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Sunday, June 16, 2013

English Butterflies........

Going back to when I was a child, as I usually do........well that is when I lived in Paradise. Sigh!! When I didn't know how fortunate I was......
I have told you that my Dad loved his garden, as did I. He gave me a love of gardens, of wild things and of the English countryside. We went on many country walks together, sometimes Mum came too. I see it as an idyllic time, it probably wasn't but in my memory it is. He grew wonderful Peonies and I have never had any luck with them. I don't think my garden has enough sun. I find that when I buy plants I buy memories. I love Iris because they were in his garden. I love Pansies because he had pansies there and there they grew all year. He had lovely stock, wallflowers and his garden shed was covered in Japanese Quince. The side of the house was covered in Honeysuckle and the front with Forsythia. That was until the Sparrows nested under his bedroom window. Then he pulled it down so they could not do it again. The windows would be open in the summer and no screens there so the breeze would blow in and so would the noise of squabbling Sparrows.
It's butterflies I want to talk about though. Some beautiful ones can be seen in English (British) gardens. Here is a Peacock butterfly.
 photo 18a3c7f6-bab9-41e1-8a4a-fb4b770de1ec_zpsd41d408f.jpg
I get the name of the Peacock mixed up with the Red Admiral even though they are not alike.
 photo 33a119b9-b1a7-47c7-bbb6-b7a308bb0779_zpsedd1aa8e.jpg
I can not look at this beauty and not believe in God. It does not make sense to me that these things came about by chance. If they did, then why would the flowers have landing strips for bees? Why would they advertise the way in for all the honey makers and pollenators. That can not happen without some form of communication in the process of creation. I don't understand how anyone can believe that but they do, and to each their own. Me I thank God for the beauty around us.
This is a Cabbage White.
 photo 0bf9648c-5c9c-473a-b9b8-fec29d02e46d_zps8b87a541.jpg
I know when Dad had vegetables the caterpillars were everywhere and had a sickening smell.I hated them. The worse thing was a bug that preyed on them, they would lay their eggs inside the caterpillar and then they were eaten from inside out, made me so sick to think of it that I disliked the butterfly as well. I have recovered from that now.
 photo 425b7a27-d8db-4178-b697-14524da63fac_zps5d66ae13.jpg
The next one is the Small Tortoise shell butterfly. A very common one in Dad's garden.
 photo 79f144d1-5b78-43a8-8110-dc0fb2ba6d9d_zps8723727b.jpg
Also the Painted Lady
 photo 4a71c635-c57f-4f2e-bb62-142c612be9de_zps660fa563.jpg

Here two Tortoise shell and a Red Admiral
 photo c30956aa-5651-4377-aedd-14dffd9e6d1b_zpsa7a6fb13.jpg

The Comma
 photo 0859c8ae-60cd-433a-ad8a-70fbb900afc3_zps683cb29f.jpg
The Common Blue.........not so common and very beautiful.
 photo 23c4d152-c6d4-4f9f-a898-91b73faef6c7_zpsc0457a06.jpg

 photo 20b06c33-201d-4120-ad1d-c72d3b27083c_zps96fbaae4.jpg
This one is a Small Copper
 photo 5521fb4b-45a6-4f97-9cc7-0d20f55cf684_zpsfb627e37.jpg
The next one is a Moth, I always though it was beautiful. A Tiger Moth..........I think the ones I saw were not as red as this but its been a very long time.

 photo ed354b2c-63f3-4674-9544-e4381fa3544f_zpsfd0f8d84.jpg
These are just a few of the common butterflies that you will see in any English garden with pretty flowers. God's flying flowers.


Anonymous said...

what wonderful memories, a yucky one too, but mostly beautiful!!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I know very little about butterflies, though I DO now have a huge Butterfly Bush! We get them but not many.

That is so GROSS about the eating inside out, bleh that's horrible. oh my goodness!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Are yo in fact a Lepidopterist Janice?
Beautiful photos!

Magic Love Crow said...

Simply gorgeous! When you look at nature, how can one not be amazed? It is all so breath taking! My mom said, when she was younger, they would get paid for pulling the caterpillars of the vegetables. She said they put them in jars! Yucky job! LOL!

Linda said...

I love butterflies, but I find they are difficult to photograph. Gorgeous photos and description of flowers that have a special place in your memory and you like to grow in your own garden.

Louise Dixon said...

I have a butterfly in my bathroom hiding from the winter so I'm going to leave some orange out for him for fruit nectar.