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Monday, January 21, 2019

Brrrrrrrr minus 20........................

Not quite as cold in town because we have the Bay, never the less it was bloody cold. Laura H called last night because no school today. They had appointments so asked if we would have Tristen. Well YES heck yes. He asked her if he could come early rather than wait for the appointment time.So he got here around 10.30. We had hoped it would warm up a bit. So Cooper came up and they played for a time on the computer and upstairs in Tristens room. He found all his old school papers in the desk and had fun going through those and his old pictures from school. Cooper has one of the teachers Tristen had so they had that to chat about.
We went out and bought his Christmas gift finally. A nice little camera that he can take on our trips and put them on his computer. He never wants to take any of the things we get him back to Laura Hs house. Not sure what that's about.

The camera is waterproof and supposed to be strong. So after lunch and getting the camera charged off we went.
 photo 20190121_133005_zpszwn0supd.jpg
 photo 122_0814_zpsbhyqggi4.jpg
We went down by the Bay hoping to see some waterfowl but apparently it was too cold. None around.
 photo 122_0810h_zpslwavz5wt.jpg
 photo 122_0821k_zpsdckcvcb0.jpg
 photo 122_0826_zpscyt69mq7.jpg
So on our way to Logan's Landing we stopped by the river. We parked at the old library where there are steps down to the river. Well on one side was ice and they spent some time sliding down on their rumps.
 photo 20190121_153237_zpsjv2gylff.jpg
 photo 20190121_153234_zpsbwdmtjll.jpg
 photo 122_0825_zpse1dciriz.jpg
We didn't stay long because it was so cold and wet bums and all that so off to Logan's Landing. No wildfowl there either. Then some geese flew in and I wish I had my phone ready but alas I didn't.
 photo 122_0841_zpsxrnut0fc.jpg
 photo 122_0835_zpsvq3wtjt1.jpg
We had to be careful not to step in the water as it was not possible to see where land ended and water began
 photo 122_0836_zpsp53pd5zt.jpg
 photo 122_0834_zpsupjsio3g.jpg
I love the textures.
 photo 122_0832_zpsotmmchwe.jpg
 photo 122_0842_zps5nnht1in.jpg
Bunny tracks
 photo 20190121_153639k_zpsztiurfau.jpg
A picture Tristen took of me. You know it's cold I am wearing a hat and gloves, I never wear gloves.
 photo DSCF0025_zpsxpguv3f2.jpg
It was just too cold to hang about but at least we got out for awhile and Laura H was picking him up at 5 so after some strawberries, (he didn't like the veggie burger haha) it was time to go home. He asked us about the weekend but Laura said wait and we will wait and see

Saturday, January 19, 2019

January Winter scenes............

Friday was a somewhat sunny day and so we went for a drive. I just needed some sunshine and to get out of the house. Well we did go out yesterday, did some grocery shopping, got the poodles washed haha. Now they have to wear coats to stay warm. It was COLD. Not too many people on the roads once we got out of town. The roads were clear and just a little snow left to cover up the drabness. We are expecting a Winter storm this week, maybe we can get out again after that.
Had to take this shot, I usually do but love it, this is Suttons Bay.
 photo 20190118_122913_zpsmlsgvgtx.jpg
Our first stop was at the Peddling Beans, we got white chocolate Mocha and a scone and a very large peanut butter cookie to eat that evening. They are all fresh baked locally I believe. Always a nice selection. They have a nice seating area with fresh roses on the tables but we didn't stay.
 photo 20190118_124814_zpsztwn2mpg.jpg
Decided to skip Leland and headed to Glen Arbor, stopping at Port Onieda hoping to see some critters along the way. We took a side trip down to Good Harbor Bay, Gerry was not thrilled to be on an unploughed road haha. No sense of adventure that one. Me and Laura never gave it a thought, Old Betsie always got us through. It was ccccccoooold.
 photo 122_0730_zpsljdr6cjq.jpg
 photo 20190118_130144_zpshrlgxljz.jpg
We got out of there just fine but I figured we better stay on maintained roads. So next was the Lake on the Boardwalk we always stop at but nothing to see there
 photo 122_0735_zpsyibnqqql.jpg
On to Port Oneida
 photo 20190118_133643m_zps3lbtce1t.jpg
 photo 122_0741_zpsix3alls1.jpg
The Beaver seem to still be busy and have cut down a LOT of trees. Don't they sleep in Winter??? Apparently not.
 photo 122_0749a_zpsrsehnf3x.jpg
 photo 122_0750a_zpsqz2xwy1c.jpg
Not much to see so we continued on, I said "I suppose the roads up through the woods are out of the question?" hehe I was joking, they would not be passable in our van. Hey Ho so off to Glen Arbor we go
Wow no traffic, what's up with that. Usually packed with cars and pedestrians haha. Way too cold to be walking around.
It was good to see they are working on restoring the old mill and I can't wait to see what they do with that.
 photo 20190118_134331_zpshpudy5dy.jpg
Nothing to see in Glen Arbor so on to Glen Haven. It looked so pretty, no one around except for one person walking their dog. A Husky, loving it. It was very windy and cold, I put my coat on to get out that time.
 photo 20190118_135524j_zpsdyz4srip.jpg
 photo 20190118_135021_zps8vvnj4mr.jpg
 photo 20190118_135049_zpsntj8ausp.jpg
 photo 122_0761l_zpsjejqssmu.jpg
 photo 122_0759g_zpst4zzs3vv.jpg
We headed to Empire next, passed the Dunes and saw a couple of brave souls had ignored the wind and climbed up.
 photo 20190118_140145_zpsfdccjobz.jpg
 photo 20190118_140400_zpsy3wulexh.jpg
We passed Jo and Tony's house but didn't stop. It was beginning to snow lightly and I still wanted to stop at Empire. So far we had seen no animals, thought it was probably too cold. We saw a large herd of deer right in town, and then again on the outskirts of town where we saw them last year. First the beach though. I had hoped to get pictures of ice this day but the water was too rough. Still I got a couple of nice shots
 photo 122_0794_zpsflqv2vfp.jpg
 photo 122_0795_zps4fume2uy.jpg
 photo 122_0798_zpsqz2rqwgm.jpg
 photo 122_0792_zpssksrdgcm.jpg
The best though was the deer. We went into town on one of the small side roads down past the museum.
 photo 20190118_141334_zpsyinbpg14.jpg
We saw deer.
 photo 122_0781g_zpsnmjjceel.jpg
 photo 122_0774_zpsppzyt353.jpg
 photo 122_0779h_zpscmfvji9x.jpg
They had their winter woolies on
 photo 122_0771j_zpsgnr9qjte.jpg
we sat for quite some time watching them eat and cross the road right through peoples yards.
 photo 122_0773k_zpsr0rlslwy.jpg
We decided to leave and let them catch up with each other although they hardly seemed worried. As we turned onto the beach road there was another herd. Had to stop again to watch. Beautiful healthy deer, it's not been a bad winter so far so they are not skinny and their coats look good.
 photo 122_0783_zpsdwoeznx4.jpg
 photo 122_0786_zpsvj8p3gmr.jpg
 photo 122_0784l_zpslp9rgsvj.jpg
Empire was not busy either, all shut up for Winter. No one on that beach either and I don't blame them but it was just so good to get outside I didn't care how cold it was.
 photo 20190118_142931_zpssk3gg4gm.jpg
 photo 20190118_142909_zpsczo8nioh.jpg
So we headed home for me to make a tuna/salmon casserol for supper.
 photo 20190118_143601_zpsmogdiqit.jpg
The dinner turned out well and we ate the peanut butter cookies for desert

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Grooming Poodles.......

Today was spa day for the poodles. We take them to Brenda's Pet Parlour these days. She is just so kind and patient with my girls and does a wonderful job. We have been to many groomers over the years because we have always had poodles. I have to say that I have never had a poodle who enjoyed the experience. I don't know why. I mean they have a nice bath and then the hair cut and nails clipped. Certainly more comfortable than if I/we did it at home.
 photo 20180107_154920_zpsevj7ezq6.jpg
Bodi gets way to hot in the house when she is in need of grooming. Her plump little body just can't take the heat and I fully understand.
I didn't take a picture of them before we went to the groomers but they were bad. We didn't have the money and then the weather didn't cooperate. We had to cancel last week.
 photo 20180615_120820_zps5em9drwi.jpg
I actually love them with long hair but its so hard to keep clean. Brea still had a lingering odour of Skunk from quite some time ago, now she is smelling sweet again.
 photo 20180905_141905_zpsivvspukx.jpg
 photo 103_0561_zpsjzkoxpks.jpg
The last couple of days Bijou got really bad, she had an upset tummy and her eyes were having issues so that we had to put drops in. She was just really pathetic looking. Now she is back to her pretty self.
I have not taken the after the spa pictures because everyone is under blankets right now but Brenda took these pictures of Bodi having her turn. Bodi has joint issues and will no longer stand for grooming. Brenda just rolls her around the table and Bodi seems to enjoy it. Here are Brenda's pictures
 photo 50227056_309827323072149_8843291706313932800_n_zpsqikwfyb9.jpg
 photo 50023924_235547433883789_7435703861102247After936_n_zpsnpn8hoc6.jpg
Then the after picture
 photo 50299122_636916310055168_529583318866329600_n_zpsa9coksmb.jpg
Time to go home.
Poodles are high maintenance and we have 4 so we can't take them as often as we should, I don't think they have ever been this bad and I just have to praise Brenda no end for taking care of them.
 photo 20190118_103628_zpsvceewaeu.jpg
 photo 20190118_103614_zpsrd7r8ian.jpg
 photo 20190118_103610_zpsp5t5wzpt.jpg
 photo 20190118_103542_zps3n17cp2o.jpg
Three girls with coats on, Bodi does not need one haha............happy poodles today