tristen went to his auntie Laura for the weekend. That left us with the whole weekend to redo everything. What I do is to take out all of my ornaments and pack them away. Then I replace with Christmas ornaments. I have collected a lot over the years. I gave away all the really old ones that mean anything to me. I passed them on to Laura.
It takes forever to pack everything away. Then decide what I want where. The last year I didn't want to put up the tree, so we bought a small one. I was able to put that out on the back deck this year.
 photo 9992b94c-656f-49ad-beb8-c45b866e5da8_zps0476e04f.jpg
 photo 6fbd7581-1e9a-46b3-ba54-0b3c46a01ec8_zpsc369333a.jpg
The tree is up and decorated. Tristen helped
 photo 78ad77fc-763b-44d6-848a-fe5a57d24093_zpsf3c6066c.jpg
We didn't decorate last year because he was into everything. This year he actually did help. He is five now. Its a lot of work to decorate the whole house, I enjoy it but, it gets harder to take the plunge. The next picture is our new entrance.
 photo 25d29b15-0fe2-419f-8f03-8ebbe2909f32_zpscc15cd8d.jpg
I had to move the chair out of the front room with the tree going in there. I have small trees in each room. On the other wall is the desk and coat tree.
 photo 78785973-908a-4204-b87d-12b9749b552d_zps1c359aba.jpg
The kitchen has not got a whole lot going but I covered as much as I could with cheer.
 photo 3a8cd585-a056-45b8-b5c7-620616d15452_zpse32184ea.jpg
 photo d39b6f17-dcdf-4cdc-86e6-9aeafd48f791_zpscddbdd88.jpg
The dining room has a lot more surfaces to decorate and all of them are covered with stuff

 photo e0f14211-a2a7-4768-8700-13ae4dcfc4a5_zps38899bd1.jpg
 photo 84539947-03fc-4e66-9a0e-ccf6e84c2868_zpsec9187ce.jpg
 photo b9b7a079-ce62-48d6-814d-63994b948849_zpsb070e324.jpg
 photo 33117954-4fcf-411f-b306-b38d0bfb19c8_zpseca8dc86.jpg
 photo 232ca1eb-a1f5-4d7c-9cce-a02c2a13f568_zps28774bb8.jpg
 photo b7a952d6-211a-496a-8619-9e49265690b4_zps26fdf34d.jpg

The living room naturally has even more surface to decorate. Since I took all these pictures we found another box of goodies downstairs. So at some point I will do a few updates. Bear with me here, way too many pictures.........

 photo 0736e520-d544-4803-b7bf-e32342bc6ac4_zpse55f9b50.jpg
 photo 82f83fd2-a3c4-4cd5-bdd7-cf07adb2b0bc_zpsf13f368b.jpg
 photo 09d1a905-7804-4bbc-ac80-c1613e20db0d_zpsd3f4fcaa.jpg
 photo 4e7a9e9e-6cc6-4e96-8e94-784c17cf6902_zps24573bc3.jpg
 photo 9ae8d01f-4373-46ba-9793-a6b4ad4dcb43_zps85d3de32.jpg
 photo 5c72a43a-9b22-48c4-b23b-0374b1f6ee7e_zpsefd93f07.jpg
The front room, where the tree is........
 photo 80c645c3-8e28-485a-bb50-7cf3a8a7689f_zps32ce6f79.jpg

Those pictures did not come out very well. I will do another post later on some inexpensive decorating ideas. I have done more since I took these. I have to do the front porch and back deck next but its been so cold I didn't get out there yet.
I also have to iron and put back the doilies etc........that might not happen haha.

Friday, November 28, 2014


This year we had Thanksgiving at my house as usual. Not so much like other years in as much as Jason didn't come home. We didn't know what the weather was going to be like. Jason also has 3 cats now and that makes it difficult for him to leave for any length of time. So he doesn't want to risk being stuck here. Gabby had to work so we made her a plate and Tony took it to her at work. Tony, Cooper and her stayed the night. Laura, Robert and Reina came. It was Laura's birthday. So we had cake and icecream as well.
I always enjoy family get togethers. They may not be exciting or anything spectacular, but really dinner is about all I can handle anymore. Then all the clean up after. Thank goodness Gerry does a lot of that part.
Well, I am making the supreme effort this weekend and we will be decorating for Christmas.
So before Thanksgiving is over, I want to think about the meaning of it all.
 photo fdcb1505-5816-404a-a18a-a523f0640fe6_zps2ac68bcc.jpg
I love my family. I love my friends......but most of all I love God. I love what God has done for me. I have had some very rough times in my life but through it all He has been there for me. I rely on Him. He guides me. He teaches me. I see him work in my life.
I can not explain this, I can not say how I know He is here with me. I just know. It is a feeling of letting go.........yes, let go, and let God. Some descisions just pop into my head and we take that direction, its not until later that I see why. For this relationship I am Thankful.
 photo 08f81078-adb6-468b-8616-a83349dffaa2_zps6534ef22.jpg
I am Thankful for so many things in my life. I am so glad I was raised in England. The longer I am here the more I miss home. Still, if I have to live in America I am thankful that I live in Michigan. I do love it here. This year we have had a lot of fun exploring and doing things we have not done before.
I am thankful for Tristen in my life. Because I have him with me,and we are raising him, I wanted to show him as much as I can of the natural things around us, spend as much time with him as I can. I can never replace his Mother, but I can do the best I can for him for as long as I can. I want him to appreciate nature.
 photo ac08c90c-adab-4aa7-9e10-3f9bf0c38ee4_zps3d44c472.jpg
I am thankful that my husband takes a great part of the upbringing of Tristen. He helps me a lot, actually he helps me a great deal in many ways.
I am thankful that we have a home that I love, and that we have a house that Laura can raise her family in even though times are tough for her right now. I am thankful that I can help them.
I am thankful that my boys have good jobs. I am also happy that they have become good men.
 photo 03b91056-c1a4-4340-9ad1-af6da00b4752_zps52a7a140.jpg
I am thankful for the small things. I love my dogs, my poodle girls, I have always had poodles and pets and have loved them all and I am so very thankful for that. My life has always been full of animals. I adore them. I love wildlife and I am so glad I can get out and watch them, the birds, the deer and all of that, and so I am thankful for sight. I have lost the sight in one eye but that has made me grateful for what I once had. I had perfect vision all my life and so now I appreciate that. I am thankful that I can see the beauty all around me.
 photo 89ad222a-d1bd-4a3c-938c-02cdf8d4cf39_zpsc4489aba.jpg
Attitude is everything and I am thankful that the Lord holds my hand in this...........I am a positive person but it is sometimes difficult. I have a lot of things I need to work on but I am glad the Lord points them out to me. Frequently.
 photo 9fbe78dd-2195-44c9-8f17-ec6fb7937791_zps8286e69d.jpg
I am thankful for a daughter who is there for me, who helps me when I need it. It has been a journey to get to this point. SHe has not had an easy life either.
I am thankful for my granddaughters who I love. Those who are here and Alexandra who is not. I thank God for getting us through that. I am happy we have a lot in common. Its not so easy being close with my sons who do not enjoy the same things. Although Jason seems to think we should do more together. I will work on that.
Well I could write a whole list and it is a great idea to do that periodically. Especially when things do not go so well.........there is always, always something to be thankful for. Life itself. Health and well, even not having wealth because there is even things to be thanful for in that. One appreciates the small things.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WInter comes again.............

After the snow we got before, and then 3 days of rain that got rid of it all............we got snow again last night. This seemed colder. It was stuck on the trees and so the back roads were icy enough to cancel school. So wonderful (not) we had a snow day, no school. A snow day and its only November. Does not bode well.
 photo 61a7c542-8d80-4cb6-b9a2-8cfc2030190d_zps8789ddcc.jpg
Our front yard was rather pretty. I go outside without a coat to take my pictures and it was a bit nippy.
Tristen went out for awhile, but didn't stay outside very long. He would love to have me help him to make a snowman. I want to and have not mentioned it yet. We need more snow and a day that is not windy and wet. Besides I need a carrot for the nose.
 photo a6cf0a09-b660-43ad-b995-1244b14c79bf_zps048f567b.jpg
The flowers long gone but still pretty with littel white fluffy hats.
 photo 839e223c-0de0-4d0f-99ff-e55c0dac1da7_zpsfd3c358a.jpg
The front of the house this morning, not as pretty as some times. Still, it was snowy.
 photo 247b5a73-0f7b-427c-aa4a-11f1624abc49_zpsaf92f3b3.jpg
It looks so much better with a blue sky. As I stood there taking my pictures I could hear the Chickadees in the pine trees. They were not at the feeders yet, maybe its warm inside the pines? In any case lots of twittering going on. I often wonder where all the bird sleep. If you could see into the trees at night are all the branches full of huddled up little bodies.
 photo 82b6781d-3edb-435a-a0ac-8dbc912c26f0_zps136925c3.jpg
I took more pictures of birds today and will show those on the garden blog. Not a lot else going on these days. Poor Tristen was bored out of his mind, and I was not very patient. Some days are like that. He didn't want to do anything. I gave him his own markers, I suggested this and that and it was all no I don't want to. He wanted to sit on me and just watch TV and I am not a person who just likes to sit. I will for a time but then I think of something and I have to pursue it. Its the same with TV I can't just sit and watch TV. Like now, we are watching a movie and I am also doing this. Might explain a few of my post huh!!!!
Well, I am going to post my bird pictures now I think.................looks like more snow tonight and I have to go shopping tomorrow or there will be no veggies to go with our turkey.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow Days................

Well the snow is here, it looks like it will stay now. Tristen is enjoying it. He got a new winter coat this year so he is all set with new boots as well. He had some snow pants from last year that fit him well. Then there is the issue of gloves. I got 3 pairs of wool gloves before the snow came.....those do not hold up in wet snow so school says he MUST have some waterprood. OK got some Thursday that he wore Friday and came home minus one glove. Grrrrrr. Got a new pair today and I have put them on a ribbon threaded through his arms on his coat.
 photo 63f67e95-4ac5-46ad-8c70-865d6c0049d6_zps82ab5147.jpg
 photo 692cad26-8a52-4695-8b19-b3ce7e2b586d_zpsd1fb8803.jpg
He was having so much fun, trying to hit me with a snowball.......
 photo 9e8e4aa8-ead6-4f54-86f0-5f2ee34016dc_zpsabc4ba6c.jpg
He has a great aim. One did get into the house until I sent him further back.........
 photo 824a8496-8a30-4b3a-b3ed-d528c832d9ef_zps1fea2353.jpg
Maybe I should invest in some winter boots, or maybe I do have some that I used to wear when I had horses. I will look tomorrow because he has yet to make a snowman.......we must do that. Woo hoo......I am soooooo going to do that tomorrow. Meanwhile this snow ball is dead on the way to hitting me. I closed the door
 photo 197bb59f-b06b-44f0-9826-68e5a57df970_zps40338751.jpg
So he turned his attention to Granddad who was trying to get the snow blower going.
 photo cc18acd7-a6aa-43cd-a389-2773f986b4d0_zps14846ef9.jpg
Had to have a chat about safety because he was not listening to Granddad........sigh!!!
 photo 51a6e333-7b43-4274-afac-bfb024ec8d5e_zps098a5bcb.jpg
As you can see he loves it out there, he loves the snow. We just have to find some things to make it more fun. He was still trying to get me..........lucky I was behind the door
 photo 5bb08dc2-71f2-4f18-ad28-6c293fead03e_zps85277100.jpg
Meanwhile the poodles are not enjoying it quite so much. The heating pads are their best friends. Brea was outside yesterday and I got this shot of her being very naughty, she was defiant and would not come in. You can see it in those eyes and the set of her tail (showing above her head) little bugger........had to wipe her off with a blanket and stick her on the heating pad.
 photo 5e2e6494-fbf3-40c9-b202-befc3c04732e_zps0801bf1e.jpg
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