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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Charlevoix the Beautiful..........................

Today was a cool and sunny day perfect for me. We headed north for a change. I wanted to take the trip up to Charlevoix and find the river walk. On the way up, it takes about an hour, there are two art galleries I wanted to stop at. The first one is "The Cycling Salamander" we have not stopped in years but was happy to find it still open. The lady who owns it has been there 27 years. She closed the outside art walk this year. She was telling me that she wants to move to the UP. We had a nice long chat. She said it was OK to take some pictures and so I did. This one I loved is by Jerry Douglas  photo 115_0001_zpsyjumcuzg.jpg
 photo 20180922_201428_zps5emrj47x.jpg
I love the deer in the mists......There is a wide array of art pieces and paintings, sculptures etc.
 photo 115_0003_zpsshgxoj5s.jpg
I bought two small mushrooms for my collection.
 photo 20180922_200835_zps4q5rcrqb.jpg
 photo 20180922_200847_zpshmcb0cdt.jpg
It was a joy to talk with the lady. She did not give me her name but she gave me the card above so you can visit her web site.
Next stop was the Beir Gallary. I always have to stop there.
 photo 115_0009_zpsf8knset0.jpg
I had read on Facebook that they had some new "froggies" so I knew I would have to get one. This is who came home with me.
 photo 20180922_201305_zpsm5k3pymq.jpg
 photo 20180922_201237_zps3ato8fml.jpg
I have several in my collection and it occurs to me I could put them on "English Spirits Pretty Things" blog
Anyway, again I asked if I could take pictures and was OKd
 photo 115_0012_zps2v4wfzvx.jpg
I went into the studio to see the lady who makes the froggies and she was making the ones on Maple leaves. She said she is trying some on Oak leaves so that would be something to get next time. The owners son has opened a beer garden up at the back of the gallery and studio so we went up there to visit. I had a hard cider and Gerry tried one of the many varieties of his beer. Very good, I had a taste. No worry, we got small ones.
 photo 20180922_201456_zpskzt6ogq6.jpg
 photo 115_0014_zpsteui7vsl.jpg
There is also an art studio right next to it and I went in there, could not sit that long haha. I had to take a picture of this, take a good look at the horse in the middle. I am sorry I can't credit the artist, I didn't notice the name
 photo 115_0018_zpspxorchl1.jpg
So we left there and continued into Charlevoix. Not as busy as in mid summer woo hoo.
 photo 115_0035k_zpsmsb6jnwo.jpg
 photo 115_0036_zpsmutyh6ki.jpg
I wanted to find the river walk and we did. Some of the critters along the way.
 photo 115_0037_zpsb4eshdhu.jpg
 photo 115_0040_zps6f7ywxoa.jpg
 photo 115_
 photo 115_0055_zpsogs2dqwx.jpg
 photo 115_0047l_zpskglrmdcj.jpg
 photo 115_0057_zpsqaaebdij.jpg

I took this picture of the roof oh this hotel/restaurant because it was designed by Earl Young an eccentric architect who did the famous mushroom houses in Charlevoix
 photo 115_0058_zpsoh8ldlix.jpg
 photo 115_0052k_zpswhm84id8.jpg
From Charlevoix we turned towards home and stopped at Fishermans Island State Park.
You drive in about two miles on the main track, there are camp sites along the way well hidden in the woods or on the beach. Quite private they seem. We were interested in the beach at the end.
 photo 115_0071_zpsxghbmrq4.jpg
I swear, if there is a rock there is a Seagull on it. Just seems to have to be.
 photo 115_0062_zpsvhkxuzfz.jpg
A very short walk through the woods to this beautiful beach.
 photo 115_0073_zpsb3yavqmk.jpg
 photo 115_0102_zpszntfvg0l.jpg
Do you see a little birdie in this picture?
 photo 115_0105_zps7gccorlv.jpg
I had taken pictures of him already going the other way up the beach. I could not resist taking more so have dozens of pictures of this one little bird. He was very busy. Was not at all shy. I got quite close, in fact he got tired and took a nap not at all afraid. I wish him a long healthy life.
 photo 115_0086a_zpsvrhgwwzb.jpg
 photo 115_0110a_zpsfeftpmqe.jpg
 photo 115_0084_zpsr670t1ep.jpg
Nap time
 photo 115_0113_zpsdgk94xjp.jpg
We headed home, saw these girls on the way out of the park.
 photo 115_0118k_zpsviaurz0y.jpg
We didn't make any more stops, getting towards supper time and I had spent my money already on my treasures. The sky was so pretty I had to take a few more shots of farms on the way back
 photo 20180922_115120a_zps3mjn85lr.jpg
 photo 20180922_114931_zpsl8gy59gu.jpg
It was a longer drive initially than going out into Leelanau county but when we go there we go all around and about so really the driving is not a lot more. The benefit was less people. The park and beach were wonderful, I found beach glass and a few Petoskey stones but was really just enjoying the walk. The sand was easy to walk on so I did get my exercise in. A beautiful day. With my vision getting worse I appreciate every day I can do this. Not sure Gerry enjoys the driving so much but he will get used to it haha. I am introducing him into relaxing places to go and sit and enjoy the small things like the beer or a nice coffee, things he never got to do before.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Miller Creek............................

It was very cool today yeahhhhh. We wanted to go to Aldi's to do a little grocery shopping and then after that we decided to go for a walk. It was perfect walking weather. Unfortunately the mosquitoes were not done yet. I got 3 of the blighters though, yet to see how many got me. I would have thought they would be done by now.
The Miller Creek preserve is behind Aldi's. It is a rather confusing trail that has several options. Laura and I have got misdirected on that one several times. I wondered if I could remember.
 photo trail map_zps3a5spa5o.jpg
So we tried to avoid the trail that goes way back to Sabin School.
 photo 20180919_132242_zpskpjbkooe.jpg
 photo 20180919_132502_zpsix3clfwh.jpg
One thing about this town that I admire is the amount of land set aside for public use. The wildlife preserves are numerous. This one is not one of the prettiest but there is a diversity of habitat. Being so close to the Stores like Home Depot etc it's quite well used.
 photo 20180919_132706_zpspqdqye4r.jpg
 photo 20180919_133319_zpsutv95jpr.jpg
 photo trail 1_zpsiq4cdzdn.jpg
There are not too many flowers left out there but what is still living is busy with bees and bugs.
 photo bug_zpsnzjlw4a3.jpg
 photo 20180919_133622_zpsh1rshkw5.jpg
 photo polen_zpsa0e58nol.jpg
 photo 20180919_133919j_zpssfwl5zy2.jpg
There is a lot of undergrowth on much of the trails. The creek winds all through leaving some wide areas of marsh.
 photo 20180919_133951_zpsxgg6fcva.jpg
 photo 20180919_134009_zpsq6sg7hae.jpg
The creek water is clear though. I am sure there are lots of deer in there but we didn't see any. They have built apartments on a lot of the surrounding land but when you are down in there its easy to forget that.
 photo 20180919_134527_zpsqkscufl2.jpg
Boardwalks help through the marshy areas. I love the Cedar swamps, except the Mozzies. The trees are beautiful. photo 20180919_134816_zpsjs6pv6ot.jpg
The dead trees and broken down ones provide food for many, nothing is wasted.
 photo 20180919_134627_zpsqzxkpe9n.jpg
I think nature teaches us that life goes on in some form or other. Each thing that dies has a new use and perspective. I love the seeds. God created within every living thing the seeds of future generations.
 photo 20180919_134700h_zps0crpufcu.jpg
Within the fruit is the future for that particular species.
 photo 20180919_134748_zpsntig2rvf.jpg
 photo 20180919_134712_zpsuoi6cgtc.jpg
These trees remind me of the skins of elephants. I want to hug them.
 photo 20180919_134803k_zpstgiiq9kz.jpg
The marshy areas are full of reeds, bullrushes and birds.
 photo 20180919_135130k_zps6nlzuyvl.jpg
Old apple trees give fruit for the deer.
 photo 20180919_135409_zpsyis1p9tf.jpg
I did find some fungi, I had hoped for some pretty red ones but think I must go over to the Silver Lake Park for that.
 photo 20180919_135020_zpsztaaedyf.jpg
 photo 20180919_134957j_zps8d9fsljj.jpg
 photo 20180919_135022_zpsu1bfwn8f.jpg
Some nice meadows there but dried up and not a lot to see.
 photo 20180919_135839j_zpsycrddsgc.jpg
 photo 20180919_135532k_zpszqtxi7il.jpg
Saw this guy chugging along I think some caterpillars hibernate underground for the winter. He is rather a plain looking chap.
 photo 20180919_140124k_zpso9nlhp15.jpg
 photo 20180919_140654j_zpsqjgj94ej.jpg
We had to check the trail markers and only got confused once, but we were good and finally made it out right where we were supposed to so I think we have that one down pat now and it was a new one for Gerry. It's a little longer than the one over by Michaels. Probably about a mile so is a good short walk. Could do without the hill at the very end though. At least we got in a little exercise. Hope for more if it stays cool