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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cooper to the Lighthouse...................

Gabby is not familiar with the Peninsula as we call it, it is actually "The Old Mission Peninsula" was a lovely day and so I fancied going for a ride. That's where we went. The Peninsular separates the two arms of Grand Traverse Bay.
 photo GT Bays Panoramic S-N 12X4_zpsbggnqdt9.jpg
That is the areal view showing the Peninsula between the Bays and the next is the map version just so you know where we are.
 photo mapofgrandtraversebay_zpsrzpcw4jj.jpg
There is a road that runs right up the middle and that's the road we took. There are views of both Bays from there
This is the usual spot to take a picture of West Bay looking over Vineyards now where once stood Cherry Orchards
 photo 102_0010_zpsk1f16p9v.jpg
Anyway, we didn't take anything with us so I thought I would show them Old Mission itself. There is an old fashioned general store there and it's worth a look. I bought and split a Corned Beef Reuben sandwich Cooper declined anything but some crackers. So we sat and ate those. I had a pleasant chat with the proprieter whose family came from Cornwall in the past, workers from the Cornish tin mines who went to work in our U.P in the mines there. I have always had an interest in those long ago Cornishmen. He knew the cemetery I like up there where there is so much history. He told me where his great grandfather worked near Calumet and it was a pleasant meeting. He also brought the local recipe for Cornish Pasties that passed through his family. Next time I will buy some.
Cooper, not quite yet ready to play chequers but enjoyed the attention.
 photo 22310367_10214224402634100_2743503736286728583_n_zps4i8yxzl5.jpg
 photo 20171010_141057_zpszzdaq4hv.jpg
 photo 20171010_143253_zpsqji3cw2x.jpg
 photo 20171010_144947_zpsvzo4ghdu.jpg
 photo old-mission-general-store_zpskazy3qko.jpg

This is the Old Mission School, the original chapel/school house.
 photo 20171010_145357_zpsr2szc6z0.jpg
So with full tummies we headed for the Lighthouse. It was quite cold near the water but once on the beach out of the wind it was quite pleasant. Showed Cooper where the swings were and off he went.
He declined to wear a coat and so he froze his bunnies off. I wore a cardigan but Gabby was decked out for Winter.
 photo 20171010_151723_zpsqh2kfyqu.jpg
I just wandered the beach a little and took pictures of the Lighthouse.
 photo 20171010_152124_zps945jcgsw.jpg
Its small but pretty.
 photo 20171010_151259_zps7nxe03zd.jpg
Cooper wanted to go inside and so we did. The stairs are steep, no problem for him but with my eyesight it was rather iffy..........but made it OK. I decided that the view was not good enough for me to risk the climb up into the light area but Cooper was thrilled and could "see the world" from up there.
 photo 20171010_154036_zps8glmtl8n.jpg
You can see on his face what a thrill it was for him..........I waited at the bottom of the ladder to help him back down, and to be sure Gabby could get down OK.
 photo 22308910_10214224402954108_2817208034805884154_n_zpstdq3csw0.jpg
Not a then we just wandered around outside for awhile and got some more pictures. As you see we are located half way between the north pole and equator so we either burn up or freeze haha.
 photo 20171010_154731_zpslf51ccb8.jpg
The garden still has blossoms
 photo 20171010_154524_zpsuc82gjfi.jpg
A little history
 photo 20171010_150738 1_zps6beappsq.jpg
 photo 20171010_150728_zps0szug8rt.jpg
We took the other route home but there is construction so had a detour. I stopped at a small park so Cooper could play for awhile.
 photo 20171010_160654_zpscpfvzed7.jpg
He didn't stay long, probably because he was on his own. He does not seem to like being alone at all. Even in the house he is very clingy with his mum. Th
 photo 20171010_162132_zps4xs17snt.jpg
So I found this picture somewhere, this one is not mine but I love the view so included it here.
 photo 1280px-Old_Mission_Peninsula_zpsrrxxgltr.jpg
I love the old barns out there, some day I should do a photoshoot of just the Old Mission Barns. The history here is very young, the 1800s and coming from England it seems not even history really. Old timers remember the stories from their grandparents who were the first settlers here, so its a very young country.
 photo dd5771027616ac18cb0683b4d59e67d4_zpsryjicnvo.jpg
Anyway, that was our day. I have not felt like making any hikes or trips for several weeks now and I hated wasting such a nice day. I was going to venture out today but too tired. Maybe tomorrow if its still nice. I should be working in the garden but ah well............roll on Spring.?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Laura Moving......................

It's been fun but the time has come for Laura to rejoin her family. Robert (her husband) has been living downstate where he found work, for the past two years. Her and Reina remained here where she was renting from us.
She has had to do all the packing herself because he has been working and Reina unfortunately is not much help. I have been NO help I have been sick with some ailment that is undefined. I did find out finally my Magnesium is low, I don't know why I had to ask the doctor to check it. Seems HE should think of these things. He had me on 3 blood pressure meds that all have side effects. I cut out two of them without telling him (Lucky for me) and when I just went in for my 3 month check up we found my blood pressure low. I am not sure if that had anything to do with my "malaise" but he seemed to think so. My tummy has been out of whack too and now my ears are both itching like crazy to top it off, that deep down inside itch that is beyond reach but not quite in the throat. I have been so tired I am falling asleep when I sit energy at all. NONE..........behind on my own work and my blogs. So facing all she had to do over there would have knocked me out completely so I am waiting until they leave. Then we have to paint (Gerry will do) and clean (Me) and replace carpets etc. Then with luck we will be ready to put the house on the market. It has been handy to have these past nine years so that they could rent the place. Now to move on.
 photo 16114947_10154899691794761_2411099459168010392_n_zpsprdzphon.jpg
We need to sell it quickly or we will be paying two mortgages. When it does sell we will take any money that we do not owe on our mortgage and refinance this house at a lower mortgage. That's the plan. Our plans do not always go the way we think so will believe that when it happens. We need a lower monthly payment so that Gerry can retire at the end of this next Spring.
Meanwhile......Robert is buying a house down in Allegan, a nice and small town down state. They have a once in a lifetime opportunity there so I hope it works out well for them. Reina is at a good age to make the move, if she were a little older it would be more difficult but at 11 she should do OK.
The 2nd phase for us is to get this house in shape and sell it. I love this house and all the memories here but it's too big now. Gabby and Tony and Cooper are still here but have their own plans. If that works for them then that will be good and by the time we are ready to sell they should be gone. Once Gerry retires he can work on this place and maybe by summers end if all falls into place, we can put it up for sale.
 photo 17191361_10155056463599761_1770865566138077779_n_zps1o609c9i.jpg
It will be hard for us to sell this place once its all fixed up. I would like to be out in the country again though. I really would as long as we are healthy enough. Who knows, land is cheaper down state so maybe we will look elsewhere and explore somewhere new? May be find an old farm house to fix up, or a small house on some acres. We have no ties here really.
Laura and I have had good adventures here in this area and I think we have fully explored the area. If we did move I think I would be closer to where my friend Nancy lives and maybe closer to Jason. Time will tell. For now, one thing at a time. Lets get this house ready to sell.
This summer has been horrible. We hardly got out, it was either wet or it was way too hot. We did more in the Winter it seems. Anyway. Not sure what we will get up to now with her being 3 hours away but sure we will come up with something.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tristen's weekend, September......................................

We don't get to see Tristen so much anymore, I am not sure why except that they keep him busy. That's good in some ways. Dan told him that whatever he does he does it because it's for his best interests. He said he promised his mother when she died. Well...........that's not what I heard. Laura was with her and she says Alex told HER to take care of Tristen. So, what happened? Neither of them took Tristen. I did. Maybe a baby was too much trouble? Now he is a little boy I guess I am chopped liver. Sigh!!!
So when Tristen does come over we try to do what he would like to do. First off he always takes a bath, he only gets showers over there (so he says) and he likes to play. He asked if we could go for a walk and we set that up for Sunday morning early because it was way too hot by then. His birthday is coming up on the 23rd next Saturday so we knew we would not see him and so we did his birthday this weekend just the 3 of us.He and "daddy" Gerry went shopping to Meijers to get what he wanted for supper and cake and ice cream'
 photo 20170916_171532_zpsd3tatcl5.jpg
 photo 20170916_171507_zpsshnbtlfm.jpg
 photo 20170916_171455_zpshtopactm.jpg
Saturday was a nice day and when they came back they sat out in the garden so that Tristen could play with his new nerf gun.
 photo 20170916_150946_zpsn9ivo20n.jpg
 photo 20170916_150933_zpsasrok6xg.jpg
He enjoyed feeding the fish
 photo 20170916_151238_zpsscbgef5r.jpg
 photo 20170916_151255_zps1rfhr8yi.jpg
Isn't he cute?
 photo 20170916_171455_zpshtopactm.jpg
So bright and early Sunday morning he was ready to go for his walk. He wanted to explore the trails over by Twin lakes. He didn't even bother with the park itself.
We walked along the trail I took the kids the other week and then walked back on the rest of that trail. It's short and really a lovely walk in the woods. Maybe next time we will climb the hill up to the fields and see whats up there.
 photo 101_0240_zpsmcqkh1g8.jpg
He took is Kindle with him, we now have to figure out how to get the photos off that device.
 photo 101_0238_zps2qawvrud.jpg
We have so many pictures of us all in the woods over the years from the time he was a tiny tot. It's hard to believe he is 8 now.
 photo 101_0227_zpsm4qfwenw.jpg
He is growing so fast. I try hard not to say anything negative about his situation. After all they do what they think is best. We miss him so much but know he has more than we can give him living with them.
 photo 101_0225_zpsu6hr7n6k.jpg
We will always be a lovely memory for him when he gets bigger. I don't want to say or do anything to change that.
 photo 101_0218_zpsx0boxmyo.jpg
 photo 101_0234_zpstnajrpfi.jpg
When we had done with our walk, the next stop was Books A Million where he was able to choose a book and a lego to go with his birthday gift.
 photo 20170917_103243_zpsajiavug3.jpg
 photo 20170917_103306_zpsdurkjymn.jpg
Right next door to Toys R Us and yet he could not find anything he wanted haha.......had already been there once the day before. That's where he got his smurf gun. It was nice to see that he is not greedy or takes advantage. I thought that was great and told him so. I was proud of him. So we went home so that we could spend the rest of the day playing with his stuff. He wanted another bath when he got in. Funny thing was on the way home, we had been in the car 5 mins and he nodded off.
 photo 20170917_105859_zpsytdimft4.jpg
Look at those eyelashes.
 photo 20170917_105926_zps2joborm1.jpg
We got home and had to let him sleep for a bit but after awhile I sent Gerry to get him and he came and snuggled up on the couch with me and slept for another hour.
 photo 20170917_113846_zps3ra25ngb.jpg
I really loved our snuggle, reminded of me of my days of snuggling with Baby Tristen. This wont happen very often now he is getting so big. It was great for me, even though my legs went to sleep haha. I miss baby Tristen but love the little person he is becoming.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Last of Summer adventures.......................

Laura and I took a day to go out on what will be one of our last summer adventures. She is moving away, about 2 hours down state.
It was raining when we set out, the sky was dark but blue up ahead. We didn't care, photo ops abound when the skies are busy. I had hoped for but didn't see any rainbows.
 photo 101_0059_zpsifd2lyry.jpg
Our van knew the way, we headed without prior planning to Leland. We looked for Leland Blue Stones but there were hardly any stones on the beach this day. Just pure sand except for one patch at the far end of the beach. Not much luck there but I did pick up some small pieces of drift wood to make wind chimes next year. A nice walk along the empty beach. Just the odd person walked by us but no one sitting on the beach as it was not that hot. People have gone home now, the ones who rent or live on the beach, all gone. We took a picture for a group of people who were obviously taking a last group picture before going "home". The houses will be shut up again now until next year, the boats and picnic tables put away and only the Sea Gulls and Eagles have the beach now. Just how we like it. They have the snow fences up, what do they know that we do not?
This is the beach at Leland.
 photo 20170906_115108_zps6gvyoqi5.jpg
 photo 20170906_120505_zpsr1aptl4s.jpg
The sky was amazing, and it was quite warm. I didn't want to get wet even though the water was warmer than expected. I was not in the mood really for searching for stones. Even so I did find a couple. It was nice just to enjoy a quiet walk, only a couple of people passed us by on their way back to the Whaleback no doubt.
We didn't stay long but got back to the car huffing and puffing, hard walking on sand.
Next we headed towards Point Oneida. We stopped at the first farm house and admired the gardens. They have planted all the crops that would have been set by the original owners way back when. Port Oneida puts on a display once a year to show how people lived back when these first settlers homesteaded here. The crops that they would have grown are shown as well as garden flowers and fruits as well as vegetables. We have not yet gone to one of those events because we generally try to avoid crowds, but it is certainly interesting,
 photo 101_0089_zpscuijmnjx.jpg
 photo 101_0069_zpsquaz4exn.jpg
They had an abundance of crops as well as beautiful flowers. I will do a separate blog to show the pictures of the gardens.
We stopped at the Olson farm next and caught some pictures of a few butterfly that I will also show later.
 photo 101_0138_zpsywnu9ykq.jpg
We saw the Sandhill cranes enjoying a snack in the garden of one of the few remaining occupied farms
 photo 101_0116_zpsypqvwlke.jpg
 photo 101_0118j_zps53yeh4gj.jpg
 photo 101_0114_zps7372kvrl.jpg
We went down to the beach without a lot of enthusiasm, we were both too tired. Again it was most pleasant to have the beach to ourselves again.
 photo 21430070_10155617600759761_3916887182976716368_n_zpsfrh8khei.jpg
 photo 101_0110_zpsdsdsue49.jpg
Due to all the visitors now the steps they put in (they being the park service) it does make it easier to make our way down rather than scambling down the banks.
 photo 101_0096_zpsskrsbqch.jpg
 photo 21475966_10155619398574761_1786690254_n_zpsu4ycqwzl.jpg
A lot of stairs though and fun coming back up. NOT!!!!
Saw this guy sitting sadly on the beach, Laura moved it further in so it didn't get wet. Probably wont survive though.
 photo 101_0104k_zpsea5dladt.jpg
After that we went down side roads to see if anyone (animals) was about. Nope, everyone napping I guess. I did see the smallest snake I ever saw, thin as a piece of spaghetti and about 6 inches or less, so tiny we had no idea what it was. It scurried very quickly out of the way..........we took a trail that we have not been on before but we were too tired to go far and it was getting late. We must go back and explore that more next time
 photo 101_0128_zpssm640yyv.jpg
The meadows had all been cut for hay and the views were pretty.
 photo 101_0122h_zpsqm1x2qim.jpg
 photo 101_0124kl_zpssrvy3spn.jpg
 photo 101_0121_zpsfp0qugvi.jpg
Goldenrod shone in the sunlight.
Passing the Dunes on the way home we saw a White Heron in the water lillies.
 photo 101_0146_zps77fyu3bq.jpg
 photo 101_0144o_zpsmhkcpvqg.jpg
These guys crossed the road in front of us
 photo 101_0149k_zpsgkvhxwz6.jpg
Another farm in the park all the fields are cut and hay is all put away
 photo 101_0137_zpstalramni.jpg
The sky was just so pretty
 photo 101_0084_zpsq6ptskix.jpg
We like it when we see wildlife but no one was out today except the few birds we saw...............never mind. Maybe next time. Now Laura will be 2 hours away we won't go as often. Life is always changing and with it comes new adventures and a new area to explore maybe. Next year who knows, I may go down to Allegan for a few days and stay with them so we can explore that area. Who knows...........who knows, not me.