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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dead Mans Hill.............................

Out for the day with Edna. It has been a very pretty day, sunny and bright. It was quite warm too. I went out for the day with Edna. She loves to drive and I do not. She knows all the back roads all over the state and I do not.Anyway, we didn't let a beautiful day go to waste.
 photo DSCN7939_zpshrk3smlf.jpg
So we went north in the hope that the colours are changed, while not at their peek, or maybe past the peek? I don't know, but beautiful either way. I don't know all the roads but somehow we ended up in and around East Jordan and Alba. We stopped for lunch in a very very small town and it was awesome food as it often is in some of those small places. Sometimes we take a picnic but some days its just nice to find a quiet place and enjoy a lunch out.
 photo DSCN7950h_zpspnoxd0p1.jpg
 photo DSCN7949j_zpsqyx28wtv.jpg
Some colours were brilliant, some muted but it was a lovely ride.
 photo DSCN7900_zpspen4p3nc.jpg
 photo DSCN7910hj_zpsbtjql9ww.jpg
We stopped by "Dead Man's Hill" I copied the sign and that explains it for us. It was windy on the top of the hill. Exhilarating. I love the wind like that, the nip in the air so fresh and clean. I wished I could have been alone but there were a few people taking in the view across the Jordan Valley.
 photo DSCN7911_zpsgqjbfpza.jpg
 photo DSCN7912h_zpsqzitywrv.jpg
 photo DSCN7914gj_zpspe6gvxcg.jpg
 photo DSCN7919h_zpsj5ogpwhh.jpg
I would have loved to have gone for a hike but that was for another day.
 photo DSCN7906n_zpsifii4es6.jpg
The fungus on the trees, so pretty.
 photo DSCN7907j_zpsu6ytfskg.jpg
It is hard to capture the colours on film, especially from a moving car, but I tried.
 photo DSCN7887j_zps8ri7cmqx.jpg
The sky was pretty all day, layers of clouds.
 photo DSCN7952_zps7xscogab.jpg
The seeds make a pretty picture also. Anyway it was a lovely day with a lovely lady.
 photo DSCN7945h_zpsrmncygwn.jpg
It would have been a perfect day for hiking but then again, it's bow hunting season. So as it always is at this time of year, the beauty of the forest is tainted. We can't really hike unless we wear bright orange. I prefer to stay away. It's safe enough in these places because most ban hunting, but not all so one has to be careful.

Monday, October 17, 2016

A chilly day at the beach.....................

Laura and myself do some crazy stuff. It's a wonder we don't get hurt sometimes. That usually involves animals but we do lots of silly things. I taught her well (eye roll).
Well this Monday, a week or so ago (when my computer was gone) we went to the beach. It was a cold day but we wanted to get out.
The beach was empty just as we like it. I love this time of year. The weather is milder and as the leaves turn its very pretty.
 photo DSCN7718 1_zpslmjb1gl5.jpg
 photo DSCN7726_zpst41wvlov.jpg
 photo DSCN7725_zpst6oepcuv.jpg
We were not looking for stones this day but, well when you see a Petoskey stone, can you pass it by?
 photo DSCN7729 1_zpsrhc18c8i.jpg
 photo DSCN7724_zpskeoaeien.jpg
Only a few trees had changed. It should be the peak sometime this week.
 photo DSCN7723_zpssr1fq8vu.jpg
We didn't see any animals. Sheesh!!!!! A couple of butterfly is all. We went up through the woods just in case there was something to see. When we got off the beach (Otter Creek) we stopped to look at the river. We saw BIG rainbow trouts in there. Very pretty.
 photo DSCN7744_zpsikq67bm6.jpg
The rest of those roads was mainly farm land and the conservation for the national park has saved many that can be explored.
 photo DSCN7752_zps4e5q97z3.jpg
Not a lot to see, no birds, no deer, nothing up in the woods. When we got back down Laura noticed a snake and chased it off the road. This guy was not so lucky. Poor thing.
 photo DSCN7781 1_zpshakritli.jpg
We did stop at a ruin that we always pass by. Nothing to see though
 photo DSCN7777_zpsh8hwcbae.jpg
Up in the woods we passed some riders. Always pull off the road or go slow passed horses. You never know. When I had a horse people could be really stupid, some liked to see the horses act up and would scare them.
 photo DSCN7750_zps2kq2imml.jpg
Oh I forgot, we did see one deer. It was bounding across a meadow and stopped to enjoy some apples
 photo DSCN7754_zpsntxtxddi.jpg
Later on Laura picked some pears from a field that used to be a farm. we did see two Bald Eagles on that road but no pictures. I love these silo's and I think I take a picture every time.
 photo DSCN7772_zpspgnrpihw.jpg
On the way home the county had finished the bike path that now joins the trails and we were able to get a good look at this lake. We remember years ago it was just a swampy area and the trees died as it got bigger. Now its a lake. There is a farm there and the lake is almost up to the barn now. Unless the park service do something they will loose the barn. Its good to see nature working
 photo DSCN7789_zpsoltqskja.jpg
On our way home we took a detour along a country road we like. Stopped to talk to this girl who is pregnant
 photo DSCN7798_zpsflmkmicn.jpg
She seems lonely. Across the road were her friends and family. I have stopped eating beef and pork. However I wish all cattle could live out their lives in wonderful pastures like this.
 photo DSCN7814h_zpscnqraao3.jpg
They were very curious and came down from the woods and back fields to check us out. The old bull in the back field was not happy though so we didn't stay long.
 photo DSCN7812_zpsingq5slv.jpg
 photo DSCN7811 1_zpsdkacrlmt.jpg
I love cows. I have had a few experiences with them though and learned a few lessons. Cows are curious so don't ever run, they will think you are going somewhere and run after you. Trust me, I know.

Debbie's Birthday...................

Laura and I went to visit Debbie Commins. Dan's 2nd ex wife. Laura and her got quite close after Debbie had a stroke just prior to the divorce from Dan. Dan had asked Laura (wife #1) to help Debbie with personal care. You may imagine that they got pretty good friends during that time.
Well we have kept up the friendship. It's a shame that her long time friends have not done the same, they all seemed to leave her, apparently thinking she was not trying to help herself as quickly as she should. I don't understand that. Everyone is different. Well recently Debbie fell and broke her hip and is now recovering from that and back home. She moved into town and so it's easy to go visit her now.
Anyway her family arranged a surprise birthday party for her.
Laura and Debbie.
 photo DSCN7430_zpsdcmvikru.jpg
Cameron with his grandparents (Debbie's mum and dad)
 photo DSCN7431_zpsdqztmz9k.jpg
Debbie trying on some new earrings
 photo DSCN7428_zpssxgs93px.jpg
I think that Debbie is very brave. We met her pastor when visiting her in hospital. A very nice man from the Journey church. Talking to him myself about the situation with Tristen helped me make my decisions. I think it was fate that we visited on the same day.
 photo DSCN7429_zps6fbunhzx.jpg
I think Debbie enjoyed her day and it was good to see her folks, lovely couple they are. Her son Cameron and daughters Lauren and Emily were also there. I think friends from church had done the cake for her. We were happy to be included.
I took her some magazines the other day and she asked me to go back and help her to relearn to knit. I had given her yarn, needles and a round weaving thingie. So I must go sometime this week and we can try to do that. She should be able to work that with just the one arm. She still cant use the one side too well but is improving all the time so I thought this might help her. We shall see.

Does Time heal?.........

It has been awhile since I last posted. Several reasons for that. My computer had to go back to be fixed that was one thing and my camera has died. I had a Kodak camera that I loved. It was getting old and I knew it would die some day. It did and so I bought another. I bought a Canon. I did not seem to have much luck with it and eventually bought another, a Nikon. Well the original camera came back to life after a rest so I continued to use that one.I think it has finally given up for good. (we shall see) I can not get used to either one of the new ones. The Nikon is working but the pictures are not as crisp as my old camera. For some reason the Canon is refusing to work and that's the newest one. So I will have to see what can be done for that. Anyway, the reason for saying all that is NO PICTURES.
We have had Tristen for a couple of weekends and several days here and there. He is settled in to his new home and life but is very sad. When he comes he enjoys himself especially if it's over night but he never wants to leave. It is hard for all of us.
Tomorrow is the court date. I guess signing a paper is not enough for them I actually have to go to court. I hate that. I will never and have never respected the justice system here. I don't trust it. There was nothing to stop the judge throwing Laura H petition out of court. Both the judge and the DHS or child services agreed there was no cause to remove him from our home, but because Laura H refused to give up, they sent it to trial. I refused. I won't go to court and bad mouth everyone, call witnesses and stress people out, make them lose work time and everything else. Beside that we don't have the money. Plus emotionally and physically I just could not stand in the witness box and do what I needed to do. If Tristen were going to a bad home that would have been different. So tomorrow will see the end to this sad episode. It could have been handled so differently. I do not understand how any decent human being can take a child away from people and a home that he loves for no just cause.
That is how it is, and that is how it must be.
So we did several things while Tristen was here. One weekend we went to call of the wild
 photo 14567582_10153713979761595_784673510438624706_o_zpspqelolik.jpg
 photo 14581546_10153713981211595_2055637141393865942_n_zpstp3g7uxl.jpg
 photo 14502830_10153713980921595_9134191661169219913_n_zpsw0mqsnmm.jpg
and Hardwick Pines State park. A good day out.
 photo 14517510_10153713997651595_8460727215245746067_n_zpsmehsa0e9.jpg
 photo 14567361_10153714000731595_122207615565583150_o_zpsndojxnqk.jpg
 photo 14542419_10153713994431595_1350258196462098516_o_zpsmqybzcts.jpg
The following day we went to a small zoo in Roscommon
 photo 14542447_10153717001516595_8501593223675702869_o_zpszkikmkdi.jpg
 photo 14542566_10153717005661595_8989699260768789339_o_zpspjxvmzlc.jpg
 photo 14524518_10153717006766595_8787091439120278772_o_zpstjloudmc.jpg
 photo 14590137_10153717002146595_4530646744266418226_o_zpsvxvls4hs.jpg
Tristen said can we do something else fun today? So we stopped at Wellington Farms

Both kids (Reina came too) had a great time, got spoilt and got stuffies and Tee shirts and stuff as reminders.
 photo 14608770_10153717012926595_6359581756809724208_o_zpsgveaqjws.jpg
 photo 14589628_10153717012006595_5058716940710204571_o_zpstk3n7gmd.jpg
 photo 14524458_10153717010131595_6748797419907669545_o_zps0mf4ax8w.jpg
After that they were more than ready to go home and Tristen said next time I come over can we stay home and play. I said Yes please.
We have tried to do things with them both now we don't have Tristen all the time. They have been raised together for all intents and purpose. So more like brother and sister than anything else (Reina is really his aunt being his mothers sister).
This past weekend we had him on Saturday, Laura H was on a cruise and he had been with Todd all week. I offered to give Todd a break and he was happy to accept. We went to Pahls Pumpkin Patch
It is usually a good place to go but this time it seemed more like it was for smaller kids. Last time we went they had face painting and crafts and other things to do. This time not so much but it was something to do. The kids were glad for some free time to play at home. Tristen cried when he had to go home. Not sobbing but silent tears running down his face, that seemed worse somehow. Trying to be brave, it breaks my heart. He will be OK though and maybe as time goes on it will all be OK. I can only hope so.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dinosaur park.......................

This past weekend Tristen came home for the weekend. Laura H dropped him off Saturday morning and we were to take him home Sunday afternoon. Well it rained all day Saturday, so what to do? We had taken out his piggy bank. I had needed change for my yard sale. So We emptied out his piggy and what we did was give him the amount to spend at Toys R US. Actually we gave him a bit more so the day was saved. He chose his toys and was happy for the rest of the day.
 photo 101_0526_zpsv6eoyjip.jpg

 photo 101_0524_zps198fu7vt.jpg
Sunday turned out to be a lovely day and so I called ahead to be sure the Dinosaur park was open, it was and the weather was great. So I called Laura to have Reina ready and off we went. It is a 3 hour drive over to Alpena. Wow, it sure does not seem so far when I go with Edna. Edna says that's because we are yapping all the way. Gerry is not a talker. The kids dozed off so it was a nice quiet trip out. We got lost a couple of times, well not exactly lost, we just had to turn around a few times.
When we arrived they hit the floor running.
 photo 101_0621h_zpssnd2hr9c.jpg
 photo 101_0585_zpssrysvgib.jpg
 photo 101_0583_zpsbcn0kca2.jpg
This one got the boy
 photo 101_0612jk_zps3sahjm9i.jpg
But he got away
 photo 101_0613h_zpsfxwwwnur.jpg
I personally though the models were rather cheesy but the kids loved it.
 photo 101_0617h_zpswrkabfpu.jpg
They were so wound up they made it around in record time I think
 photo 101_0592_zpsvtcarf5q.jpg
They were just so excited.
 photo 101_0590_zpsfttznfei.jpg
I also bought a pass so they could do the mini golf. They whizzed around that too they were eager to get to the shop.
 photo 101_0636_zpsjxlovmyh.jpg
They didn't slow down even at the golf.
 photo 101_0637_zpslhxwhkcm.jpg
They just wanted to get to the shop. Posing here with Paul Bunyon and they have their chosen stuffie.
 photo 101_0651_zps6iylr0ti.jpg
We stopped at KFC and bought something to eat before heading home. Tristen wanted to go back to our house. He said my house is home not Laura's house, but that will pass soon enough as he settles in. I am not sure when he will come again. Time will tell. It's his birthday next week and I am sure they will have a party for him. I have had a party every year so far, so this is sad too. I won't be going this year and neither will Laura. We will just have cake and ice cream next time we see him and get him a gift then.