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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tristen and Bodicea.................

Tristen loves Bodicea. Bodi is not so sure, but is beginning to appreciate that he can give good scratches. Here Bodi is trying to get his attention. She was not really sure she wanted it, but did want her tummy rubbed.
 photo f9590156-2546-4f0b-baab-62e0be2f8c0d_zps202ad038.jpg
Here they are like two buddies watching TV.
 photo 871fb7a9-954d-43bd-b5f3-bbd6cdec3e31_zps4cacaced.jpg
 photo d1115f82-2b0b-484f-9cd0-da1918024f47_zps66957d6e.jpg
Bodi likes to be fussed but is still wary of Tristen. He used to be much rougher with them than he is now he is a bit older. The smaller poodles still wont have much to do with him. Gentle Bella is getting to enjoy him a little bit. She will go to him for pets but doesn't hang around too long. Brea, well she still does not like him and will spend a lot of time under the couch. She likes being under things. Half way through the night she gets off the bed and goes under it.
 photo b13ee1b5-af69-4b00-be16-4bde3ac15801_zps881a8453.jpg
They are a pack, and we are their pack leaders.Look at the lazy lot
 photo 0814d216-5948-4e71-8b0b-285dbe787617_zps89af9c54.jpg
Anyway, Bijou sort of wants to play with Tristen but she too is very wary of him. He was too rough as a baby and toddler. He is getting better but can still be inappropriate in my book. They are too easily hurt and they will be protected from kiddie games. Bodi seeks him out but I still watch them both like hawk. I am not afraid of him getting bit, but of them getting hurt.
 photo b7e6eb18-dd94-421b-a229-324d8ae5d6c3_zps1f3a6529.jpg
Bodi has the biggest eyes and such an expressive face. You can see how she feels right there. He wants a kiss, she is not sure.
 photo 784d00c4-5333-484f-9662-3e910b358c3c_zps9a7e8688.jpg
 photo 6c3f5192-1826-494e-8b8b-91771dd62baf_zpscb19481c.jpg
 photo 6b8393e6-faba-48c0-92e9-7f3ec919438d_zps7fa6d753.jpg
Meanwhile Bella is taking the opportunity for a nap next to me.
 photo 35ce9837-6b49-4c0d-8e36-d665bd315322_zps42ffa92c.jpg
Later everyone settles down for a nap while Tristen goes off to play
 photo 9f7da271-0693-4dbf-ac20-d729624a68b2_zps3a890531.jpg
 photo eec1383b-3d5e-4a46-a426-ffdf894dd39c_zps2139ccdf.jpg
Bella is zonked
 photo 4f1576e1-2f93-4044-b768-2adedeb0679d_zps83725e8b.jpg
Well thats a short episode in one day of poodle and boy activities. Brea was still under the couch as the others crashed on the couch with me.

Friday, January 23, 2015


What is boredom anyway? I am not really sure...........I know I am seldom at a loss as to what to do, mainly because I have so many choices. I do understand the feeling of not wanting to do anything, but is that boredom?. I don't think so. The dictionary uses the word "tedium" and that I understand when one has a chore that goes on forever same old same old over and over.
In daily life though I sometimes get restless, wanting to be back outside in the woods and fields. The winters are long in Michigan and maybe next year when Tristen is a bit older then maybe we will get some snow shoes or ski's?
 photo 7f9223bb-1132-4abc-bce7-8974d3c8d755_zps1800131c.jpg
OK so I don't get out much in the winter, not like that anyway. SO what to do when you have a 5 year old. First off he needs to "not be bored" and if he is happy I have plenty to do. Yesterday we took the kids to the Children's museum where they spent two hours playing. That for me and Laura was tedious haha.
 photo 1a1eeb5c-e784-4ac1-88e7-05313311f96f_zps74f7dd9e.jpg
 photo 0e9c1298-d533-4d2f-824c-6773898c29c2_zps6fee4812.jpg
Well we got through that ok and tired them out.
When Tristen is in school, right now only 1/2 days I can get my work done. Then in the afternoon I can read or paint/draw. I can do so many things that I don't sometimes know what to do. That is not being bored that is being spoilt for choices.
Reading takes you to another world, I have always loved to read. When Tristen was smaller I got out of reading simply because he needed more attention. Now when I pick him up from school I go early and sit and read.
After lunch I like to catch up on my mail and Facebook friends and then after that I can get into something else.
 photo 1742349f-345a-48fe-8ed6-63e3ce9a5e72_zpse79e305c.jpg
I like to do so many things, quilting, embroidery, crochet, sewing, knitting, watercolour and drawing among other things. I have enough supplies for papercrafts and just about everything else from gourds to basket making. Last summer I got into making garden ornaments. That brings me to my garden. I love my garden.
 photo 5317b4c4-0c31-44fb-badc-d83e6286e53d_zpsae47e4fd.jpg
I love photography and love to bird watch. How can I be bored? I can stand for an hour just watching the birds at my feeder and taking pictures. That leads to working those on my computer. Thank goodness for digital and free programs. I could go on and on but I think I made my point. Boredom is foreign to me and I hope it always will be. Some days, as I said, I don't feel like doing a thing but then I have my computer so................woo hoooooooo and of course my blogs and blogging friends.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today I was asked if I believed in evolution. Hmmmmm that is a complicated question and an even more complicated answer.
 photo b7187a09-4d23-4e00-9337-83d6beacec33_zpsa8dd4b59.jpg
In the beginning GOD........that is how Genesis begins. If you take God out of the scenario to me it will never make sense. Ok, so I am not here talking about earth but about the universe and beyond. Even if you go with the theory that it all came out of nothing, chemicals exploding and stars coming into being from those explosions........where did the chemicals come from? Where and what was the void? That is all beyond my comprehension. If we keep God in the picture, then it all makes sense to me. God made first of all light, before that it was void and empty. I love the creation story. "In the beginning God created the heavens (first) and the earth"............darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
We can safely say that earth began that way, how? well God had a plan already and began with the basics just as science believes (somewhat) after the atoms and chemicals were created they worked together to form the universe. Then God worked on the earth, his main plan for that day. He set the sun and moon in place and made the stars. These served to set the seasons in place so that life could begin. I personally believe this took thousands maybe billions of years to create the right environment. I also believe that God could have snapped His fingers and everything would just appear, but I think He enjoyed the process. Time itself is something we have created and put in place, God did not need time. The order of creation in Genesis is exactly as the scientists believe it happened.
 photo 200bf20b-fa1b-4b7e-90f8-050779ce36a1_zpsd84d9181.jpg
So after the initial creations, God set about to make the earth a beautiful place. He did that by first making everything we need to survive, plants that had their own life within themselves, seeds. Trees and shrubs, flowers and vegetation but it was all perfect. Life was made perfect. He then populated the waters with fish great and small, then the birds and then the creatures. At that time everything was vegetarian. Nothing killed anything else. It did not rain, the dew every evening watered the earth. Everything was perfect. No disease, no death.Then to crown the creation He created man. Adam was made as a companion to God, someone God could enjoy and talk with. Adam was lonely though for his own kind, all the animals had mates and families by then and Adam wanted that as his nature required. So God made Eve as a helper for Adam, and for them to populate the earth. It was all good. God enjoyed His creation. God was not alone in the universe. He had created Angels of many many kinds who were with Him in His realm. The angels were spirit beings and very beautiful. Some saw Gods creation and saw that man worshipped God, they wanted that for themselves. God had not given Adam any rules but one, do not eat of the tree of knowledge. Adam was fine with this until Lucifer whispered in Eve's ear. WHy cant you eat that fruit, what is God afraid of? He just doesn't want you guys to be as smart as God is. Eat it and you will be just like Him, you will know everything good and bad. Well Eve tasted the fruit and it was great, she didnt die and so she went and gave some to Adam. So now Adam who knew this was wrong and that Eve would now not live with him forever chose her over God. He knew what he was doing there was no going back, he ate his fill because it was good and his eyes were opened. Because he could not say no to Eve, the earth was changed forever. God sent them from the garden into the outside world, God killed an animal to clothe them and put the fear of man in the beasts. Everything was different now. Danger had come into the world, disease, death.
 photo 94ed2020-330e-4c22-8d1c-9f1c05b8dd0d_zps4865a312.jpg
There is nothing there that contradicts science. Nothing. There are some questions that we will never answer until we see God but I know enough to have faith. Eve was the mother of us all, all races came from her. I believe as time went on that man adapted to his environment, over time his features, colour and culture was different depending on where he settled. Over a long time all these things happened. Man progressed too quickly for Gods plan, he became evil and the Angels had something to do with that. The Angels saw that women were beautiful, they wanted them, the angels that followed Lucifer were kicked out of heaven with him, they were given the earth to roam. They had relations with women, with men, with animals. This to me explains the mythology of the Greeks and Romans among others. Fantastic creatures and people who were half man half angel. God saw this and was just not going to allow it to go on. He relented somewhat in destroying mankind by saving Noah and his family. Lucifer had thought that by corrupting the seed of man he could prevent the birth of Christ who God had intended to send to save us all and allow us in the future to reconcile with the Father. A hybrid is not able to reproduce and so if this was not stopped man would die off and no salvation would be possible for anyone.
Was the flood world wide? Or in the known world? I believe the continents drifted at this time. Moved away from the original formation. All that water came up from below in the depths and for the first time it rained on earth. It was a terrible terrible thing. Maybe everything was not destroyed, maybe some places were left although the bible does not tell us that. I think it only tells us the basics, what we need to know. I just wish science would begin with the Bible and go from there, they would save some time. The fact is we do not know.........and can not know because we were not there. Simple as that. I believe everything the bible says is true. I also think for myself and I enjoy speculating on what might have been, but it does not bother me. I see no contradictions here. The bible has never been proven wrong. In fact people mentioned in there that were not known by any other source have been found to be real. Every time that just boosts my confidence to believe what I don't yet understand. God promises that some day we will know everything.
 photo 23cae084-5ffa-4924-9399-b836a604da49_zps14430ba1.jpg
Until the day comes when the Lion lays down with the lamb in that once again perfect earth I am happy to say that I believe in the Bible and I believe that man and nature have evolved since that very first day. When we speculate about aliens and them coming down and giving man knowledge, yes that happened but they were the Nephelim, the fallen angels trying to outwit God. They failed, but are still around although no longer in a form we can see like they were back then. Satan rules down here until Christ returns to claim His kingdom. God gives man the chance to live without Him, to rule themselves and we have failed, miserably. So I say Come Lord Jesus come............welcome back, it cant be soon enough. Ask Christ to come into your life and be saved...........

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Here in Michigan we are used to long cold winters with a lot of snow. This year has been different. We really did not get much snow until the end of December. Well here we are in January and we got our full share. I actually am enjoying it, mainly because I don't have to go out in it if I don't want to. Today would be wonderful for a drive as its sunny, very cold and crisp.........but we had a storm and the roads are bad.
Yesterday Gerry went out with the snow blower he had a lot of help from Tristen.
 photo 40f378bd-d56a-4ea9-b302-d2db5bfdc1d0_zpsd2240435.jpg
 photo dc7d5b48-1542-4545-bb73-a09f3d180069_zps7d472096.jpg
Tristen wants to help him, but, well as Gerry was going along with the blower, Tristen was going behind knocking down the banks. Gerry is shoveling so Tristen figures he is in charge of the snow blower
 photo e51d05e4-ef4b-4959-8c85-96cdcc3a08e7_zps99150652.jpg
 photo b212b454-ccab-4f4a-914c-91910ca4b886_zpsd76b87d9.jpg
It really doesn't take that long to do it. The drive takes the longest. It was still snowing and blowing and bitter cold but Tristen was glad to be outside even if Gerry wasn't
 photo 8ae4405b-47a4-46de-b808-3ff314268d85_zps23d4d20b.jpg
Look at his red nose. He wanted to push but it was too heavy with all the snow.
 photo cdb42a26-a044-45fb-bf3f-02412044b9ce_zps63640de5.jpg
The sun is out today and the birds are all happy and chattering at the feeders. I have had to fill those up 3 times a day this week. The Crows have got through two loaves of bread and I have been putting peanut butter on it for should visit my garden blog for some more bird pictures.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Every year I get myself a day planner. In that I write down all the birthdays and events. I put in the usual phone numbers I use and our social security numbers, my medications. In fact everything I might need on a daily basis.
It works for me. I also keep a book with it with my bills that I am responsible for with the amount owed and what date to pay and what I pay that month............this system has worked for me for years.
My day planner is something I also enjoy, it has pretty pictures and inspirational verses among other things.
 photo 43afe223-17cd-4c31-837f-ee2d20abeccf_zpsfa948ade.jpg
In my planner I write my goals for the year to come. Its wonderful when I look back and have succeeded in doing at least some of them.
This year my goals will be to "Live Life to The Fullest" as my granddaughter Alexandra would say. I mean by this that every day will be worthwhile. That I can accomplish something worthwhile. Oh we always have non productive days, or sick days or varients of that theme. That is not exactly what I mean. I want to enjoy the time we have without thinking ahead too far. Be more in the moment so to speak. I would like to spend more active and influential time with Tristen. I would like to set about the adoption process this year. He calls us Mommy and daddy sometimes, it gives him some comfort in his school situation. May as well make that legal as it will be 4 years since we lost Alexandra.
 photo 9092a924-ee5d-4f1f-a786-6160b9c64a6e_zpsda6de0c1.jpg
That was in December and she died in February. We have been raising Tristen ever since. We want to make it permanent and keep him secure. We have put off doing this for several reasons. David, the father has never been involved and we did not want to stir things up. Now after 4 years I think we have the right to do this. I am also concerned about the Commins family, they go back and forth on if we should or not. So, I have put it off. I am nervouse about doing this because I don't want any fights between us. I think this is what is best for Tristen in the long run. I will also do my will, and put everything into writing to secure his future. I leave the rest in God's hands. I keep feeling this nudge to get it done.
That is one goal for this year anyway.............
 photo 1606f412-cefb-4e09-8501-e2082d843d89_zpsd861c3b6.jpg
I also would like to take a trip to the Upper Peninsula. I think maybe Laura and me with the two kids could manage that. It would be more difficult if Gerry and I went because of the dogs. In that case we would have to have someone stay at the house to watch them and that would cost us. We have not been up there in some time now and we want to go. I am not sure we will get as far as to visit Danielle or Carrie but we shall see.
One thing I have been wanting to do is to get down to Copper Harbor, there are some grave yards down there with Cornish miners in them. A lot died in mine accidents, some of scarlet fever and many women in childbirth with babies following soon after. I would like to write down some of the names and see if I can find where they came from and maybe find their family in Cornwall. Just something fun to do.
Well those are things to write in my planner. No overseas for me this year.
The nice thing about a planner is I have goals month by month as well as for the year. We found some great places last year in our days out. I want to find some even better ones for this year.
 photo 2f328405-9d61-4175-a882-2958fb431947_zpsaf3373ea.jpg
I really want to make some progress when it comes to crafts. I want to be able to complete some gifts for this year. Some quilts and crochet, some art and felt things. I realize I did a new years post quite simular to this one.............I have at least got all my stuff sorted and on hand. No excuses. I also intend to write a new blog. I have made a start, but it will be slow going. My Dad did a journal, I had asked him to write about his war years. He started in his childhood and died before it was completed. So not so much war stories but at least I have something. So all I really have to do is copy what he wrote, That first, then maybe I can add footnotes and pictures. After finding "An American Piano" and the lady who played it I have much to add to his story. All for now

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finished for now...........................

Well, as I promised I would update after I was all done. For now, its done. I did change out the old coffee table and put Laura's old one. It opens the room up but is the same size, or bigger.
 photo 6bfe477a-1c26-4256-88f3-f2117777fc98_zps8b270fce.jpg
I fluffed up all my flowers, rearranged and made them look a bit better. The one in the living room I bought for 15 dollars a few years ago at a resale shop. It just needed tweeking to be nice again. Beneath that are my three fairies that represent my oldest 3 granddaughters. Danielle (the blond) Alexandra playing the flute and Gabrielle seated. At the time Alex was learning the flute.
 photo 2e1b7459-f9b6-497c-9daf-869c8341d4ff_zpsdf826603.jpg
Then I took advantage of all the teapots that I have, I took some out of the glass cabinets and set those around. These two are sitting on another of my dad's embroidery efforts
 photo 83b816ad-58d0-4f9a-adeb-cf78bb433282_zpsf44a2ab6.jpg
The little gold and white one with salt and pepper shakers, was from my thrift shop that I like. I have not been there in awhile. I take two poodles to the groomers on Sunday so if its open I will pop in.
 photo 2d1adf9d-db86-4e4b-8a0f-9184b1558cee_zps37051554.jpg
This display of flowers has been around for quite awhile. The vase was my grandmothers.
 photo a10ff8e9-4877-448d-968e-814cc9abaa1e_zps2571e394.jpg
I got the flower shop at the thrift shop also. It was originally to use out in the garden but liked it enough to keep inside. The two Siamese cats are salt and pepper shakers
 photo 583a49e4-989b-40a9-a394-6c05e685a2ff_zpsc6e1651c.jpg
I have put several cups and saucers on display, just for a change. I have a lot of pretty sets and can change them out now. Enjoy them rather than shut them away all the time
 photo 72efd227-0c8f-4072-85a1-32cad7d50d32_zps930e0155.jpg
I still have all my craft supplies sitting out that I put in glass jars. The picture is me, I loved the hat, so left that out. I don't usually have photos sitting around.
 photo f3e29fb4-8b7f-4aed-b154-3ac6e0a3a26a_zpsee261eae.jpg
I could go room by room but wont. I think we have had enough of all this now. Time to move on. Maybe I will show the bedroom when that gets done.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Third of January.......................

Well now, the Christmas tree is down. All packed away. I spent yesterday and today polishing furniture. Gerry lugged all the Christmas boxes downstairs and brought the usual stuff back up. I am going through each box sorting and rearranging things as I go.
The living room, as I mentioned before I am changing its theme. It was Native American, built around a picture I love that my parents bought us. It was time for a change though. This is an abstract that we swapped it with.
 photo 1d9700cc-adb6-4155-8653-c7b2d3755cb4_zpse4ca8b5e.jpg
Not exactly thrilling art, and will never be as loved as my Indians is what it is and brings colour to the room.
I used that picture as the base to choose colours for cushions and things to bring into the room. I used a picture my dad did many many years ago in needlepoint. Hunting is not my thing at all, but it is a typical English scene and serves the purpose for now.
 photo 6f54fcde-296b-40e0-bf80-303090528cd6_zps2333f97d.jpg
Notice I brought in tea pots and things to make it more English. I am doing this throughout the downstairs. Please note, I have yet to straighten and tweek things as I am still unpacking. It may be very different once I am done.
 photo 407c304a-a153-4a82-8b1f-1ce9bc810a37_zps422671ba.jpg
New lamps and there were only two left so I lucked out on that. Same with the cushions.
 photo bd8965eb-1da8-45ea-be01-5abe5657f938_zpsb816e072.jpg
I used an embroidered runner that Dad embroidered. Yes, my dad did that. I remember my mum and dad sitting in front of the fire embroidering. Later Dad did the tapestry work instead, I have a picture of the Pope in the dining room that he did for my Mother in law. We got that back when she died. Anyway the flowers have to be reset as they got sort of crushed during their hiatus.
 photo 3d93f5a5-dad5-4bd7-951c-d773345e20d5_zps5b098a8b.jpg
 photo 0e230149-7e4a-417c-b67a-27857ba7277f_zps6e678c12.jpg
The poodles are a tad put out. Their heating pad is still there but their quilt is gone. I will probably have to put it back once it has been washed. Spoilt little brats
 photo 0671f8f7-93ae-45cd-9e96-ec8b143de001_zpscdbb1161.jpg
The idea is to lighten up the room, I took down the drapes and will have to readjust the under curtains, but for now they have certainly lightened things up during the day. I brought in a painting I did to replace the old one that was dark also. I may be able to paint some different ones later.
 photo b075c540-47ad-41ad-8192-21fa2420ff04_zpsb819f8ec.jpg
I put my fish floats in a crystal bowl instead of the wire basket, again more light reflecting
 photo 5e6eaefa-a947-4530-8bc8-0e7bbd736665_zps3e5ff2fd.jpg
The one on the coffee table is in a glass bowl I will be the only thing on there. I will be swapping out the table and using Laura's old one that is less heavy. Maybe tomorrow.
 photo 68ec2599-1355-4140-839a-0a3ca40eff55_zps9bd66acb.jpg
Meanwhile, the rest of the house is still in disarray. I have everything that is left in the dining room. Tomorrow, last day for sorting upstairs and relocating. Two more boxes to unpack.
Look what I found in the CHristmas tree box.....Cooper
 photo 131ec705-83bb-49fb-b112-4158eaf2c8af_zps6ba5956a.jpg
I will do another post when all is done. Although I don't think there will be a lot of change in the other rooms. Maybe I will do a tour of the house once its all in order